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Turnbull’s faecal touch

Turnbull’s faecal touch: a compendium of scatology

Australia leads the way again—headlong into hardship.

Proving to be the worst and most dangerous political leader in Australia’s history Malcolm Turnbull is cementing his mantle as the man with the faecal touch. The Liberal Party now “owned” by Turnbull has been destroyed and now the National Party is also reeling under the grubby hands of the PM with his rush to legislate law for Australia to comply with the Paris accord. No other country has sold out its sovereignty in this matter and manner. Turnbull must go ASAP before the total lie of cheaper electricity prices bites even harder on suffering Australians. Better do all you can to stop this delusional man who would be king of the UN!

Federal government ministers are coming under pressure from ­colleagues to resign over the nat­ional energy guarantee in a ­counter-campaign by rebel backbenchers that risks further eroding Malcolm Turnbull’s authority as his attempts to win the support of wavering Coalition MPs ­appeared to be failing.

Source: News Corp

Rebels urge ministers to quit over national energy guarantee plan

As the Prime Minister held a second round of crisis talks late yesterday with four of the 10 MPs who have reserved their right to cross the floor, senior government sources told The Australian that Keith Pitt — Assistant Minister to Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack — was considering resigning from the frontbench over his opposition to the NEG.

Demands by the rebel MPs, including Barnaby Joyce, to include a price guarantee in addition to the NEG were all but killed off yesterday by Scott Morrison.

The Treasurer said introducing a price target was inconsistent with “Liberal values” and warned colleagues against destabilising the government.

“We want cheaper electricity prices and the NEG delivers cheaper electricity prices,” he said.

“In fact, it is the only policy out there — the only one — that is ­actually in a position to say it can deliver on that. So those who don’t wish to support it, they are voting for instability and higher electricity prices.”

Senior government sources last night effectively conceded that the Coalition would require Bill Shorten’s support to get the NEG passed in both houses. The legislation is due to be introduced before a Tuesday decision by the Labor caucus on whether the ­opposition will support it.

An internal push to kill off the government’s energy policy by exploiting concerns held by some members of the frontbench last night appeared to be gathering momentum, raising the risk of the Prime Minister’s authority being weakened.

The Australian was told frontbenchers known to be opposed to the NEG but bound by the ministerial code to vote with the government were under pressure to step down and cross the floor in support of rebel MPs, including Tony Abbott, Andrew Hastie, Kevin Andrews, Eric Abetz and Barry O’Sullivan.

Coalition MPs told The Australian Mr Pitt was considering stepping down from his frontbench position so he could oppose the NEG. Mr Pitt did not respond to requests for comment and declined to deny suggestions from colleagues that he was considering his position.

The Queensland MP was one of the key Nationals pushing for an addition to the NEG to ensure greater investment in baseload power generation, including the creation of a $5 billion fund to help build at least three new power stations under a “government-owned company model” to keep the costs off the budget books.

The proposed fund, which the government has not adopted, was supposed to have been canvassed between Mr McCormack and Mr Turnbull.

Some Nationals MPs say Mr McCormack did not make a strong enough case for the proposal.

Mr Pitt was one of Mr McCormack’s key supporters during the political crisis triggered by Barnaby Joyce’s affair with a former staffer. He was returned to the frontbench by Mr McCormack in March after being dumped as an assistant minister by Mr Joyce in December.

The Australian understands the MPs who met Mr Turnbull late yesterday were Mr Joyce, South Australian Liberal MP Tony Pasin, NSW Nationals MP Andrew Gee and LNP MP George Christensen.

They had believed the meeting was a follow-up to crisis talks held the previous day following the ­Coalition partyroom meeting to approve the NEG, but one member of the group said they left convinced there was no prospect of agreement.

One member of the group said they had been told in the meeting that the bill would be brought in this morning. The Prime Minister’s Office denied this.

While price guarantees were cited as the main concern for several rebel MPs, others are opposed to the legislation itself as it was based entirely around enshrining in law the commitment to meet the Paris target of reducing emissions by 26 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

Mr Joyce said he believed Australia should withdraw from the Paris Agreement but doubted Mr Turnbull would break the inter­national accord. He denied claims the Paris Agreement had become a “proxy” for Mr Abbott’s leadership ambitions, saying the issue of rising energy prices was “bigger than the aspirations of one person for leadership”.

“We’re not trying to promote or demote anyone’s career here,” he said. “We’re trying to bring down energy prices — that’s the central and core issue.”

Open hostility has marked the internal debate, with Mr ­Turnbull and Mr Abbott reported to have clashed during a backbench committee meeting on Monday night.

When Mr Abbott attempted to interrupt Mr Turnbull during a presentation, he drew a sharp response from the Prime Minister, who is understood to have said: “Could you please do me the courtesy of allowing me to finish my sentence.”

Colleagues of Mr Abbott said the former prime minister responded with a retort heard by up to 10 MPs: “I would have, if you had allowed me the courtesy of finishing my term.”

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has told colleagues he accepts that the prospect of success on having the NEG bill passed is “tenuous”. Senior government sources confirmed that they expected the Andrews government to stall on the NEG until after the state election in November.

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  • TommyGun 16/08/2018, 5:02 am

    When Mr Abbott attempted to interrupt Mr Turnbull during a presentation, he drew a sharp response from the Prime Minister, who is understood to have said: “Could you please do me the courtesy of allowing me to finish my sentence.”

    Colleagues of Mr Abbott said the former prime minister responded with a retort heard by up to 10 MPs: “I would have, if you had allowed me the courtesy of finishing my term.”

    If true; that’s pure gold.

    • luk1955 16/08/2018, 6:54 am


    • DT 16/08/2018, 7:25 am

      Remember that when Union Labor dumped Chairman Mal’s colleague and fellow ETS plotter Kevin07 Mal was outraged and he delivered a speech criticising them and saying that to dump a leader, a PM during his first term in office was not right.

      He also stopped believing in polls when he stopped Tony Abbot from finishing his first term in office.


    • Margaret 16/08/2018, 8:03 am

      Touché. Well said Mr Abbott.

      Keep going Liberals and Nationals who oppose the NEG. Millions of Australians support you. We are not fools.We do not want the NEG, ETS or any other euphemism for a carbon tax in any shape or form. Any Liberal or National MP or Senator supporting the NEG will be placed last on my ballot paper.

    • Maryanne 16/08/2018, 8:56 am

      Ouch. I bet that stung.

  • Pensioner Pete 16/08/2018, 6:05 am

    PP: Reckons perhaps the letters/emails/telephone contact MM’ers and others to their parliamentary representatives may have had some positive effect given the current situation, rock on baby. This NEG must die before it reaches the finishing post, just like any and all of the horses I have ever backed in the past.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 16/08/2018, 9:21 am

      Strange you should say that about horses PP for my old man was absolutely dead set certain that any horse he backed was infallible until it lost, and they all did. He had a win/lose once with a bet he placed with a SP bookie, someone who was there in the pub that arvo said it was $1200 but I could never be sure for some low bastard followed him home, belted him over the head with a lump of 4X2 and the old bloke died and the money was gone.

  • Ian 16/08/2018, 7:18 am

    It astounds me how anyone in parliament could think that prices will come down as subsidies not only remain but are mandated to increase, nearly double. If you force more subsidies into the market, then someone has to pay more.
    I’d be asking who that someone is going to be. Domestic consumer bills are to drop by $550, so it’s not them, (unless MT is lying). If it’s retail to pay, then expect shop prices to go up, if it’s industry, expect continued flat wages growth, cancelled expansions, business closures and unemployment.
    So who in the MSM are going to put this to MT? Who is going to pay for this green policy?

    • Penguinite 16/08/2018, 8:38 am

      The problem is Ian, that they toss around these phrases with GAY abandon without qualifying them. $550 cheaper than what? What they are now or what they might have been without NEG. We just can’t believe them. The chances are that the clowns spruiking this crap won’t be around to justify comments made today when they don’t come to fruition in the future. And what’s worse is they don’t care!

    • angry 16/08/2018, 8:48 am

      It is not possible that electricity prices will drop when this NEG will require increased percentages of more expensive and unreliable wind/solar to be used.


      NO CARBON TAX !!!!!!!!

  • angry 16/08/2018, 8:43 am

    Time for the NO CARBON TAX RALLIES to recomence !!!



    • Lorraine 16/08/2018, 9:38 am

      sorry angry they just do not listen. Me thinks they are so highly educated that the common man is just that, to common to have a say, they are the bogans living in voter land, only needed every 3 years to pay for my lunch. Curse upon curse on them that they have any rights to a say

  • angry 16/08/2018, 11:50 am

    Climate Wars back in Australia: Both parties pander to zealots, ideologues and renewables industry


  • JG 16/08/2018, 12:52 pm

    THe Climate Change educators have taken over the schools and Uni. The city votes, where most of the seats are, just follow the media, especially taxpayer funded ABC, Green and ALP chant of the religious Chimate Change scam.
    Turncoat, a wanta be ALP minister, does not care along with the Greens/ALP/Unions what damage is done to Australia or its people. Cutting our noses off to spite our face.
    Turncoat is out to destroy the LNP and hand government to that slime Bull Shitten and his bunch of Union bosses.

  • flav1945 16/08/2018, 1:26 pm

    Apart from the ten sensible members in the party room, the rest of them are simply
    gutless traitors to the Australian people. They should all be turfed out at the next
    election and this stupid country rightfully subjected to a long period of Labor/Greens
    disastrous mismanagement and corruption. Hopefully we will all live long enough to
    see an Andrew Hastie led conservative resurgence (and victory) late in the next decade.
    Turnbull will only ever be remembered as one of the three worst PMs in Australia’s history.

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