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 Who’s laughing now at the Coalition’s woes?

24.11.21.  No doubt there is big trouble within the Coalition. If you can find a quiet place, peals of laughter can be heard coming from the direction of Sydney—Potts Point to be precise—it’s Malcolm Turnbull! His fervent wish to destroy the Liberal Party and Scott Morrison along with it just might be the best ever Christmas present Turnbull could hope for.
Scott Morrison has been forced to lay down the law to his partyroom, warning that disunity and division will cost them the election. Labor would “sneak” into office if they didn’t maintain discipline, the Prime Minister told them. Disunity was political death.

Source: Simon Benson, NCA

Scott Morrison lays down the law to reclaim unified partyroom

The irony that Morrison’s intervention was prompted by an outlier issue such as state government-imposed vaccine mandates rather than climate change was not lost on some MPs.
A key feature of Morrison’s leadership of the Liberal Party has been his ability to maintain a unified partyroom. And despite appearances this week — the partyroom can often get feral at the end of a year — it largely remains that way.
Morrison would not have felt the need to raise this issue at all if not for the corrosive optics of internal conflict with the election drawing closer.
The threat of legislative obstruction will likely prove theatrical rather than consequential once Morrison can convince those MPs threatening to make mischief that there is little the federal government can do about it.
And there is little danger of internal structural decay. It is not as if the factions are at war.
However, the slim majority the Coalition has in the house means any individual MP or senator can cause trouble if they choose. In this case, it is small but vocal group that feels threatened by Pauline Hanson, Clive Palmer and Campbell Newman.
And it is not without some justification, considering the Coalition has significant ground to make up with disaffected voters who have parked themselves in the “others” tent.
With Morrison having delivered the moderates a policy on climate change they can live with, he faces intensifying demands from the conservatives.
The religious freedoms bill was the red meat they have been demanding in return.
Morrison’s decision to take ownership of the religious freedom bill, by introducing it on Wednesday, sends a strong message both to his partyroom and to the conservative base.
He will be banking on the fact that it would be equally ironic for a cabal of conservative MPs to get in the way of a bill that is arguably more totemic for their constituents than the one they are claiming would justify its obstruction.
By stamping his authority on the proposed legislation, Morrison is also looking for a symbol he can use to reconnect with his “quiet Australians”.

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  • Cliff 24/11/2021, 7:30 am

    Scottie could pull the rug out from under Malcolm’s conniving heels in one fell swoop by stepping down and putting Peter Dutton in as leader in his place.

    Then the Liberal Party should hold primaries in all the ‘woke’ electorates and rid itself of ALL the wet pseudo Liberals who have turned the Liberal Party into LaborLite. If they don’t do this, Turnbull may well prevail, because I for one will not be voting for them under their current guise.

    • Pensioner Pete 24/11/2021, 10:51 am

      Bloody big TICK, Cliff.

  • Pensioner Pete 24/11/2021, 7:32 am

    For a real and meaningful change to the Australian political landscape, we simply must vote for UAP/One Nation plus any other quality fair dinkum independents, and always, but always, place the major parties at last positions on the ballot papers, otherwise, nothing will change for the better.

    • SebastianF 24/11/2021, 11:15 am

      Agree 100%.

      • Albert 24/11/2021, 2:42 pm

        Hear, hear., Pete.

  • Penguinite 24/11/2021, 7:38 am

    Morrison has caused the self-inflicted wounds of dopey climate change chat at the latest COV recital to fester. Instead of giving the climate change fanatics more ammunition and voicing a speech that nobody listened to he could and should have stayed at home. The Liberals are likely to lose at the next election but the liberal caused will be bolstered by a stronger and more powerful group of alternative Reps! Palmer and Newman will be a formidable force! We may even see some early defections of sitting members that will inject some ginger into an otherwise bland affair!

  • Lorraine 24/11/2021, 8:27 am

    Maybe we could all ask Scott Morrison what does he stand for, mouthing words its free choice ,for the vaccine and then letting STATES MANDATE. Voting against Pauline Hansen bill has shown all those not jabbed, we are on our own/////that’s O K by me Scotty, you are on your own as I Will Vote FOR……UAP

    • Pensioner Pete 24/11/2021, 9:43 am

      Well said Lorraine. I and my family are now members of the UAP as we intend to do what we can come election day, at the booths, to help out and do some post polling scrutiny of the vote count out here.

      What caused this to happen you may ask, given I have not been in a political party since the late 80’s, well, the Queensland Puzzleducks mandated jabbery causing my family members to lose their small businesses and their jobs come 17 December is what drove us to the UAP, so we may make a personal effort to oust the Morrison government, and to keep Labor from gaining government assisting the outcome of the next federal election gain a minority government with the balance of power held by the likes of the UAP, One Nation and other fair dinkum independents who have Australia’s interest truly at heart and by action.

      The time for significant change in the political landscape is upon us now.

      • Lorraine 24/11/2021, 11:13 am

        I am with you…..my family lost their business due to rules in Victoria. I trust Craig Kelly ……….and the old saying….change what have we got to lose, maybe Scotty is that little bit better than Albo…..we need more than a ””””””’little better”””””””’

    • Aktosplatz 24/11/2021, 9:46 am

      Yes, we could ask Morrison what he stands for, because I’m buggered if I (for one) know. I am just interested, although my last Liberal vote was in 2013.

      • wal1957 24/11/2021, 10:44 am

        Same for me Akto.
        Scomo and the Libs are gone.

  • DT 24/11/2021, 12:05 pm

    If we have the misfortune to end up with PM Albo and the many former Rudd, Gillard & Rudd MPs in government in Canberra the rarely seem to fact check critics have only themselves to blame.

    I have many comments and have noted that they are mostly ignored or I am accused of being a mouthpiece for the Government.

    It reminds me of the 2009-2015 years of Opposition Leader and then Prime Minister Abbott. And the many once were critics who have suggested that he would now make a better PM.

    Even when I post information explaining why critics are poorly informed the information is ignored.

    I admit that I support Liberal or National depending on where I am living and voting from, but I am not a party member and certainly not paid as silly people have alleged. But that allegation just highlights ignorance.

  • DT 24/11/2021, 12:09 pm

    Anybody here or other places I post at who is not aware that Turnbull’s ambition has long been to wreck the Liberals, and Nationals, and his LINO left MP followers call themselves “Black Hand” faction, and that they even use GetUp to assist them with smearing campaigns, have obviously not bothered to read my comments. And no doubt they also ignore the stopturnbull website and long timeline of history information. It is strange that the information is ignored but the critics parrot left leaning media, Black Hand faction, Labor and Greens propaganda without apparently fact checking.

  • Popular Front 24/11/2021, 3:45 pm

    Look at that picture of Turnbull then tell me “is that a face you’d never tire of punching?” You can sell tickets and make it a public event; the crowds would be lined deep all around the block.

    How this bloke is still a member of the Liberal Party after all his treasonous destabilisation activities truly amazes me. Not that I care for the Liberal Party, they’ere a pack of city-centric worthless wankers as far as I am concerned.

  • RayVic 24/11/2021, 4:45 pm

    Allowing preselection and election of Labor Lite and LINO candidates together with allowing Malcolm to remain in the Liberal Party, leading to adoption of Labor Lite policies, is disenchanting many traditional Lib supporters, such that ScoMo will need a real miracle to get re-elected.

    Relegation to the Opposition benches without subsequent replacement of the remaining Labor Lite MPs — the state Lib opposition parties in Victoria, Qld and WA don’t inspire any confidence — would ensure many years in the wilderness, if not extinction.

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