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UN’s Agenda 21

agenda 21Sustainable Development or total control?

Agenda 21 is and has been talked about for some time, more so in the US than in Australia. Most Australians know little about this agenda and therefore cast it upon the heap of so many other agendas invented by those with little else to do but create various forms of societal control.
Morning Mail will run this part 1 of a series of 4 articles by Jack Cabe who provides more than enough food for thought as he exposes cases where the controlling agenda 21 should not be ignored. Some see it as a seeping ooze similar to the “boiling frog syndrome”, the incremental raising of heat until the frog is cooked and too late to jump. Keep an eye out each Saturday.
External info Agenda 21. Ed.

Really not part of the plan

by Jack Cabe

Part 1

Awareness of the environment and concern for its delicate balance are indeed sensible endeavours and few who would deny that. Supposedly out of such concern arose a 1992 United Nation’s conference to discuss the environment and future environmentally friendly development. Resulting from that conference an action agenda was revealed for an innocuously sounding aim of ‘Sustainable Development’.  This agenda was known as Agenda 21 and it was not as innocuous as it sounded.

Agenda 21was promoted as a non-binding and voluntarily implemented action plan, and so the lie began. Agenda 21 was the brainchild of a group of powerful elitists known as the Club of Rome. Their aim was world domination brought about by using the United Nations and its agencies to create a World Government together with a World Bank and a Security Force to ensure implementation of its aims.

Far from being a non-binding and voluntary action plan, the following was the reality for those that signed on, ”This global contract binds all nations and spreading regions to the collective vision of “sustainable development.” They must commit to pursue the three E’s of ‘sustainability’: Environment, Economy and Equity’’, referring to the UN blueprint for environmental regulation, economic regulation, reorientation of education and redistribution of wealth.

Sold to the world’s nations as a plan for creating sustainable societies, 176 governments around the world, including Australia, saw this as a means of social justice and a healthy planet. Initially, few if any were awake to the lies that formed doomsday scenarios, the pseudo-science and the unimaginable costs that came with such an elaborate and fraudulent con.

Had any of the worlds leaders caught up in the lie bothered to undertake just a little research or even given it some considered thought they would have realised, as did others that, Marxist economics has never worked. Socialism produces poverty, not prosperity. Collectivism creates oppression, not freedom. Trusting environmental “scientists” who depend on government funding and must produce politically useful “information” will lead to economic and social disaster.”

Back in 1992 when Agenda 21 was born there was not yet the hysterical, kneejerk reactions to the alarmist’s ‘carbon pollution’ and ‘man-made climate change’ and so these lies were cleverly created by the UN and its agencies to justify their ”sustainable development” agenda.

The UN, however, very effectively, although falsely, enhanced the illusion when the Secretary General of their Earth division said, ”Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middleclass—involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

In line with this propaganda new buzzwords came into being. Words like, sustainable development, environmentally sustainable, future earth, smart growth and biodiversity. Phenomena such as climate change were promoted as man-made disasters while naturally occurring climate change was purposely ignored.

To achieve the aims of Agenda 21 it would be necessary to undertake the mammoth task of reprogramming the human race. Human rights as we know them would have to be removed for the good of the collective.

The UN plan was to rid the world of poverty as a means of controlling the world’s population, but how were they going to achieve that?  Well, they have already surreptitiously commenced a redistribution of wealth from affluent nations to the poorer nations.  Examine the Carbon Tax and to where the proceeds are directed.  Consider also the transfer of manufacturing from affluent manufacturing nations to poorer nations.  Ask where Australia’s manufacturing and farming asset have gone and the lowering of trade barriers and tariffs to bring that about. Think about the population redistribution of poorer countries to more affluent nations.

To achieve its intended agenda the UN will attempt to coerce the world governments into surrendering the sovereignty of their nations. They hope to achieve a quiet transition through which our individual freedoms would be systematically stripped away. Your children would become the sole property of the ”State” and as a parent you would have no say in their upbringing, their education or their future.  You would not be allowed to own any property and nor would you be allowed to choose where you live.

The United Nations is fearful that more and more of the world’s population will realise what is happening and fight against it. They would be ecstatic that some would be sucked into their deception and support Agenda 21 by labelling those against the agenda ‘Conspiracy Alarmists’ and the UN will seek to discredit them and any elected official who undertakes to work against them.

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