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 Turnbull’s book discounted and poor little Greta

27.03.20. Greta Thunberg said that while self-isolating after recent travels in Europe she probably came down with COVID-19, and urged other young people to stay at home too if even just a little unwell, to help stop the coronavirus. Thunberg said on Instagram she had now recovered from symptoms milder than her latest cold, and may not have the suspected COVID-19 had it not been for her father, who had travelled with her, developing more severe symptoms.
Greta quite clearly has “the old relevance deprivation virus,” after being completely pushed aside by the pandemic says Sky News host Rowan Dean. Mr Dean told host Andrew Bolt. Ms Thunberg has “met her match in coronavirus” because she was the “great profit of doom, and profits of doom can’t have a different doomsday”.

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  • Biking Voter 27/03/2020, 8:37 am

    “profits of doom??” As far as I can see the only ones profiting are the Chinese.

  • Lorraine 27/03/2020, 9:38 am

    Yes it is indeed a different place when the luvvies have given up sprouting the Climate Change disaster and we will all die in 12 years time, The COVID-19 can kill us now and in a few days.

  • Penguinite 27/03/2020, 9:42 am

    He’ll be giving his books away for free soon. The paper used to print this useless tome on is, apparently, quite absorbent as opposed to the text which is slippery and deceptive.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 27/03/2020, 11:34 am

      The local Vinnies, my bespoke tailors, chandlers, librarians and vendors of fine crockery and cutlery, had a bunch of Hawkes’ memoirs so I bought the lot and soaked them in buckets of water for a few days and then placed them reverently in the garbage bin, turnbulls will get the same treatment even if he pays me to accept one.

  • Aktosplatz 27/03/2020, 11:51 am

    That Andrew Bolt show with Rowan Dean was hilarious! Turnbull’s book should be relabelled, “English for Five Year Olds” in order to sell more copies

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