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Trump’s meeting style: put the boot in first!

Trump’s meeting style: getting the boot in first!

The daily adventures of Donald Trump are simply delicious. There’s is nothing more delicious than watching a bunch of pompous world leaders and the attendant bureaucrats cringing under the boot of Trump. For openers right off the lip, “NATO is ‘obsolete’ and Brussels a ‘hell hole’, he lets them know. The man is having much more fun than scoring points with daft bimbos. He told the press “We’re having a great meeting. We’re discussing military expenditure, talking about trade.” And they sure did, they were told to pay more and stop bludging on the US.

US President Donald Trump has held talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the sidelines of a NATO summit in Brussels, hours after he fiercely criticised German policy on defence spending and gas imports from Russia.

Source: AP

NATO summit: Donald Trump meets Angela Merkel after calling Germany Russian ‘captive’

Earlier, Mr Trump claimed a pipeline project had made Germany “totally controlled” by and “captive to Russia” during a combative breakfast that kicked off what was already expected to be a fraught NATO summit.

The tone of their remarks when they jointly addressed reporters afterward appeared businesslike.

“We’re having a great meeting. We’re discussing military expenditure, talking about trade,” Mr Trump said.

“We have a very, very good relationship with the Chancellor. We have a tremendous relationship with Germany.”

Ms Merkel said she had discussed migration and trade with Mr Trump and looked forward to further exchanges as the US remained a partner of Germany.

Earlier, Mr Trump — in a testy exchange with NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg — took issue with the US protecting Germany when the European nation is making deals with Russia.

Mr Trump appeared to be referring to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that would bring gas from Russia to Germany’s north-eastern Baltic coast, bypassing Eastern European nations like Poland and Ukraine and doubling the amount of gas Russia can send directly to Germany.

The vast undersea pipeline is opposed by the US and some other EU members, who warn it could give Moscow greater leverage over Western Europe.

Mr Trump, in a message to Germany, asked why the US should “protect you against Russia” when the two countries were making deals.

“You tell me, is that appropriate?” he asked.

“Germany is totally controlled by Russia.”

He later said, “Germany as far, as I’m concerned, is captive to Russia” and urged NATO to look into the issue.

Mr Trump was expected to see German Chancellor Angela Merkel later in the day.

Mr Stoltenberg pushed back, stressing NATO members have been able to work together despite their differences.

The dramatic exchange set the tone for what was already expected to be a tense day of meetings with leaders of the military alliance.

Trump accuses NATO members of freeloading off the US

Mr Trump is expected to continue hammering jittery NATO allies about their military spending during the summit meeting, which comes amid increasingly frayed relations between the “America first” President and the United States’ closest traditional allies.

Mr Trump said as he arrived at the breakfast that the situation was “not fair to the taxpayers of the United States but we will make it fair”.

“They will spend more,” he later predicted.

“I have great confidence they’ll be spending more.”

He has been pushing NATO members to reach their agreed-to target of spending 2 per cent of their gross domestic products on national defence by 2024 and has accused those who do not of freeloading off the US.

“Many countries in NATO, which we are expected to defend, are not only short of their current commitment of 2 per cent (which is low), but are also delinquent for many years in payments that have not been made,” he tweeted while en route to Europe, asking: “Will they reimburse the US?”

The 2 per cent represents the amount each country aims to spend on its own defence, and not some kind of direct payment to NATO or the US.

NATO estimates 15 members, or just over half, will meet the benchmark by 2024 based on current trends.

Trump calls NATO ‘obsolete’ and Brussels a ‘hell hole’

During his campaign, Mr Trump called NATO “obsolete” and suggested the US might not come to the defence of members if they found themselves under attack — a shift that would represent a fundamental realignment of the modern world order.

Mr Trump has moderated his language somewhat since taking office, but has continued to dwell on the issue, even as many NATO members have agreed to up their spending.

Mr Stoltenberg, for his part, has credited Mr Trump for spurring NATO nations to spend more on defence, noting the Europeans and Canada are projected to spend around $US266 billion ($359 billion) more by 2024.

He said last year’s increases marked the largest in a generation.

Arriving for his meeting with Mr Stoltenberg, Mr Trump told the NATO chief that “because of me they’ve raised about $40 billion over the last year”.

“So I think the secretary-general likes Trump. He may be the only one, but that’s OK with me,” he said.

Brussels is Mr Trump’s first stop of a week-long European tour that will include stops in London and Scotland, as well as a highly-anticipated meet with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

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  • Muphin 12/07/2018, 5:44 am

    G.O. get them Donald John Trump, no survivors, bring back some common sense to this chaotic world.

  • Popular Front 12/07/2018, 6:22 am

    The Euroweenies have been bludging off the USA since 1945 and their generous Marshall Plan aid and in the case of the French, insulting America to its’ face whilst doing so. Time to balance the books and President Trump is going to do just that.

  • FINN 12/07/2018, 6:58 am

    I wanna see Trump up
    Cause he’ll make those bludgers stump up
    Keeping promises to Amercans, what a saga!
    Goddam Trump is gonna MAGA

  • luk1955 12/07/2018, 7:50 am

    What economists idiotatus fail to see is that when the US pays for nato, nato countries send their ultracheap products to the US at below cost because they are subsidised by their native countries who are NOT paying for defense. Tariffs are a way of partly balancing the costs. The best step for Trump would be to take the US out of nato, that organisation in search of a new war to enrich the arms companies and the banks. Then the nato pigs will really have to pay for their defence.

    • Pensioner Pete 12/07/2018, 8:26 am

      FINN: NATO, like the UN are well and truly past their ‘use by dates’. Time for not only the US to withdraw, it is past time for Australia to also withdraw from these interfering, unelected, swill, to enable the funds be redirected within Australia to badly needed infrastructure

      • DT 12/07/2018, 9:09 am

        President Trump told the UN during his address to them in New York that they had expanded beyond the original charter unacceptably and must stop interfering in member nation’s internal affairs.

        I agree with him.

        The Paris Agreement farce, Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, immigration via UNHCR demands, etc.

  • Clarion Call 12/07/2018, 9:42 am

    I think those bludging drongos in Eurostan are quickly getting the message as to who is calling the shots. They are on the run and crapping their duds. He’s won every round to date. Good one, Donald.

    • Popular Front 12/07/2018, 10:19 am

      The thing is Clarry, WE can all see it and are cheering him on yet the Left in America and Europe are still in denial.

  • Albert 12/07/2018, 10:15 am

    That prize goose of American politics John Kerry is bagging Trump again today.

    • Joe Blogs 12/07/2018, 10:22 am

      Kerry needs a swift boat – sorry, boot – up the stern.

  • Graham 12/07/2018, 1:08 pm

    Germany spends about 1.3% GDP for NATO and the US about 3.8% I think. Trump should tell Mad Merkel that the US will match Germany’s commitment.

    • Joe Blogs 12/07/2018, 2:01 pm

      He’s been giving them all a nice touch-up, mate. They’ll be glad to see him leave.

      He’s also, without saying so, urging them to buy oil and gas from the USA instead of Russia, from which they expect the USA to protect them via NATO. Dunno whether guilt trips will work with that mob, but he’s giving Putin something to think about in advance.

      Love it!!

  • Aktosplatz 12/07/2018, 1:24 pm

    I am so envious of the Americans, because of their President Trump.

    He puts his country first.

  • Joe Blogs 12/07/2018, 2:03 pm

    Yes; and he understands human nature and what drives people, Akto. He’ll have studied them all very closely before meeting them to get the best effect in the shortest time.

  • Clarion Call 12/07/2018, 8:23 pm

    Jerkel Merkel and her handmaiden Dacron Macron have been given the king-size of all boots up the ring-hole and told to toe the line or else. Notice the body language whenever they are in close contact with The Trumpster…..almost like an animal in the submissive position. He’s got her by the nuts and him by the tits. And…loving it! That bag, May, tends to look away from DJT as she eyes off the far wall. She doesn’t want any chat at all. The Donald has got these weak dicks where he wants them…in his deep pockets. The Yanks are now 0n the way back to dominance after eight years of that mongrel O’Bomination and his commo cabal…the DNC.

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