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Winter without coal

China, Germany and the US this winter
Who will have energy?

It’s already snowing in northern Europe, a bit early, though it should not be snowing at all according to the Earth Cinder Soon forecasts. What are Northern Hemisphere people going to do?

Well, in China, that China that sells us solar panels, building work has restarted at hundreds of Chinese coal-fired power stations, according to an analysis of satellite imagery.

The research was carried out by green campaigners CoalSwarm, who are hopping mad about it and trying to get everyone’s attention as it gets us nearer to Der Tag. The satellites suggests that 250 gigawatts of new capacity are under development in China.

250 gigs are roughly the equivalent of all the coal being mined right now in the US. That is roughly all the coal fired electricity in the US.

Now, Greens were appreciative that the Central Government of China, the ones who authorise killing people they don’t agree with and selling their body parts, tried to stop this catastrophic output of C02 but they could not.

Y’see it’s not China as a whole that is doing this. It is the individual local authorities thumbing their nose at Beijing.

Naturally, the cynical say that this deal enables China to bullshit on about the Paris Agreement while in reality pulling out, and that it is out of Xi’s hands.

But that is tantamount to saying that the Chins are playing a double game and can’t be trusted. MM trusts them but we can appreciate that nobody else does.

Coalswarm have released a media statement that reads;”This new evidence that China’s central government hasn’t been able to stop the runaway coal-fired power plant building is alarming – the planet can’t tolerate another US-sized block of plants to be built. It’s not too late for the central government to fix the problem, but they have to start cancelling projects, not just rescheduling them. China needs to begin planning for the aggressive retirement of its existing coal fleet, not building hundreds of new coal plants.”

Some researchers believe that the building of these plants has more to do with boosting the economy in China than with reducing emissions.

Pretty smart these researchers:

Now, in Germany,

Well, Germany used to be regarded as a global leader in the transition to renewable green energies — especially wind and solar power — a project dubbed the “Energiewende”. But this is no longer the case. Germany has fallen behind to the rear of the pack.

And the media is getting stuck into Mad Mother Merkel.

The Rheinische Post writes that it’s time for Germany to “face inconvenient truths” concerning green energies and that pragmatic and not ideological action is needed.

For years the German government, activists and alarmist scientists promised that green energies — foremost wind and sun — would be plentiful, cheap and clean. “Wunderbar!” the entire nation exclaimed in jubilation.

But in its commentary the Rheinische Post concedes that “the reality looks totally different” and that it is requiring “an enormous effort” just to keep the power grids stable as waves of unpredictable green power repeatedly surge into the power grid. Emergency power grid interventions by grid operators cost electricity consumers last year 1.4 billion euros over and above running costs. German households today consequently pay 47% more for their power than the average EU.

So what have German consumers gotten in return in terms of climate and CO2 emissions for all the extra pain? Nothing. Worse than nothing, they have got massive pain.

German CO2 emissions haven’t haven’t fallen at all and the paper complains “The German transition to green energy is in reality risky, inefficient and expensive.The highly ballyhooed headlines of new record amounts of green energy being produced don’t change a thing with respect to the failing green energy transition, and notes that although green energies made up 37% of the gross share of gross power consumption, these clean energies amounted only to a measly 13 percent of the entire German energy mix. How could the German flagship project have derailed in this way?”

When Japan was Fukushimaed Merkel panicked. She shut down Germany’s nuclear plants and dived even deeper into rapid, unplanned expansion of wind and solar power.

Then she demonised diesel engines and promoted electric cars – but they have zero effect on CO2 emissions if the power is to come from coal, since it can’t come from anywhere else.

Coal-fired power is what’s really keeping Germany’s lights on. The idea that they would buy coalfired power from neighbouring states hasn’t worked.There is hardly a neighboring country has any remaining extra power plant capacity. This German strategy was a dangerous miscalculation.

The German Ministry of Economics assumed the country could rely on 60 gigawatts of over-capacity in related adjacent markets in Europe, but it was only 15 to 20 gigs. So this coming cold winter Germany could end up missing considerable amounts of power.

Trump and Putin saw what was happening and now Germany is dependent on these two to sell them gas to make up the shortfall.

But there will still be a shortfall, there will be plenty of gas of course, but they have not been building gas generators and it is dawning on politicians that designing energy infrastructure is best left to technical and electrical engineering experts, and not to climate -catastrophe obsessed politicians and green activists who seem to think such complex systems can be built up ad hoc as you go.

Meanwhile in the other big Northern Hemisphere industrial powerhouse, the US – the country with the world’s cheapest energy – electricity prices are set to get even lower.

The owners of America’s only under-construction nuclear plant are changing their minds a bit, they are expanding it by adding two new reactors!

And, not that it means anything except to idiots, their CO2 emissions are going to get even lower if the trend to nuclear continues.

There was a bit of a problem about construction costs and so on – they were twice as high as planned – but Trump has stepped in with a $3.7 billion in loan guarantees, viewing it as central to keeping alive the promise of clean energy from nuclear power. And an incentive to more.

This nuclear plant will bring US nuclear plants to an even hundred plants, but it is the first in 30 years. That looks set to change.

Trump’s out of Paris, China is only pretending to be in, and the push is on for Merkel to be suffocated under her green energy bullshit.

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  • DT 01/10/2018, 6:39 am

    Very interesting.

    And add that China is using coal fired steam locomotives to haul coal from mines.

  • luk1955 01/10/2018, 7:24 am

    Ahhh, may those chinks deliver a blow to the greenies. More CO2 means more food for green plants to grow. And may Putin and Trump put the screws to the krauts and gouge them on the gas prices. The krauts deserve it.

  • Aktosplatz 01/10/2018, 8:32 am

    In Switzerland, which I visit occasionally, you can see in every country town, stacked piles of logs for burning in winter.

    So while their leaders spruik green energy, in reality, their citizens cut down trees ( another no-no!) and cut them into logs to burn and save on power bills this way.

    I was aware, too, of Germany’s expensive electrical energy.

    But then Merkel is a Marxist, so what do they expect?

    • yarpos 01/10/2018, 5:10 pm

      and very very neatly they are stacked as well

  • TommyGun 01/10/2018, 9:24 am

    When I visit Russia I like the fact that there is little chance the gas will be turned off anytime soon.
    I think the Europeans can thank their lucky stars that Putin has never used energy supply as a weapon. I don’t think I would have had his patience…I would have turned the gas off in the middle of winter until they lifted their sanctions.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 01/10/2018, 10:46 am

      Me too TG, I would be using it as a lever.

  • angry 01/10/2018, 3:22 pm



    • Neville 02/10/2018, 9:49 am

      Caps lock key stuck again, angry?

  • angry 01/10/2018, 3:41 pm

    Trump Tells West Virginians ‘We’ve Ended the War’ on Coal



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