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 University culture wars

27.03.20.  Sky News host Rowan Dean says the curriculum at universities nowadays is “hardcore, neo-Marxist, left-wing, green propaganda” which is disguised as every subject on offer, particularly in the arts. Mr Dean said a “broad education is fantastic” and it is important to for students to learn the “wrong things in our past, it’s right to learn the bad things that we’ve done as a western civilization”. “You should also learn all the good things, all the positives that have come out of our Judeo-Christian heritage,” he said. Mr Dean told Sky News host Andrew Bolt students of history at universities learn “that we are all white evil oppressors”. “If you’re studying any subject there will be a sense of victimhood that the white, colonial, Anglo-Saxon, Judeo-Christian heritage that we all come from, is inherently evil and it is your job to redress it.” Bravo Mr Dean!

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  • Penguinite 27/03/2020, 10:02 am

    If young people are so depressed about life and are prepared to be saddled with a mountain of debt to listen and read about nothing that will benefit them in the job-sphere then let the buyer beware! Labor’s political ranks are currently full and in any case getting a BA in Gobbledygook, even with Honors, is less beneficial than an Uber Taxi license.

  • Aktosplatz 27/03/2020, 11:47 am

    Yes, if I had young children today, the last place I would send them to is University. Nowadays a good general education (grade 10) is all the young need, and after that, they should go and work in different countries, and learn about their respective histories while there ( not from here).

    That’s a far better preparation for ‘real’ life.

    • Disgruntled 27/03/2020, 12:19 pm

      I reckon you got a good point there.

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