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’tis the season for pesky revisionists

negro’tis the season for irksome revisionists

In the dusty catacombs and repositories where the annals of every facet of our history and lives rest the roadmaps of our cultural progress.  In that dimness of light scurry to and fro these PC cockroaches, the nobodies in meaningful terms, bludgers on the taxpayers’ teat, the unilateral vandals of fact, but somehow capable and permitted to change captions, names, description affixed to great artworks and the like for personal appeasement.

The Rijksmuseum has launched a project aimed at removing such words as “negro,” “Mohammedan,” “Indian” and even “dwarf” from titles and descriptions of items in its collection.

Iconic Dutch museum removes ‘racist, offensive’ artwork titles

Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum has been exposed to widespread criticism after taking the decision to change offensive terms used in the titles and descriptions of works of art to more neutral ones.

The implementation of the project has been triggered by part of the museum’s vast collection – over 1 million items – going online. Though it has been discussed for a few years by the staff, it was officially announced at a conference at the museum on Wednesday and first reported by the local newspaper Het Parool.

This is the first time a European museum has taken such a momentous task. Previously only names of some artworks in museums over the world have been changed.

“We’ve had complaints about specific objects or exhibitions being offensive, but to my knowledge, this is the first time we’re facing a debate with regards to the titles and the descriptions,” Raphael Roig, senior programs officer and permanent secretary of the ethics committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) told The New York Times. He added that the global museums association supports the museum’s notion.

However, some have been accusing the museum of pandering to political correctness. The opinion is shared by Josh Spero, an art critic for Tatler, who told The Times he believes that getting rid of derogatory terms used during some periods of our history is similar to “pretending it never happened.”

Amending racially charged terms is “dishonest, because it rewrites our history” and can be compared to censorship, art historian Julian Spalding told the paper.

“Some people are angry with us. They say “Why this change, the Rijksmuseum is trying to be so politically correct.” But in the Netherlands alone, there are a million people deriving from colonial roots, from Suriname, from the Antilles, from Indonesia, and so on that basis alone it’s important to change this,” said head of history department at the Rijksmuseum and leader of the project Martine Gosselink, as quoted by NYT.

“The point is not to use names given by whites to others. We Dutch are called kaas kops, or cheeseheads, sometimes, and we wouldn’t like it if we went to a museum in another country and saw descriptions of images of us as kaas kop woman with kaas kop child, and that’s exactly the same as what’s happening here,” she said.

Art critics have detected as many as 132 descriptions with the word “negro.” Changing them with more appropriate terms won’t take much time, museum workers promise.

On Monday, the museum announced that in 2015 it welcomed more than 2 million visitors for the third year in a row.

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  • bangkav 16/12/2015, 6:59 am

    Thus proving that ‘Cheese Heads’ is a quite appropriate appellation…

  • Jack Richards 16/12/2015, 7:26 am

    If they are going to start a fad of politically correcting all those words they’re going to have a big job. They’ll have to over-dub every speech Martin Luther King ever made as he constantly referred to “Negros” in his speeches. Just the other day I watched “To Kill a Mockingbird” on DVD and that “word” was also used constantly in that classic movie. Churchill’s writing will have to be re-written as well as he used the word Mohammedan regularly as well. I find it laughable with these American “Liberals” who find the word “Indian” offensive and prefer “Native American” – especially when the Indians call themselves “Indians”. The “liberals” are so ignorant that they don’t know that the word comes from the Italian/Spanish “gente in dios” or “indios” meaning “people of god”. Columbus did not think he’d arrived in India. he was a good enough navigator to know he had’n’t gone nearly far enough west. What Orwellian fools they are!

    • Joe Blogs 16/12/2015, 9:10 am

      Thanks, Jack. Excellent points.

      I wonder what the PC mob have done to “The Dam Busters” movie. The name of Gibson’s dog, and the code word he inspired, has probably been changed to “Blackie”. No, that wouldn’t do. “Darky”? No. “Sooty”? Taken. “Rastus”? Nah. How about plain old “Boy”? Oops. I give up. It’s be easier to rebirth poor old Nigger from a black lab to a cocker spaniel.

      • Jack Richards 16/12/2015, 9:23 am

        My grandfather had a good greyhound named “Booligal Nigger”.

        I think all words should be banned that offend anyone. The countries of Nigeria and Niger should be renamed instantly. The River Negro in Brazil is an insult and so is “Rum Negrita”. “Coon” cheese is just beyond the pale. The card suit “spades” should be renamed “shovels”. There’s even an SBS reporter whose surname is “Abo” – can you believe it?

        Everywhere I look I see insults and offensiveness.

  • Joe Blogs 16/12/2015, 7:27 am

    Sounds as though the clog wogs still haven’t woken up to the fact that their adoption of PC is the root cause of their cultural problems. They need Sir Leslie Colin Patterson Esq to sit on their cheese board.

  • Albert 16/12/2015, 8:05 am

    So, it is offensive to use such terms as Negro, Indian, etc, but it is quite OK for these PC dingbats to use the term ‘Whites’!!! Amazing!!!

    • Jack Richards 16/12/2015, 9:26 am

      “Whites” won’t be used anymore to describe people of European origin after 2020. It will be replaced by the less offensive and universally accepted description “Racists”.

  • Joe Blogs 16/12/2015, 9:33 am

    Words are just that. Connotations and ingrained beliefs give them power in usage.

    When people say, “I find that offensive”, I say, “Diddums” or “Good”. No point in any further discussion.

    • Zoltan 16/12/2015, 9:56 am

      We’ve got a totally black cat called Sambo, I hope that’s not treading on anyone’s corns…..

  • Rob 16/12/2015, 9:57 am

    As a Kaaskop ! I find this outrageous ! Actually I am very proud to be called a Kaaskop ! That’s what we are , or a GlogWog for that matter! Who cares ! Yes I am white with blue eyes ! 6 ft and more tall! Next the PC leeches are going to be offended with sizes as well! Give me a break! My grand mother had a dog named ‘Blekkie ‘ , yes the dog was black ! Was the dog offended , nah ! Just came over wagging his tail ! My sister had a Dachshund named Norbert !Why ? After the PM at that time Norbert Schmelzer who’s nickname was the Teckel ( Dachshund) , another offence? I whish people grow up , there are more important things in life!

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