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 Trump announces Supreme Court nominee

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  • Muphin 27/09/2020, 7:59 am

    Good choice. That will REALLY upset the Dimocrats.

    • Aktosplatz 27/09/2020, 4:45 pm

      Agreed. Great choice – best timing.

  • Mike Sc 27/09/2020, 8:23 am

    I didn’t awake to eagerly watch Trump announce this beaut decision.

    I awoke in great anticipation of watching the ABC go into meltdown with denial,wailing and gnashing of teleprompters. Media watch will especially be worth watching – his bitter tantrums are legendary. The decision encompasses anticipation with ideals that are family foreign to ABC culture particular as it involves families and catholics.

    Some great viewing coming up.

  • Cliff 27/09/2020, 8:40 am

    Pretty impressive speech by the lady.

    Not that that will stop the haters for one moment. I do hope Whoopie Goldberg survives learning of this news without suffering an aneurism.

    • Ivan Ackeroff 27/09/2020, 9:18 am

      I hope the opposite, Cliff. Leftards aren’t the only ones capable of hatred.

  • Penguinite 27/09/2020, 9:07 am

    How can the Democrats, in good conscience, deny this person? Can’t wait to see Pelosie’ face.

    • John 27/09/2020, 9:22 am

      P, When the Botox and tissue are in roughly equal proportion there will be no change. And if she hasn,t well, maybe she should. Even an empty plate is better looking than a cracked one. Fancy, someone with personal ethics, a brilliant choice.

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