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The truth about climate change

The truth about climate change

Maurice Newman’s piece in today’s Australian will have the inner city’s latte sippers reaching the pepto-bismol as they denounce the article as a  work of the devil, or that damned Abbott, Abbott, Abbott.

You have to hand it to Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald’s climate change alarmist-in-chief, for his report last month – “ ‘Really ­extreme’ global weather event leaves scientists aghast”.

Source: News Corp

Chilling fact is most climate change theories are wrong

Hannam is often the ­canary in the coalmine (er, wind farm) when there is a sense that public belief in man-made global warming is flagging. With Europe in the grip of a much colder winter than predicted and with the ­abnormal chill spreading even to Africa, he did his best to hold the line.
Earlier this year, Climate Council councillor Will Steffen also climbed on board — for The Sydney Morning Herald of course. Extreme cold in Britain, Switzerland and Japan, a record-breaking cold snap in Canada and the US and an expansion of the East Antarctic ice sheet coincided with a ­Bureau of Meteorology tweet (later retracted) that January 7 had set a heat record for the ­Sydney Basin. Steffen told us these seemingly unrelated events were in fact linked. “Climate ­disruption” explained both. Whether fire or ice, we’re to blame. No ifs, no buts.
Now a warming Arctic provides the perfect opportunity for Hannam to divert attention from the latest deep freeze. He ominously warns: “Climate scientists are used to seeing the range of weather extremes stretched by global warming, but few episodes appear as remarkable as this week’s unusual heat over the Arctic.”
It’s true, warm air has made its way up to the high Arctic, driving temperatures up to 20C above ­average. But Anthony Watts, who runs a climate change website, puts things into perspective. He observes: “Warm moist air from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans has warmed the Arctic above the 80th parallel. It should be noted, however, that the Arctic Circle actually starts at 66 degrees north, meaning the record heat is over a much narrower area.”
Cato Institute atmospheric scientist Ryan Maue reviewed high Arctic temperature data going back to 1958 and says: “Data before the satellite era … has some problems, so it’s hard to say the current spike is for sure a record.” He says that if the baseline is 1973, when the polar-­orbiting satellites began recording the data, there is not much difference between today’s ice extent and then.
Indeed, we now have satellite confirmation that global air temperatures are back to the same level they were before the 2014-16 super El Nino event and, this January and February, the decline accelerated. Since 2015 satellites also have detected a fall in sea surface temperatures.
Solar expert Piers Corbyn, of British forecasting group Wea­therAction and famous for his successful wagers against the British Met Office forecasts, predicts Earth faces another mini ice age with potentially devastating consequences. He notes: “The frequency of sunspots is expected to rapidly decline … reaching a minimum between the years 2019 and 2020.” Indeed, the present decline in solar activity is faster than at any time in the past 9300 years, suggesting an end to the grand solar maximum.
Critics say while “it might be safe to go with (Corbyn’s) forecast for rain next Tuesday, it would be foolish to gamble the world can just go on burning all the coal and oil we want”. That’s the nub of it. The world has bet the shop on CO2 warming and the “science” must be defended at all costs.
But while spinning unfalsi­fiable “climate disruption” slogans may sway readers ofThe Sydney Morning Herald and resonate with believers in their centrally heated halls, those in the real world, witnessing hundreds of people dying of the cold and thousands more receiving emergency treatment, will consider they’ve been duped.
Not feeling duped are successive Australian governments that have become committed members of a green-left global warming movement promoted by the UN. On dubious scientific grounds they have agreed to accept meaningless, anti-growth, CO2 emission targets that enrich elites and burden the masses.
And, true to label, a Green Climate Fund supported by Australia and 42 mostly developed countries will redistribute $US100 billion ($128bn) annually to poorer nations as reparation for the unspecified environmental harm the West has allegedly caused them.
Big emitters such as China, India and Russia are conspicuously absent.
Policing Australia’s targets and helping to spread confirmatory propaganda is a network of international and local bureaucracies. The world’s academies and meteorological organisations, frequently found to be unreliable and biased, keep the faith alive. They reject debate and starve nonconforming researchers of funds and information. Students are indoctrinated with unproven climate-change theories that an unquestioning media gladly ­reinforces. Meanwhile, the country ingenuously surrenders its competitive advantage by refusing to embrace its rich endowment of affordable baseload energy. This it happily exports while lining the pockets of renewable energy rent-seekers with generous taxpayer subsidies.
Should the world enter a per­iod of global cooling, we should ­expect concerted denial. Too many livelihoods, too many reputations and too much ideology ­depend on the CO2 narrative. Having ceded sovereignty over our economies’ commanding heights to unelected bureaucrats in Geneva, the West (Donald Trump excluded) repeatedly turns to expensive vanity projects to paper over this folly. If the iceman cometh, there can be no quick fix. Yet we know it takes twice as much energy to heat a home than to cool one. So pity the poor and infirm who respected medical journal The Lancet says are 20 times likelier to die from cold than heat.
While even to mention a mini ice age risks scorn and derision, recent research has shown a close correlation between solar activity and climate on Earth. That possibility alone should cause shivers. But it will take time and experience before we accept the global warming movement is really the triumph of ideology over science. Until then we will continue to commit life’s cardinal sin of putting too many eggs into one questionable basket.

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  • Lorraine 08/03/2018, 7:58 am

    The hoax goes on, and the many fools goose step in line, the new communism, the lost of jobs and freedoms, as NWO continues the harp the rusted on there is money in this crap keeps on keeping on. I am so over such idiots

  • Bushkid 08/03/2018, 8:17 am

    Desperate measures when they have to call it “climate DISRUPTION” now. It started out as “global WARMING”, and despite them blaming every last weather “event” – what we used to call just weather – on WARMING, they’ve had to change the name from global warming, to anthropogenic global warming, to catastrophic global warming, to climate change to climate disruption, and even to climate deprivation (I kid you not, I saw that one in print).

    They keep manipulating records, deleting records, registering 1-second spikes as records (as long as they’re warm temps, never cool ones), deleting cold temps, homogenising temps over vast areas to reduce low temps and increase high temps.

    Why? Because they need to show that temperatures are rising to support the scam and the lies.

    Why do they need to show that temps are rising? Because they’ve all got too much invested in so-called renewable energy schemes, schemes that are only “viable” for them (not us) due to rubbish like the RET and national grid management and SUBSIDIES. We’re all paying for this several times over, and will pay yet again in lost jobs and national and personal income and living standards. Don’t believe it? Wait and see.

    Interesting to note that in the same issue of the Oz Turnbulls son, Alex, is lauded for being a whistle-blower over some dodgy business at Goldman-Sachs in Malaysia. Nothing like raising your do-gooder profile as a whistle-blower, but isn’t he a big player in the renewables business that’s ripping off Australians every minute of every day? Distraction, perhaps? Halo polishing, perhaps?

  • Jack Richards 08/03/2018, 8:27 am

    Julia Gillard’s Carbon Tax worked a treat! The world is cooling thanks to her infinite wisdom and vision.

    I just love the way the Global Warmists explain that it’s man-made-global-warming that’s actually causing ice, snow and freezing weather across the northern hemisphere.

    I also find it a curious fact that being able to predict the climate in 20, 40, 100 years involves extremely complex mathematics that must account for an almost infinite number of variables and yet the same algorithms and equations can’t predict the winners of just 8 races at Randwick or Flemington let alone tonight’s Powerball numbers. You’d think with all that computing power and all those brilliant minds it would be easy to predict just 8 consecutive winners in horse races.

  • Aktosplatz 08/03/2018, 8:28 am

    It’s rank injustice against the poor, a fraud perpetrated by our politicians. Individuals making pots of money by legislation, making them financial bullies.

    This pseudoscience is now taught in our schools and colleges as “settled science” and no debate is allowed, and yet scientific results are blatantly changed and manipulated to hold to a hoax.

    Anybody who challenges the hoax are dealt with ( e.g. Prof. Ridd at J.C.U.) and the politicians are accomplices.

  • Neville 08/03/2018, 11:42 am
  • Graham 08/03/2018, 3:47 pm

    Its hilarious listening to the arguments from the alarmists trying to explain why the Northern Hemisphere is suffering record low temperatures.

    I just asked one of them – did your computer model predict these low temperatures (No). How then do you think that your predictions for 50-100 years hence are going to be accurate?
    What is the temperature of the Northern Hemisphere going to be next year?? (don’t know)
    I rest my case

    • GTD 08/03/2018, 9:32 pm

      They can’t predict next month or next week.. they have NO CREDIBILITY. NONE

  • Clarion Call 10/03/2018, 12:25 am

    New namechange for Climate Change, per the ICCCCCCC. Any variation in the bloody weather be it floods, cyclones, droughts, earthquakes, snowstorms, sandstorms, blizzards or any other event that isn’t a perfect 27* day….is Conservative Climate Corruption Confirmed. Abbreviated: Conclimocon. To be used in all media statements and TV interviews, including the fact that everyday is a one-in-a-hundred year climate disaster in one form or another, and the Third Worlders need even more millions to bring about some politically- proper weather for everyone.

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