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The Turnbull octopus at work

The Turnbull octopus at work

The tentacles are long but flawed by ‘suckholes.’

The extreme hatred from our deposed politicos is something to behold. When Abbott rolled Turnbull for leadership, Malcolm’s bitterness caused him to go as far away as London to talk and undermine Abbott with pure twaddle charming the London School of Economics—a Marxist stronghold. Turnbull plots and stabs PM Abbott in the night aided by his suckhole Lefties—becomes PM. Peter Dutton challenges the Waffler, the man born to be king—that stabbed Peter King for Wentworth. And now, from the other side of the world again, humiliated by his loss, intent on revenge, he pulls a stunt to hit Dutton. It’s over Malcolm—for god’s sake go away!

Malcolm Turnbull has been telling “colleagues”, including incumbent PM Scott Morrison, that they should vote to refer Peter Dutton to the High Court to test his eligibility to sit in parliament.

Source: News Corp

Turnbull has been telling colleagues to refer Peter Dutton

Mr Turnbull is currently in New York with his wife Lucy after a messy leadership spill spearheaded by the Home Affairs Minister saw them both lose the top job to Mr Morrison.

A cloud has been over Mr Dutton’s eligibility due to his his family’s ­financial interests in two Brisbane childcare centres that received $5.6 million in taxpayer-funded rebates over the past eight years.

Under section 44(v) of the Constitution, a person who has a direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the federal public service cannot be elected or sit in the House of Representatives.

Mr Dutton’s interests in the childcare centres came to light after his first tilt at the leadership. Malcolm Turnbull asked Attorney-General Christian Porter to call on the Solicitor-­General Stephen Donaghue QC to investigate.

Dr Donaghue could not conclusively find Mr Dutton was eligible to sit in federal parliament.

Labor have indicated they would try to leverage a majority in the House of Representatives in order to refer Mr Dutton to the High Court.

Mr Turnbull said on Twitter early this morning that he had told Mr Morrison and “other colleagues” that Mr Dutton should be referred to clarify the issue of his eligibility after Fairfax reported that he had been texting Coalition MPs on the matter.


The point I have made to @ScottMorrisonMP and other colleagues is that given the uncertainty around Peter Dutton’s eligibility, acknowledged by the Solicitor General, he should be referred to the High Court, as Barnaby was, to clarify the matter. 12:06 AM – Sep 13, 2018

Mr Dutton’s links to the childcare centres are through a family trust that receives income from them, and through his wife Kir­i­l­ly’s direct role as the owner of a company that runs the centres.

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  • Pensioner Pete 13/09/2018, 5:56 am

    The more attacks there are upon Peter Dutton, the more certain I am, Peter Dutton is the man for the Prime Ministership when the opportunity rises. I have never seen such an onslaught upon an elected Member of Parliament (other than Pauline Hanson), in an endeavour to crush them politically. Pauline Hanson, now tempered like high quality steel, survived, as will Peter Dutton survive.

    • Aktosplatz 13/09/2018, 6:36 am

      Agreed, PP. Turnbull has just told us all who the best liberal PM would be.

    • Xword 13/09/2018, 8:00 am

      Fighting a two-front war from Labor in Canberra and GetUp/child care union in Dickson, Dutton has finally got some good news with Tin Ear Turnip joining his antagonists.

  • DT 13/09/2018, 5:58 am

    What about The Mansion Family business interests including Mrs Mansion sitting on various boards when her husband was a cabinet minister, opposition leader and then prime minister?

    What about Keshik Capital Pte of Singapore and investment in Infrigen Energy unreliable industry? What about prescription drug company investments “Big Pharma” etc etc etc?

    What a rotten person.

  • Aktosplatz 13/09/2018, 6:34 am

    Just like John Hewson again. Both Turnbull and Hewson are rotten, spiteful bastards.

    Mind you, we all knew that.

    Except the Liberal Party.

    • DT 13/09/2018, 7:18 am

      After I read through the stopturnbull.com history timeline I remain amazed that the Liberal Party was fooled and allowed him to proceed to take over and install his own people in influential positions.

      Of all the worrying information one leapt out at me: his plan to get rid of the National Party (Country as it was when his plan was created) and conservative Liberals and then merge with Labor to form a single government party with no serious opposition.

      Fits right into the new world order globalism agenda, a Goldman Sachs business plan.

    • Lorraine 13/09/2018, 7:19 am

      Yes we did know that, and proof is now that Dutton is the man to be PM we the voters have to keep him there as he is being attacked by Labor Getup and the Unions, and his own Liberals, they are, a mangy lot

  • Bushkid 13/09/2018, 7:20 am

    Over at the Oz, the comments on this story are 99.99% scathing of Turncoat.

    What a vile, putrid person he is! If he wants to totally trash his reputation (difficult, as it’s already pretty-well in the sh*tter), then he’s going about it the right way.

    Now that he’s had his “prize” taken away from him, he’s thrashing around like a two year old, scheming like a high school queen bee bitch, and doing everything but acting like a former PM or statesman. We knew he never was a statesman, but this is a new low, dog act. (Sorry, dogs, it’s just a saying.) Maybe someone could draw a cartoon of him doing a Serena Williams.

    • Jarrah 13/09/2018, 7:42 am

      My dog, Ruby, is not very happy with you at the moment, Bushkid !!

  • Jarrah 13/09/2018, 7:25 am

    Turnbull may have money but he is lacking class, his behaviour is that of someone who is as common as muck. I hope he gets his payback in spades. What has happened with the Senate committee looking into the corrupt 444 million grant to save the Barrier reef? Politically this country is as corrupt as a nation led by despots, it makes me sick that we are being shafted daily. Go away Turnbull, you are nothing but a destroyer.

    • DT 13/09/2018, 8:22 am

      His son was right: he fought stupid and stupid won.

      So I ask what does that say about Mansion and lack of judgement?

  • Henry 13/09/2018, 7:44 am

    Perhaps we should wait for his autobiography, I believe it is being written now with the tentative title, “How the Lion of Australia was brought down by jackals.”

    It will all be explained.

    And we will be asked to apologise for our remarks.

    • DT 13/09/2018, 8:22 am

      The mouse that roared?

  • ibbt 13/09/2018, 8:25 am

    Turnbull is the scum of the earth and Australia should hang its head in shame that he became what he did. We should also punish, not reward, the co-back-stabbers on the back bench who assisted Turnbull in his intent.
    I wonder what sort of place Australia would now be if Abbott had been left alone? Better, without doubt as the good results being claimed by the Government now and just deposed were the work of Abbott, not the shafters.
    Current carrying on with regard to Wentworth pre-selection and a possibly mediocre candidate, I can’t help but think, is the death of the Liberal Party and the ongoing ruination of Australia with Labor waiting and salivating in the wings.

  • Eliza 13/09/2018, 9:05 am

    Australia’s version of the billary and obumma.

  • normh 13/09/2018, 9:19 am

    What a dirty little scumbag, let’s hope he stays in the States and Trump treats as such.

  • Albert 13/09/2018, 9:23 am

    There are not enough appropriate words to describe what a despicable coward Turnbull is. Hiding in his ‘safe space’ half a world away because he hasn’t got the backbone to look Dutton in the eye as he drives the knife in yet again. It is to this countries eternal shame that we had that disgusting invertebrate as our PM.

    • Cliff 13/09/2018, 4:10 pm

      Don’t hold back, Albert. This is an open forum. Tell us what you really think.

      (I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments.)

  • Jack Richards 13/09/2018, 9:47 am

    What a slime-ball Turnbull is. Hell hath no fury like a Turnbull scorned.

    He’ll try every trick in the book, ring every sleaze he knows, to get back at Dutton.

  • Margaret 13/09/2018, 10:47 am

    Dutton was eligible to be the Minister for Home Affairs under a Turnbull prime ministership but now suddenly Dutton is ineligible? How does Turnbull justify this?

  • flav1945 13/09/2018, 12:00 pm

    THE HONOURABLE MALCOLM TURNBULL … is a dishonourable prick !!!
    May his name be etched in infamy for all time.

  • Clarion Call 13/09/2018, 12:09 pm

    Flatface won’t rest until he buries the bodies of Dutton, Abbott and other back stabbers who committed the unpardonable sin of ‘Brutus Insertis’ on his Eminence. His vengeance has no limits and expect the most horrible of horrible payback attacks seen in recent times. I hope the two Conservative front runners have plenty of life insurance in place for the time when that really big bus comes hurtling their way. With one of flatface’s cohorts at the wheel.

    • Cliff 13/09/2018, 4:13 pm

      …and oh, how the EhBC will hasten with unbridled alacrity to provide him with any and every launching pad for any weapon he wishes to launch.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 13/09/2018, 1:24 pm

    Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, and those of us who are slightly conservative if tested by an impartial observer, mr. turnbull is overseas, mr. turnbull is giving Peter Dutton heaps, Peter Dutton is the minister for immigration and all sorts of things, mr. turnbull will eventually want to come back. What would mr. turnbulls chances be of getting in unscathed were one of us in Mr. Dutton’s position? He must be on the nose with the lads in the Oz too for I made a comment that I had found extra space on the bull bar of our FWD and also found room for an extra bottle of recycled single malt for the funeral, and they published it.

  • Aktosplatz 13/09/2018, 4:05 pm

    I see the Stick Insect has said she would support a Parliamentary motion to get Peter Dutton referred to the High Court.

    What a putrid mess the Liberal Party is.

  • Graham Richards 13/09/2018, 4:09 pm

    When Abbott was PM I can clearly remember when Turnbull was appointed to the ministry I commented not once but many, many times that he should be wary of the Waffler & preferably get rid of him.

    I see it all happening again, this time be careful of Bishop, Freydenburg & Hunt. Professional termites, they have probably already in cahoots to dump Morrison. Be warned Mr PM! This may also end in tears for the electorate.

  • Lorraine 13/09/2018, 6:24 pm

    THE very worse PM Turnbull , who would have thought a LiBeral could beat Julia Gillard for such an honour. But Malcolm Turnbull has taken 1st prize,

  • Aktosplatz 13/09/2018, 10:02 pm


    Anyone ask why he was such a stupid prick for getting Turnbull to stay in politics?

    He owes Tony Abbott and the rest of us an apology.

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