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Turnbull: the Messiah returns

Turnbull: the Mess-iah returns

First thought about the Messiah’s rising from the political dead was, I wonder if he will record his Q&A performance for future viewing? Then, remembering the waffler’s mountainous ego, of course he would—a hundred copies for his friends—ten for the brown-noser Craig Laundry. Malcolm should have taken his own advice which was to retire from politics gracefully—preserve some modicum of dignity, but his legendary “Tin-Ear” filed him right to the end. “The end”, you say? There will be no end with people like Turnbull! Fairfax was rather tame over Mal’s performance.

Malcolm Turnbull was removed as prime minister partly because his own tactics backfired and because MPs felt they would fare better at the looming election with a different leader, Liberal MP Craig Kelly has said. Responding to Mr Turnbull’s solo appearance on the ABC’s Q&A program, in which the former prime minister demanded cabinet ministers who backed the coup explain their actions, Mr Kelly said Mr Turnbull was partly to blame for his own demise.

Source: Fairfax Media

‘He wouldn’t be grateful if we did’: Liberals hit out at Malcolm Turnbull’s demands to explain the coup

“The answer is simple, when he took over from Tony Abbott, he set himself a KPI of 30 Newspoll losses, he had those and more,” Mr Kelly told the ABC’s Stan Grant.

“We were getting close to six months of the next election, and many of my colleagues, especially those colleagues in Queensland, thought that we would stand a better chance at this coming election with a change of prime minister,” he said, citing the LNP’s disastrous performance in the Longman byelection.

Mr Turnbull cited internal party polling and said the government was performing at its best since the 2016 election and stood a comfortable chance of winning again in 2019.

But Mr Kelly said that if Mr Turnbull had not called on a surprise leadership ballot on the Tuesday he would most likely still be leader.

Another MP behind the leaderhsip change said Mr Turnbull should be careful what he wishes for in demanding the reasons for his removal be aired. “He wouldn’t be grateful if we did,” the MP told Fairfax Media.

Mr Turnbull was asked if his own actions, in launching a coup against Tony Abbott in 2015 meant his removal was just and fair. The former prime minister said that when he had challenged Mr Abbott he had laid out his reasons for doing so.

But former Liberal MP Bob Baldwin said Mr Turnbull’s demise was authored long before 2015.

“It all started with Malcom in 2007,” he wrote on Twitter.

“He needs to accept that he is the master of his own destiny. He went to undermine Nelson, then Abbott. It’s actually not about him, it’s about the people and the party,” he added.

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  • Penguinite 09/11/2018, 6:24 am

    He certainly created a “MESS” so may be that justifies the heading. He is more of a Miscreant. The sad thing is that he’s unable to acknowledge any wrongdoing. A messiah complex or a complex messiah? CM is a state of mind in which an individual holds a belief that they are destined to become a savior. That bit is certainly apt!

  • crankykoala 09/11/2018, 7:59 am

    Craig Kelly has spoken up, now is the time for Dutton and all the others the Turd named to speak up and stop this “Messiah” from rising above the height of the gutter in which he resides.

    • Bushkid 09/11/2018, 9:57 am

      True, those the pathetic mongrel named as “crazy” must now stand up for themselves and the government and declare loud and long the extensive list of reasons why turncoat had to go, how he was ruining the party, the country.

      If they don’t stand up now, they might as well quite Parliament right now and bring on that election we know is coming, just get it over with – win or lose. But they have to get up and speak up. Letting turncoat get away with this smearing and bulls*t would be unacceptable.

  • Lorraine 09/11/2018, 8:10 am

    All the sentences that Turnbull will throw at one and all, who cares we did not believe him when he was PM and we sure as hell care not now

  • Aktosplatz 09/11/2018, 9:28 am

    That Q & A spray by Turnbull is a godsend to the Liberals. He’s done his worst now, in fact Wentworth was his worst.

    If the Liberals want to win the next election, they should ignore Turnbull, refuse to go on shows like Q & A, bring back the Conservative base into Cabinet and knuckle down and prepare a good strategy.

    They could start with that splendid list MUPHIN drew up recently.

    If they want to win the election, that is.

    • Bushkid 09/11/2018, 9:53 am

      Spot on.

      The Libs have to get on with standing up for the Australian people. They have to boldly differentiate themselves from the ALP/greenscum. Dump the UN, cut immigration and then control it better, abolish all the useless quangos (AHRC etc) and cut public service numbers, rein in the budget, get people standing on their own two feet again instead of being so dependant on government handouts, abolish all the destructive CAGW pandering rubbish like the LRET, RET, NEG, NEM etc.

      Let’s get our poor benighted country back to work and back on a decent and prosperous track again!

  • Bushkid 09/11/2018, 9:47 am

    “Mr Turnbull cited internal party polling and said the government was performing at its best since the 2016 election and stood a comfortable chance of winning again in 2019.”

    It wouldn’t have take much for the Turnbull government to be performing better than it did at the 2016 election!

    FYI Turnbull, that was the election that YOU all but lost – after Abbott had such a resounding victory in 2013. You saw your chances of ever leading the coalition and becoming PM slipping away, so you deposed Abbott, the man who DID win and win big, just to fulfil you own overweening ambition.

    And “internal party polling” – who was that? The diminishing number of actual Liberal party members? Get over yourself!

    Turnbull, you’re a loser and a tosser. No F off, and do not ever darken the the Australian doorstep again. We actually despise you.

    • Aktosplatz 09/11/2018, 11:01 am

      Thank You Bushkid, as you said, so well towards Turnbull :-

      “No F off, and do not ever darken the the Australian doorstep again. We actually despise you.”

      Couldn’t agree more.

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