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Triggs: a tedious pest

The "flick"! It really works.

The “flick”! It really works.

More bloody pests: it must be the weather?

Today’s Australian again reports on the tedious Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs. Surely this person must go ASAP?

“Dr Triggs is now under pressure to explain her finding that Basikbasik should be released and paid $350,000 compensation, as revealed by The Australian last week. The case is due to come before a Senate hearing next month.”

Gillian Triggs’s advice a ‘betrayal’ of women

DOMESTIC violence experts have condemned Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs’s recommendation to release back into the community a man who beat his de facto wife to death, lambasting her call that he be compensated for his detention as a “betrayal” of abused women.

A string of immigration ministers have acted to keep Indonesian killer John Basikbasik in immigration detention since he completed a seven-year manslaughter sentence in Queensland for brutally bashing his partner over the head with a ­bicycle. She was almost four months pregnant.

Domestic violence specialists yesterday said Dr Triggs’s recommendation that Basikbasik be freed with conditions such as curfews and regular reporting raised the risk of other women being attacked.

DVConnect chief executive Diane Mangan, who runs Queensland’s domestic violence hotline, said she fully supported the government’s attempts to keep Basikbasik behind bars.

“You wouldn’t come across one person who works in domestic violence that agrees with the Human Rights Commissioner,” Ms Mangan said. “There were no human rights for that woman and that unborn baby.

“If you can beat a pregnant wife to death, you are more than capable of being a threat to another woman.”

Dr Triggs last year found ­Basikbasik’s human rights had been breached by holding him in immigration detention rather than monitoring him in the community, recommending he receive $350,000 compensation for his “arbitrary” detention since the prison sentence ended in 2007.

Her 4000-word report failed to mention that Basikbasik’s 28-year-old Australian partner had been pregnant when he killed her, or that he had a history of breaching court bail conditions.

Ms Mangan said women fleeing domestic violence would feel “absolutely betrayed” if the Papuan refugee received a single cent.

“Any money to be paid should be paid to the family of the woman who was killed,” she said.

“That man was well fed and cared for in an Australian jail; he doesn’t need any compensation.”

Basikbasik has been convicted of numerous violent offences since he arrived from Papua New Guinea in a canoe in 1985.

A psychiatrist who assessed him in 2008 found he was at high risk of further violent offences and would not benefit from treatment, having shown little insight into his aggressive behaviour.

University of Queensland social work lecturer Deborah Walsh said she would be very concerned if Basikbasik were freed and able to form a new ­romantic relationship.

“He will have had no serious perpetrator intervention,” said Dr Walsh. who has worked with domestic violence offenders for nearly two decades.

“Having no intervention would put other women associated with him at risk.”

Dr Walsh said none of the possible risk mitigation measures proposed by Dr Triggs — including a management plan to assist with his rehabilitation, curfews, travel restrictions or regular reporting — gave her confidence he would not hurt other women.

“The fundamental cause is the way he is thinking and behaving in relation to the way he views women,” she said. “He needs to be involved in a perpetrator intervention program and not go into an intimate partner relationship until the intervention program has got some clear evidence there has been a change in the way he views those relationships.

“Until that is assured, women aren’t safe around him.”

Dr Triggs declined to comment last night.

Source: The Australian

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  • Gregoryno6 13/01/2015, 8:08 am

    If Gillian’s so damn sure he’s harmless, in the face of so much evidence to the contrary, she should take him in under her own roof.

  • Lorraine 13/01/2015, 8:46 am

    Gillian Triggs another failure of the Left almost as big a flop as the Julia was,,,,,but so well paid , so so know what is best for you..so so the rest of you are morons,only we know the way What a piece of rubbish she is.

  • c 13/01/2015, 11:49 am

    This Triggs woman needs to be sacked, her record is appalling. If her “contract” must be paid out so be it. This position, Australian Human Rights Commission President, demands someone with common sense, not a liar, lives in the real world and has Australians welfare in mind not those that come here illegally by boat.

  • crankykoala 13/01/2015, 11:51 am

    Sorry about that, “c” should be crankykoala!

  • Jack Richards 13/01/2015, 1:25 pm

    Triggs is a disgusting individual and a proven liar. She was appointed by the Marxists to front their organisation the HRC -and she’s done that job as splendidly as she raised her own severely disabled daughter i.e. not at all!

  • Bwana Neusi 13/01/2015, 5:50 pm

    Let the Senate tear her to bits – just keep Milne and Hanson Young out of it. Make it a fair trial then sack her without compensation for bringing the HRC into disrepute.
    Better still close down the HRC completely.

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