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 What you should know about the WHO boss Dr Tedros.

23.04.20. The leader of the WHO has made an astonishing jump from his humble beginnings in Ethiopian revolutionary group, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, to bumping shoulders with Hollywood elite such as Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish and Beyonce. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom is the man who personally blocked calls to issue travel bans to China in the midst of the greatest virus outbreak in modern history, a decision which likely killed more than 100,000 people according to early academic analysis of infection spread and mortality rates. But you must forgive Mr Adhanom. Today he is far too busy to dispute those Chinese talking points he regurgitated to the world in such deadly fashion. He’s had a music concert to host instead. Far more important than any exercise of retrospect.

Source: Jack Houghton, Sky News

Tedros Adhanom’s rise from humble African revolutionary to Hollywood A-lister

The aptly named “One World, Together at Home” concert pulled together some of the world’s biggest stars to perform comedy or sing in potentially the most disturbing PR stunt this journalist has ever seen. They raised more than $120 million, which is fantastic, but it’s just a drop in the multi-trillion-dollar devastation this man inflicted on the world through his failure to challenge Chinese propaganda. “WHO is proud to have co-organized this event with Global Citizen and Lady Gaga, and I also want to thank my colleague Paul Garwood who came up with the idea and has worked incredibly hard for several weeks to make it happen,” Mr Adhanom gushed on social media. “So humbled, and the whole WHO community is very grateful for the support that poured over 8 hours.” He also wrote a few tweets thanking his new pal Beyonce. Awkwardly she never responded. And the PR didn’t stop there. Mr Adhanom will hold a Q and A with Indian superstar actress Deepika Padukone – one of the highest-paid movie stars in India – which was promoted with professional black-and-white photographs of the pair edited gallantly side-by-side. Despite being mocked relentlessly in the comments of every post, Mr Adhanom is relentless. He tweets dozens of times a day, seemingly oblivious to the overwhelming calls to resign and even face a criminal investigation. Today his tweets have taken a bizarre turn. He wrote a single word this morning, “forgive”, which as you can expect has not been well received. Then an hour later he followed it up with another single word tweet, this time saying “honesty”. It is disappointing to see an individual who has so much to answer for engage in such calculated, albeit poorly executed, propaganda. The world does not need a social media influencer to roll out banal utterances to make the masses feel good. It needed action earlier and now it needs an urgent explanation, not PR spin to save the job of a man beyond redemption.

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  • Baysidegal 23/04/2020, 6:47 am

    These ‘celebrities’ would climb onto any piece of infected flotsam or jetsam to shove their faces into the limelight they have been missing since the pandemic hit. This feeble attempt to distract the attention away from the facts that WHO were agonisingly slow to act in declaring a pandemic, have done nothing but protect their financiers (China), and now are saying look over there at these great singers, don’t look over here!!!

  • Disgruntled 23/04/2020, 7:05 am

    Re. Interview with the P.M. on Paul Murray show on Sky last night. The interview was stated to have been excellent and it mostly was but, but I was more than a little concerned with his public stated views on the W.H.O. thing. It seemed as if he wanted answers but also fully supported WHO as an organisation and did not once call for Teddy to go. Goodness me, I was more than a little flabbergasted! Seems as if Scott M. has gone real “soft cock” on this issue and it seems he is not really in agreeance with Trump’s response to Teddy.

    WHO may be (once) great and necessary but with the Teddy guy and what he promotes and does and his great influence on this organisation I think it should be dismantled ( heavens above, the rest of the world has had to dismantle) and if needed it can be rebuilt so as to perform in the way it was once supposed to. And Scomo’s approach did not inspire me at all!

    Onother topic!! Check this vid out, the whole bloody lot!!
    China Built A New Aircraft Carrier The World Is Afraid Of


    Is this what most of all of our raw materials are being used for??
    And all the rest of China’s development etc. Australia selling to them is certainly good for our economy but! but!
    A good analogy is as when the criminals come calling and the intended victim hands a loaded and cocked pistol to them so they can do the deed.

    • PeterW 23/04/2020, 6:23 pm

      Could this be hindsight in motion, again ——Pig Iron Bob!

  • Penguinite 23/04/2020, 8:19 am

    Aircraft carriers are a great and formidable weapon but they need synchronized manpower to make them function efficiently. Maybe the Chinese will gain that experience in time but I’d still put my money on The USN in a stoush!

    • PeterW 23/04/2020, 6:25 pm

      These will also cut their throats if they phuck up. Can’t face the Chairman in losing.

  • DT 23/04/2020, 1:04 pm

    It appears that becoming an actor does not require a high IQ.

    • PeterW 23/04/2020, 6:26 pm

      All their brain power goes into memory for reciting.
      Take that goose de Nero.

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