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 Who said turkeys were stupid? ☺

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  • Pensioner Pete 04/10/2020, 6:44 am

    Thanks for the Sunday laugh MM Ed., it makes for a great start to the day.

    • Ivan Ackeroff 04/10/2020, 2:43 pm

      Looks like 6 members of Dan Xi Ping’s amnesiac gang of 8 and Madam Whosibunga in drag, the person who ‘supervised’ Premier Dan’s Hotel quarantine ‘Inquiry’.

  • John 04/10/2020, 9:21 am

    Re article – ” Wind turbines generate mountains of waste”.
    So the turkeys are Greg Combet and his grubby wind farm subsidy seekers pretending to be green and the blind man the Greens who are too stupid to realise they are stupid ?.
    A laugh a day keeps the Dr away but underneath that laugh is “1984” all over again.

  • ibbir 04/10/2020, 10:00 am

    Don’t know about stupid, but they are scary when they descend on you en masse.

    • Austin Ayforti 04/10/2020, 11:50 am

      That’s a great cartoon but they’re not the brightest ibbir, unlike chooks who are. Standing in pouring rain whilst all other critters are watching from under cover is usual. One of mine, who was years ago saved from being someone’s roast, is often a very big attack turkey who then stands in front wanting to be hand fed. Idiot bird.

      • John 04/10/2020, 3:44 pm

        Just like Combet? 😉

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