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Two good reasons to vote differently

Two good reasons to vote differently

Story one: Senior ALP figures are disturbed that a Chinese-born Sydney man with high-level links to a pro-Beijing lobby group not only works for rising NSW Labor star Chris Minns as a political staffer but also runs a Chinese export business with Mr Minns’s wife.

Story two: The furore over Chinese donations has erupted in Federal Parliament after the Foreign Minister denied knowing a Chinese donor had set up a company called the “Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation”.

Leader of the House Christopher Pyne gave Labor a spray in Question Time yesterday with a litany of connections to Chinese donations. Labor shot back with a list of similar deeds against the Coalition. The digging will get deeper as both parties have dirt on their hands. This is the state of the nation we must accept? Even the dullest of wit must soon conclude that neither are worthy of a single vote! The following might help the rusted on.

Source: News Corp

NSW Labor rising star’s wife, pro-Beijing staffer in China venture

James Zhou is employed full-time by Mr Minns, the state Labor frontbencher and member for Kogarah who was first elected in 2015. Supporters rate him a future party leader.

Since January last year Mr Zhou has concurrently served as a director of NoBorders Trading, a company that helps others sell Australian goods in China. The business is based in Mr Minns’s electorate and headed by his wife, Anna.

The Labor hierarchy in NSW has become increasingly worried about reports of China’s “soft power” influence in Australian politics, and how their party’s state branch is perceived as connected, more than any other, to local groups aligned with the Chinese Communist Party.

Mr Zhou, an Australian citizen, is executive vice-president of the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification in China, a group that supports Taiwan becoming part of the communist-controlled mainland but most controversially backs Beijing’s ­territorial claims on the South China Sea.

The president of the ACPPRC is Xiangmo Huang, a Chinese citizen and billionaire property developer who, while donating large sums to both Labor and the ­Coalition since arriving in 2012, appears close to the ALP in NSW.

NSW ALP figures are most alarmed by comments such as those of independent Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie, who said after an ABC-Fairfax four corners ­report last week that “China has bought the NSW Labor Party”.

Mr Minns yesterday confirmed his wife was managing director of NoBorders, which she started with Mr Zhou and several others.

He dismissed any suggestion Mr Zhou’s NoBorders directorship was inappropriate for a political staffer he employed, or could be seen as a conflict of interest.

Anna Minns is said to run NoBorders full-time with director “Rick” Bi Jiang, a friend of Mr Zhou, who conceived the business idea with him. Another director is Brent Thomas, a Sydney solicitor and unsuccessful ALP candidate for the federal seat of Hughes.

Mr Minns told The Australian his wife had a record of managing businesses and was entitled to run NoBorders. “She has worked hard to help Australian businesses ­export their products to the Chinese market,” he said. “James Zhou has been transparent about his involvement with NoBorders Trading and the ACPPRC.”

Mr Minns said he was not personally involved with NoBorders, and the company had no contact with the Chinese government or the CCP. He believed NoBorders had never made party donations.

Mr Zhou told The Australian he could not speak about NoBorders because it was inconvenient, and he could not talk about other matters while working for Mr Minns.

Mr Minns was first introduced to Mr Zhou before the 2015 state election, after Mr Zhou had helped former federal MP Daryl Melham.

In his maiden speech to parliament, Mr Minns singled out “the wonderful James Zhou” for his dedicated work.

The MP also acknowledged Mr Thomas; senator Sam Dastyari, whose political career stalled last year over his links to Chinese political interests; federal Labor Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen, who travelled on a China-funded trip with Mr Minns last year; and Ian McNamara, a Minns friend and staffer in Bill Shorten’s office.

Another thanked was Ernest Wong, the NSW upper house Labor MP who replaced Eric Roozendaal when he abruptly quit politics in 2013. Mr Wong is close to Mr Huang. Mr Roozendaal joined Mr Huang’s North Sydney-based Yuhu Group as deputy chairman and chief executive after vacating his seat.


Source: ABC

Julie Bishop denies knowledge of Chinese donor setting up company bearing her name

Labor backbencher Matt Keogh questioned Ms Bishop about Chinese mining magnate Sally Zou setting up the foundation.

“Does the Minister seriously expect the house to believe a Liberal donor who she knows well set up a company in the Minister’s name, the Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation, but never raised it with her on the many occasions that they met?” Mr Keogh asked.

Ms Bishop insisted she had never heard of such a foundation until the matter was raised with her a week ago by the media.

“I say that in the solemnity of this Parliament, I have never heard of such a foundation,” Ms Bishop said.

She said all Liberal donations were declared in accordance with the electoral commission rules.

The question came immediately after Ms Bishop had launched an attack on Labor’s agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon.

Power and influence

An ASIO investigation sparks fears the Chinese Communist Party may be influencing the Australian political system as questions are raised over foreign political donations.

She told Parliament of a media report yesterday which said that when Mr Fitzgibbon was defence minister he “had a benefactor with alleged close links to a foreign intelligence service”.

“And it was also revealed that the Department of Defence had grave concerns about the minister for defence and the nature of his relationship with this benefactor and the connection with a foreign intelligence service,” Ms Bishop said.

She said Opposition Leader Bill Shorten should have demanded a security briefing about the allegations “of targeting a senior member of his leadership team by a foreign intelligence service”.

Ms Bishop said Mr Shorten’s failure to seek a briefing meant he was personally compromised on national security.

She said Labor raised the “Julie Bishop Glorious Foundation” question because it had not investigatedallegations against Senator Sam Dastyari and Mr Fitzgibbon.

“I can stand here and be proud of my record — Labor is covered in shame,” Ms Bishop said.

Look back on the day’s political developments in our blog.

Labor benefited from ‘dodgy gold deals’: Morrison

Here’s what happened when the Government raised questions about Sam Dastyari’s links to Beijing and a history of accepting Chinese money.

Treasurer Scott Morrison then told Parliament about reports Chinese businessman and ALP member Simon Zhou had donated up to $140,000 “from dodgy gold deals into the coffers of the Labor Party”.

“He was recruited to join the senate ticket with Sam Dastyari — Shanghai Sam,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Zhou was not elected.

Mr Morrison called on Labor to set the $140,000 aside in a fund that could be accessed by the Tax Office “as a result of their investigations into this gold fraud”.

“Or is the Leader of the Opposition going to hang on to Labor’s ill-gotten gains?” he asked.

The barrage of allegations continued with Labor again asking about the former trade minister Andrew Robb taking a high-paying job with Chinese company Landbridge, but the question was ruled out of order.

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  • Pensioner Pete 15/06/2017, 6:46 am

    The time has now come for entering into negotiations with France so we, the people, may acquire all the guillotines which were mothballed after the French revolution, and put these apparatuses to good use in Australia. I can see ‘Jobs n Growth’ created immediately, the maintainers of the the Guillotines, the operators, the head in basket collection people, etc., etc. This noble work will no doubt continue for a good while until we, the people, have completely eradicated the treasonous garbage which currently occupies our parliaments, both state and federal.

    • Zoltan 15/06/2017, 7:22 am

      Great idea Pete, and the ladies knitting in the front row of the audience will be most welcome as we seem to be having a winter this year, I could do with a new jumper.
      Mind you, I think Mme Tussaud has retrained and uses wax strips these days.

      • Spinbuster 15/06/2017, 4:05 pm

        I doubt they will be knitting Z.
        I suspect there will be a lot of texting and exchange of selfies with severed head.

  • Bushranger71 15/06/2017, 7:28 am

    The Sydney CBD has been largely owned and controlled by affluent and influential Chinese for decades and they have never been backwards in flexing their muscles politically to achieve goals, regardless of which political party has been in power.

    There is absolutely no point in considering voting for minor parties as an alternative Ed., as they are also a shambles and unlikely to achieve anything worthwhile for the nation.

    Alas; the only reasonable option for people is to express their disgust by voting informal.

    • Bushkid 15/06/2017, 8:10 am

      If enough people vote for strong minor parties, we can possibly hold the balance of power or, in a hung parliament, form a coalition that holds the whip hand over a recalcitrant major – just as the greens did over gillard. If nothing else, we can give the majors pause for thought if we take enough of their votes. The last federal election was a pretty good indicator of that. It’s only turnbull’s literal buying of the liberals that has them toeing his line at all, they’re too scared to do anything else. Good to see a few of the back bench actually standing their ground over the ludicrous Finkel bulldust “report” that the big M commissioned to shore up his desires to inflict a carbon tax on us.

      • Pensioner Pete 15/06/2017, 8:49 am

        Bushkid and MM Ed. I am in complete agreement, being cast our vote for the so called minor parties, the likes of One Nation and the ALA spring to mind. The ONLY to effectively bring about change, is to dis-empower the major parties by way of the minor parties holding at least the balance of power in all houses of parliament, something the major parties so vigorously tell us will cause mayhem. Mayhem for the major parties perhaps, but a big chunk of democracy for the people is certain. No change can happen unless there is change.

    • MM Ed 15/06/2017, 8:21 am

      Libs and Lab each pocketed about $25 million in electoral funding at the last election. Our money. A mass refusal to vote would nearly break them. But that’s wishful thinking. I agree with Bushkid. Another party in opposition would see one of the majors down at Centrelink—a huge shock. They will NEVER mend their ways now. They lie about reform and then business as usual. Do not vote for the bastards no matter what. They believe we will.give them another chance. We would be utter suckers!

  • Tim Janes 15/06/2017, 8:39 am

    Julie Bishop has got sucked into Globalisations ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. She seems unsble to see that it will lead to totalitarian enslavement and complete corruption leading to anarchy and the loss of civilisation. Sovereign nation states in cooperation is the philosophy to maintain.

    • Graham 15/06/2017, 2:52 pm

      Yes but Tim think of all the cocktail parties she could attend and look glorious!

  • Topsy 15/06/2017, 8:43 am

    Neither party is worthy of a single vote – YES! So, if such a thing were possible, which is down to the number of people ill informed, not interested or too dumb to care about politics, we would all just not vote at all. Imagine the jolt that would give the useless rubbish in Canberra.

  • Lorraine 15/06/2017, 8:43 am

    when one practices to deceive . Hate the China money , hate the Finkel report. hate the 42 % target, they do think we are stupid. step up to the plate Tony Abbott ,Cory Bernardi and PHON……

  • seadogger 15/06/2017, 9:03 am

    Me thinks it is time the Turd went for a swim at Cheviot Beach

    • Topsy 15/06/2017, 9:20 am

      With his crafty luck he would just float to the surface and cause an enormous stink by fouling the waters of Cheviot Beach like everything else he fouls.

      • Joe Blogs 15/06/2017, 1:56 pm

        His new nickname, “The Point Piper Cigar”, could easily be changed to “The Cheviot Beach Cigar” – or “The Poly Waffle Pollie”.

  • Joe Blogs 15/06/2017, 9:25 am

    Well now we know whou’s Zou in the Zhou, and whou Ho Chi Minns is.

    Anyhou, the “Jhoulie Bishop Garrulous Foundation” sounds like a “worthy Oriental gentleman’s” cause.

  • Spinbuster 15/06/2017, 12:24 pm

    Forget about policy ..We want some real news!!!

    Pauline Hanson’s thigh-high split dress to Midwinter Ball becomes hot topic on Sunrise


    • Joe Blogs 15/06/2017, 6:56 pm

      Good God.

      • Spinbuster 16/06/2017, 4:56 am

        Ha Ha..got that.

  • luk1955 16/06/2017, 9:38 am

    I make my case. Politics leads to a complete abandonment of morals, ethics, and honesty for those involved in “politics”. The system no longer responds to the electorate, only to the corrupt elite who work for politicians.

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