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Turkey:Erdogan ignores NZ plea

Turkey: Erdogan’s arrogance and NZ’s impotence

Muslim arrogance Versus Christian appeasement?

Any Australians or New Zealanders who came to Turkey with anti-Muslim sentiments would be sent back in a coffin “like your grandfathers were” during the WWI Gallipoli campaign: Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan.

New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Winston Peters went to Turkey last Friday to attend a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation as an observer. PM Ardern told reporters in Christchurch that, “Our Deputy Prime Minister will be confronting those comments in Turkey.” He is setting the record straight, face-to-face, Ardern said. Winston Peters was supposed to tell Mr Erdogan to stop playing the attack video for his political gain and to watch his mouth about his threat to both New Zealanders and Australians. There was no mention that an apology to NZ and Australia which should have been demanded.

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan replayed graphic footage of New Zealand’s worst mass shooting at an election rally on Friday—just hours after that country’s foreign minister met him and said he believed the controversial showings had stopped.

Turkey’s Erdogan shows shooting video again, hours after NZ meeting

New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters arrived in Istanbul on Friday to talk to Erdogan about the footage and comments he has made on the shooting of 50 people at mosques in Christchurch a week ago, which have drawn condemnation from New Zealand and Australia.

But Peters emerged from a brief meeting with Erdogan and struck a conciliatory tone, saying that he had not raised at the meeting some of the most controversial comments the Turkish leader has made at rallies.

He also said that he had not asked Erdogan to stop showing the videos.

“I did not ask that question because I felt that I did not have to ask it, because they are not doing that anymore,” Peters told reporters after attending a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Two hours later, however, Erdogan paused his speech at an election rally in the central province of Konya so that the audience could watch the video footage of the shootings that the alleged gunman had broadcast on Facebook on March 15.

The video, which governments and social media sites have attempted to take down since the incident, was blurred but the gun shots were heard.

Erdogan is seeking to drum up support for his Islamist-rooted AK Party in March 31 local elections. He has shown different versions of the video about a dozen times throughout the week, including on Thursday.

“The New Zealand deputy Prime Minister came with a delegation and we had a chance to talk before coming here. We discussed and agreed upon what we should do,” Erdogan told supporters in Konya without elaborating.


The massacre in New Zealand was carried out by a lone gunman at two mosques. Australian Brenton Tarrant, 28, a suspected white supremacist, has been charged with one murder following the attack and is likely to face more charges.

In rallies across Turkey, Erdogan has since called on New Zealand to restore the death penalty and said Turkey would make the suspected attacker pay if that country did not. Referring to a “manifesto” posted online by the attacker, he said Turkey will return “in coffins” anyone who tried to take the battle to Istanbul.

Peters told reporters he had not addressed these comments with Erdogan because he did not think it would serve a “long-term peaceful purpose,” adding that he had received assurances regarding the safety of New Zealanders visiting Turkey.

In an address to leaders of Muslim countries attending the OIC meeting, including Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Turkey, Peters defended New Zealand’s response to the shooting and said the perpetrator would spend his life in prison.

“This person will face the full force of New Zealand law, and will spend the rest of his life in isolation in a New Zealand prison,” Peters said, adding later that “misinterpretations” in the days following the shooting had been cleared up following his meeting with Erdogan and the OIC.

Before leaving Istanbul to attend the election rally, Erdogan told the OIC that the empathy and reaction displayed by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern since the incident “should be an example to world leaders.”

Earlier on Friday, Ardern said Peters had gone to Turkey to “set the record straight” amid the diplomatic row.

Earlier in the week, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called Erdogan’s comments “deeply offensive,” though on Thursday he said progress had been made and “we’ve already seen the moderation of the president’s views.”

No other heads of state or government attended the gathering of the OIC, which groups together Muslim countries to protect the interests of the Muslim world. It met on Friday to discuss Islamophobia and the New Zealand shooting.

Relations have generally been good between Turkey, New Zealand and Australia, with thousands travelling to Turkey each year to commemorate soldiers in the ANZAC army corps who died at Gallipoli just over a century ago.

“We are returning home to New Zealand with a grateful assurance that our people who come here to commemorate ANZAC will be as welcome as they always were,” Peters said.

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  • luk1955 24/03/2019, 6:49 am

    I just wonder how these “leaders” can go over there and grovel before a barbaric death cult that has as its specific aims the extermination of all non moozies. This is traitorous seditious behaviour to NZ and Australia, not to mention being surrounded by these barbaric savages. How does one’s mind handle that? Surrendering your sovereignty to these barbaric savages? If I were forced to do that kind of negotiating, my stomach would be churning and I would feel a sickness that would put me in a hospital. I would swear on a stack of bibles that these politicians who do that are really aliens. Especially negotiating with a bunch of barbarians that have no morals, ethics, conscience, or the emotional makeup of human beings. Knowing that you are contributing to the destruction of humanity. And that bastard Peters came back with nothing other than hearing that NZ was at fault, not the mad barbaric savagery that is islam.

  • Penguinite 24/03/2019, 7:09 am

    I feel ashamed by the NZ actions, Both Peters venture to Turkey and Ms Adern’s wearing of a hijab and broadcasting an Islamic call to prayer have left a very bad taste. Peters had his nose rubbed in the mud of Turkey. His forefathers will be rolling in their graves!

    • Burnt Offering 24/03/2019, 3:30 pm

      “Once were warriors”

  • Jarrah 24/03/2019, 7:38 am

    I am afraid that Ardern and co have done irreparable damage to NZ, as the appeasement to the Muslim cause is both sickening and cowardly. I wonder what her reaction will be when the next mass slaughter of Christians takes place at the hand of this cult. NZ the cowardly country, selling their soul to evil.

  • TommyGun 24/03/2019, 9:06 am

    Winston Peters has no balls.
    (Apologies to our female MM readers, but I think that is the only possible explanation for such an abject act of groveling.)

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