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 Wuhan WHO report: data denied—anyone surprised?

24.02.21.  The leading premise in the WHO’s charade into Wuhan in search of the COVID-19 source must begin with—Beijing will lie—and lie and lie! The West should rely on the Koran and the neat little caveat of, “Taqiyya”. It serves to render any lie or deception excusable when used in pursuit of the regime—Allah for Islam and the communist Party for Beijing.
The Wall Street Journal reported on Feb. 12, that Dominic Dwyer, a member of the WHO expert team and an Australian infectious disease expert, said that when the WHO expert team conducted an investigation into the source of the epidemic in Wuhan, the CCP refused to provide the data of 174 COVID-19 patients in the early stages of the outbreak, as well as data on pneumonia patients who may have been infected by the virus earlier than December 2019.

Source: Alex Wu, Epoch Times

CCP Withheld Pandemic-Relevant Data From WHO, Leaked Documents Reveal

According to the report, the CCP only provided influenza surveillance data from one children’s hospital and one general hospital. The report cites WHO experts saying that one of the reasons for the regime refusing to provide COVID-19 origin tracing data is its lack of early influenza data. However, a number of internal documents issued by the Chinese regime’s centre for disease control and health departments in 2019 and 2020 that had not been disclosed to the public were not given the WHO team for examination.

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  • Ozman 24/02/2021, 6:55 am

    The game that controllers play is to provide misinformation, disinformation and mix in a little worthwhile information, but only to tease. Look over here. No other there. Suspicious yet. Blame China. China blames USA. Australia is told to blame China.

    Did you know that Joe Hockey spends time these days hanging out with Xi Jinping? Probably doesn’t want anyone here to know.

    We are being conned. The whole world is being conned.

    Polly St George has done some great work researching who is connected with what company and institution. Same names tend to crop up regularly.

    Bill Gates seems to have his finger in all the pies, using his foundation, his foundation’s trust (which is a profitable vehicle) and numerous other private companies. He is involved with WHO, Wuhan Laboratories, Pfizer, Moderna, Gilead, and has partnerships in every thing that has to do with eliminating viruses, because new ones just keep being found or mutating. Event 201 was all about just such a thing; actually, a worldwide pandemic.

    Just as well the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), a Gates initiative, is everywhere.

    • MM. Ed. 24/02/2021, 7:13 am

      Ozman, perhaps you might provide a link or two that substantiates Joe Hockey’s “hanging out with Xi Jinping!”

      • Ozman 24/02/2021, 12:18 pm

        The video that has Joe Hockey at a function with Xi Jinping I saw on NTD’s “China In Focus” a few months back. Joe Hockey was standing in the front row of the guests. I think I may have mentioned it in a post on MM.

        Unfortunately, I haven’t got the clip. Probably should have saved it. Just didn’t think to do so at the time. Even though I went back, froze the news video to confirm it was Joe Hockey.

        Joe was definitely there at the function for Xi Jinping. Probably a little too much hyperbole in saying “hanging out with Xi”. More likely he is doing business with top officials in the CCP.

        I note that he has also stated there was election fraud in the USA and was criticized for doing so. Nevertheless, I would like to know what he was doing there, at that function. Not having heard anything elsewhere, I naturally assumed that he doesn’t want anybody to know.

        There is also the possibility that NTD were using old footage. But Joe did look out of place with a lot of Chinese present. There were a few other Caucasians present. Now I wish I had kept the footage.
        Sorry MM Ed. and Pen.

    • Penguinite 24/02/2021, 8:06 am

      More info on Hockey, please!

  • John 24/02/2021, 8:32 am

    Probably just as well Dwyer and the team did not insist on the 174 records. Would have been a most unfortunate head on bus accident with a chinese army type 99 tank. 100% fatalities, Sweet and Sour depending on your viewpoint.

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