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 Unwanted pregnancy warning—according to Muslim ideology

26.02.20. Sitti Hikmawatty is Indonesia’s child rights commissioner. She warned women and girls they risked becoming pregnant if they swam in the same pool as men. Ridicule on social media and calls for her sacking have been resisted. This is all very scientific, you know. The Child Rights Commissioner reckons pool water can act as a medium for sperm, regardless of any chlorine content or the fact most swimmers wore clothes. She says, “There are certain types of sperm that are very strong. Even without penetration a woman can get pregnant. If a woman is in her fertile phase, it can happen. Nobody knows how men react towards women in swimming pools.” This fool of a woman must think humans mate like whales do? In that case MM advises women to stay away from the men’s wanking corner of the pool!
While she has since revoked her claim, some are worried the damage has already been done and it speaks to a growing push to reject feminist ideals. “I apologise to the public for giving an incorrect statement,” Ms Hikmawatty said yesterday. “The statement is my personal statement and not from [Indonesia’s child protection commission] KPAI. I plead with all parties not to disseminate further or even to make it public.”Source: ABC

Indonesia’s child rights commissioner apologises for saying women can get pregnant by sharing pool with men

The claims are all the more controversial given Ms Hikmawatty is one of nine others appointed to KPAI, which is tasked with monitoring, promoting and protecting children’s rights.
The organisation’s website states she has extensive qualifications and experience in child health, nutrition and early childhood education. But it makes no reference to qualifications in reproductive health.
Nevertheless, Ms Hikmawatty told Indonesian media on Friday (local time) even young girls could fall pregnant “indirectly”.
“When a woman is capable of producing eggs and men can produce sperm, and they both meet somehow — whether directly or indirectly — then pregnancy can happen,” she said.
“In the pool, there are certain sperm conditions that are so strong even though there’s no penetration. If men are aroused and ejaculate … then pregnancy can occur even without penetration.”
Obstetricians and even her own colleagues have since attacked the claims.
One obstetrician, Kriston Silitonga at Hermina Hospital in Jakarta’s south, denied there was any evidence to support the assertions.
“The possibility [of falling pregnant while swimming] is almost non-existent,” he told Indonesia’s Tribun news outlet.
“It makes no scientific sense … that sperm must travel through the water, while women wear swimsuits.”
Family psychologist Alissa Wahid has questioned the selection process for appointments to KPAI.
The chair, Susanto — who goes by only one name — issued a statement distancing himself and the other commissioners from the claims.
“The KPIA’s stance is not at all the same as those quoted on social media,” he said.
“We confirm they are the views only of the individual concerned.”
Comments spark memes and cartoons on social media
Celebrity singer Melanie Subono likened the claims to the myth that HIV could spread through clothing.
The comments have caused an outcry online, with the #sackSittiHikmawatty hashtag going viral on Twitter.
Many have posted internet memes or cartoons mocking Ms Hikmawatty, who said the claims were backed by evidence in scientific journals overseas. But she has declined to name them.
The controversy comes amid a growing shift towards more conservative attitudes in Indonesia, including among many women.
Just last year, an online campaign “Indonesia Tanpa Feminis” — or Indonesia Without Feminists — went viral after it was embraced by conservative women who have been inspired by hard-line Islamist organisations.
Many of the groups actively oppose feminist ideals, while conservative women reject feminism as a Western import incompatible with Islamic values. Instead, they assert “my body is not mine, but rather Allah’s”.
Conservative Islamic groups and political parties have gained increasing influence in Indonesia since the fall of former president Suharto in 1998, allowing them to assert their political and social views more widely.
Since then, more and more Indonesian women are wearing the hijab to cover themselves up — though in some cases it might be at their husbands’ or families’ insistence.
A sizeable majority of women wear the longer sharia-style hijab, which covers most of their body.
On top of that, women’s rights researcher Dyah Aku Kartika has pointed out that despite an increase in the number of women elected to Indonesia’s Parliament last year, many had declared themselves to be “anti-feminist”.
“The battle between feminists and conservatives over the framing of narratives in Indonesia is not a new phenomenon, but in today’s political climate the conservatives have the advantage,” she wrote last year in the ANU’s New Mandala.
“Conservative groups are now consolidating their organisations to take aim at policies that regulate aspects of ‘morality’ and are also pushing a conservative agenda outside of parliament.
“Conservative organisations are producing analytical reinterpretations of gender and feminism that undermine the original theories proposed by feminists and aiming these messages at women and young girls who have limited understanding of these concepts.”

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  • bushwanker 26/02/2020, 7:30 am

    Just demonstrates how backward & uneducated Muslims really are.

    • Red 26/02/2020, 7:47 am

      But the worst thing is..in this age of knowledge, they choose this stupidity and ugliness.
      Guess that says it all.

      No Nuremberg defence for them.

  • rob 26/02/2020, 8:23 am

    Not so long ago my wife got the cane from a Catholic Nun for laughing at her statement that girls can get pregnant from holding boys hands…..religion….that is the problem….

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 26/02/2020, 8:31 am

    The “first” people from whence I hail believe that pregnancy is caused by listening to a Willy Wagtail singing in the moonlight. I never did get any info from them on architecture or agronomy or astronomy, probably beneath their dignity to discuss stuff like that.

    • Pensioner Pete 26/02/2020, 9:02 am

      Yep Bots, we are not up to scratch in understanding how the ‘First Nations’ had developed Australia with such advanced technology, like how Bruce Pascoe describes in his Dark Emu publication, consequently we won’t be told.

      Perhaps it is secret women’s business, just like the Hindmarsh Island Bridge fiasco in South Australia.

      • luk1955 26/02/2020, 7:08 pm

        PP, you mean after 60,000 years the Aborigines are still digging in the dirt for wichety grubs? And want to be treated like more intelligent, advanced and ambitious people who superseded their ignorant arses?

  • Peter W 26/02/2020, 10:20 am

    Sounds like a good excuse to give mum and dad or the absent husband. Oh golly gee some one ejaculated in the swimming pool….

    Perhaps all the Indonesian females should be offered plugs!

  • Disgruntled 26/02/2020, 10:50 am

    So that is how it happens! golly geewhis!
    I’ve often seen pram pushers in this region who are not a hell of a lot older than the pushed and often wondered and now I know how it came to be!
    It’s not only black but white as well and as the pushers age also the numbers pushed increase too!
    Gee, Centerlink is grand aint it eh???????

    Also a real good explanation of an unexpected or expected newby not looking as expected

  • Ex ADF 26/02/2020, 12:24 pm

    Sperm, being the hardy little devils they are, will continue their search for a willing receptacle. I have it on good authority, 11000 climate “scientists” can’t be wrong, that as the weather gets hotter sperm will gravitate to cooler environs where they can go about their business. This means millions of men, all over the world, on hot days, will ejaculate in swimming pools. The science is in.

    • Mercy 26/02/2020, 10:06 pm

      My goodness, Ex ADF, I haven’t laughed so hard for weeks. And science is never wrong is it? Thank you for making my day!

  • Cliff 26/02/2020, 12:28 pm

    What a great ‘out of gaol free card’ for any Indonesian girl coming home to announce an unwanted bun in the oven to a traditional Muslim Mum and Dad.

    “Mum, Dad, all I did was go swimming in the local pool.”

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