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 Victoria Police: head-stomper suspended!

16.09.20.  As the disgusting video of a Victorian Police officer stomping on the head of a mentally ill man goes viral around the world even the Premier Andrews in his depth of denial could not or would not stop the suspension of the officer involved. Andrews has shown his narcissistic lust for the cameras and this time, along with other exposed savage applications of his draconian laws, he has it in spades. “The Dictator Dan from DownUnder!” A fitting epithet.
A senior constable from an elite Victoria Police unit has been suspended after footage emerged of officers striking a mentally ill man with a car before pinning him to the ground and stomping on his head. And Victoria’s anti-corruption watchdog has confirmed it will investigate police conduct in relation to the arrest on Sunday of mentally ill man Timothy Atkins.

Source: Remy Varga and Rachel Baxendale, News Corp

Victoria Police officer suspended after arrest of mentally ill man Timothy Atkins; corruption watchdog to investigate

The confirmation follows the suspension of the officer from Victoria Police’s Critical Incident Response Team after footage emerged of police striking Mr Atkins, 32, with their car, before pinning him to the ground and stomping on his head, leaving him in a condition which resulted in him being placed in an induced coma.
On Tuesday afternoon, the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission issued a statement.
“IBAC, Victoria’s independent police oversight agency, will independently investigate police conduct in regard to an incident involving the arrest of a man in Epping on Sunday, 13 September,” the statement read.
IBAC Commissioner Robert Redlich QC said: “The community is rightfully concerned if someone is injured during an interaction with police.”
“Given the potentially serious nature of this incident, IBAC has determined it is in the public interest to independently investigate this matter,” Mr Redlich said.
The statement said IBAC “performs a critical role in independently oversighting Victoria Police to ensure police officers’ conduct is lawful, and consistent with required procedures and ethical standards.”
“Our independent oversight of Victoria Police continues within the parameters of public health safety precautions related to COVID-19,” the statement said.
“Anyone with information related to this investigation, or who would like to make a complaint about police misconduct can contact IBAC at www.ibac.vic.gov.au.”
‘Police brutality’
Earlier, Glenn Atkins said the arrest of his son Timothy was an example of “police brutality” on Monday, telling reporters the 32-year-old had been placed in an induced coma following the violent incident near in Epping on Sunday on Sunday afternoon.
A Victoria Police spokeswoman said on Tuesday one of the officers involved had been suspended as she urged witnesses to come forward with information and dashcam or mobile footage.
“A Senior Constable from the Critical Incident Response Team was last night suspended following his involvement in a protracted incident which commenced at the Northern Hospital at Epping on Sunday 13 September,” she said.
“Professional Standards Command continue to investigate the matter and are currently assessing all available information.”
Timothy Atkins, a father-of-three, was being treated for bipolar disorder at Northern Hospital in the north Melbourne suburb of Epping.
In vision of the arrest obtained by Channel 7, Victoria Police drive behind an on foot Mr Atkins before striking him with the vehicle.
At least four officers surround Mr Atkins before they hold him down and begin kicking him, with one officer stomping on his head.
A Victoria Police spokeswoman said pepper spray was deployed with officers called to the scene just after 4pm on Sunday following reports of a man behaving erratically.
Glenn Atkins described his son as a “gentle giant” who he said “would not hurt a fly”.
“Timothy is a gentle giant, he has never been in trouble with the law,” he said.
“I feel sick to my guts, I am filled with anger seeing that video. I couldn’t sleep last night, I am full of anger and sadness.”
The suspension comes after a man was shot by Victoria Police in Lilydale in Melbourne’s far northeast on Tuesday at around 8.30am.
A Victoria Police spokeswoman said the man was receiving medical attention at the scene after he received an injury to the upper body.
“Police and emergency services are currently at an incident in Lilydale,” she said.
“It is believed police were called to a man armed with an edged weapon on Hutchinson Street about 8.30am.
“A police firearm was discharged and the man received an injury to the upper body.
He is receiving medical treatment at the scene.”
n air ambulance has been dispatched to the scene while the man, in a serious condition, is being treated for upper body injuries, an Ambulance Victoria Spokeswoman said.
The incident is under investigation, over which Professional Standards Commands have oversight.

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  • Honeybadger 16/09/2020, 7:05 am

    Police would have gotten away with this without the camera phones from passers by. Push button needs to be on video because you never know when you will come across a thug cop in Victoria.
    Some police are enjoying these times – they’ve been given the green light by the brass who described the police car knocking Timothy Atkins over, as only “concerning”. Hope Timothy is going to be okay. Lawsuit here it comes.

  • PW 16/09/2020, 7:11 am

    If anyone of the public used their vehicle in the manner that that rouge cop did they’d be up for attempted murder.
    That was NOT policing. He should be in the lock up.
    I fear that Dan Andrews has changed the mentality of policing and some are enjoying the ride.

    • Aktosplatz 16/09/2020, 8:49 am

      Agreed – the driver of that Police Car should be charged with attempted murder, and the head stomping Gestapo GBH.

      Mind you, it is VictoriaStan so-called law

    • Albert 16/09/2020, 10:26 am

      The copper driving the car has been terribly punished (sarc). He has had his approval to drive police vehicles suspended while the police investigate themselves. What an absolute joke.

  • Graham Richards 16/09/2020, 7:40 am

    If that cop wants to do something useful he should pop round to Chinadan’s place & stomp his head. Maybe knock some sense into that meat head.

    • Penguinite 16/09/2020, 7:56 am

      Andrews has natural protection in the shape of two jug-lugs! Jug-Lugs, nice ring! Could be a new moniker?

  • luk1955 16/09/2020, 7:56 am

    Being a police occifer and a council worker are great occupations to be in today. You can associate in groups, not wear masks, not practice social distancing, associate with masked or nonmasked people violently or peacefully and not get cj19. No wonder the police are so stomp happy, it keeps them from getting cj19.
    Yet Jim’s mowing personnel, who work outdoors and rarely ever see their clients, are not allowed to work and who do the same work as council “workers”, do not even get any kind of monetary relief that retail workers get.
    Since there are no pics showing how this incident came to be, I will speculate. A “concerned masking lover citizen” saw a shirtless man with out a mask talking to himself outdoors and decided to have the police do a “welfare check”.
    If these unlawful restrictions and curfew continue there are going to be a lot lot more of these cases, esp as the weather warms up and people are still under house arrest.

  • Mark 16/09/2020, 9:32 am

    Just shows that Dickears is a coward who’s happy to use brute force against decent, yet while all his yes men get the royal treatment. I hope and I know it’s a long shot that the police will stand with the people eventually. Just hoping

  • DT 16/09/2020, 1:44 pm


    Some busybody had a dash cam and mobile phone camera video.

  • Sir Peter 16/09/2020, 2:55 pm

    This officer is far from alone in needing retribution. We have multiple instances of gestapo tactics on youtube lately. How many more went un-filmed is anybody’s guess.

    Ideally the Feral Govt would send in the army to take over Victoria, but sadly nobody in Canberra has the goolies.

    At the very LEAST there must be a Royal Commission into the entire VicPol, and large numbers of officers charged, sacked and gaoled. And lose all their superannuation to fundcompensation for victims.

    In the meanwhile the Ubergrupenfuerhrer, sorry, Police Commissioner, must stand down.

  • Walahwalah Bishbin 16/09/2020, 7:25 pm

    I wonder what other connections this senior constable from CIRT has?
    Is he a member of 2 Commando Company at Williamstown?
    Is he paid via the Attorney Generals Department in some way?
    Clearly he’s not from the local cop shop up the road eh?
    We are all being scammed, nothing is as it seems.
    VICPOL are NOT this guy.

  • Fred Wick 19/09/2020, 4:38 pm

    The police knew he was unwell. Attempted murder was in full view. Broad daylight psychopathic behaviour. They the police mob in the belief they have impunity acted like a pack of dogs stalking a vulnerable man, their prey and sport. The herd must be protected from these feral animals.

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