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 Under the Thunberg Eucalyptus Tree

15.01.20. Under the Yum Yum Tree was a 1963 comedy film. But Tasmania, with accentuation on “mania”, likes to dedicate trees to living personalities. And climate activist Greta Thunberg has been chosen. Unlike the cornerstone of a church, or the keystone of a great bridge, or even a brass disc on a footpath outside the men’s toilet that people trip over, but a tree means the person identified was to be of fleeting importance. If memory serves, the large, Sydney department store, Anthony Hordern and Sons, was at one time the largest department store in the world, 52 acres of retail space. It was demolished in 1986. The company claimed a large Port Jackson fig tree on Razor-back Mountain near Camden NSW. After the demise of the Hordern dynasty vandals tried to poison the tree and in 2014 it is thought that lightning split the tree in two and blown over by the storm. And so died the Hordern motto,”While I live I’ll Grow!” I think I’d prefer a rose in dedication, “The Chaucer Bloom” might do! A giant eucalyptus tree in Tasmania has been named after teen sailing fan Greta Thunberg. It’s one of five mountain ash trees — also known as swamp or stringy gums, which measure up to 5.8m in diameter — in the Huon Valley dubbed by state conservation group Forestry Watch. The others: David Attenborough, Tim Flannery, Naomi Klein and Indian environmentalist Sunita Narain, Who?

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  • DT 15/01/2020, 3:18 pm

    I remember passing the tree many times driving to and from Goulburn NSW visiting relatives there.

  • TommyGun 15/01/2020, 8:12 pm

    I had an uncle who drove trucks from Adelaide to Sydney.
    One time, when I was about 10, I went with him (which was quite an adventure for me.) I clearly recall him pointing out the tree and its “motto”.
    Sad to think it has gone.
    Coincidentally I currently live in the Huon Valley, but I have no desire to find and see “Greta’s Tree”. Named, no doubt by a group of wannabe sycophants.

  • Neville 15/01/2020, 10:52 pm

    5 trees dubbed with the names of climate imbeciles!
    Maybe I’m just an evil-minded little bugger, but I admit my first thought was to nip in quietly, and ringbark the buggers – oh, and the trees, too.

  • Lorraine 16/01/2020, 8:34 am

    words fail me ,the Greta Tree .I am with Neville

  • Peter Scharpenack 17/01/2020, 12:41 pm

    Hi, I wonder if you still would name a tree after Greta once you have read the text below?

    Thought you might be interested…This was sent by someone who was interested in knowing what’s what, dug around, and found the following….

    “Having stumbled across an interview with Greta Thunberg’s captain of the sailing vessel that brought her across to New York, I was very surprised at what he said. He was flying back to Europe from New York and 3 others were flying from Europe to New York to sail the vessel back. So that is four flights to save her one flight. Obviously a PR stunt. But it got me curious as to who the heck was paying for these flights? This is a quick synopsis of what I found out. 1. She is backed by a number of Swedish/Swiss venture/vulture capital funds focused to investing in green technologies which are struggling to find companies to invest in. Most of these companies require initial government funding. The funds are owned by executives from a Swiss/Swedish industrial corporation with annual revenues of 27 billion dollars. You see their offices around Calgary as they are suppliers to the oilfield service industry as well as many others. Clearly this is a ploy to get government grants/ funding for these entities so that the venture capital funds can then invest and make a bunch of money. 2. She was chosen from a number of young Swedish girls to represent their interests, trained and given information to start espousing because of course she has no scientific expertise herself. They wanted a female child as their symbol. She was the perfect spokesperson. 3. A powerhouse marketing firm out of Germany was hired to design and implement a marketing strategy for her to gain worldwide attention. They did and it worked. She gained worldwide attention and addressed the UN. The 500 scientists, from around the world, who sent a letter to the UN did not gain an audience. 4. She slammed my generation and generations previously. We stole her childhood. A script written for her by the German marketing firm. Her childhood is like it is because of the sacrifice of a previous generation, many of whom lie buried in fields in Europe. 5. She then gets used again by Canadian political leaders for photo op’s. Shame on our political leaders. The fact that she got face to face time with Trudeau should be abhorrent to Canadians. 6. She leads a school protest march in Canada, where again photo op greedy politicians, take part. Her ability to protest rests solely with the sacrifice of other generations, including Edith Cavell, whom she chastises. This is what I found out. If anyone finds facts disputing this I am all ears. I might add, I am not against the concept of cleaning up the atmosphere: I am against the marketing methods used to promote industrial interests and lies for the sake of profit.


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