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This is the Greens

Bandt and wife (pic Associated News Ltd)

Greens on display

All this at your expense is a showcase for some political idiots to establish their credentials for running the nation. The Greens dope, Adam Bandt and his wife who doesn’t like coal were the centre stage at the gala event. “It was during Scott Morrison’s speech to the (seasonally adjusted) Midwinter Ball that Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young cried out, “Bring back Malcolm!” It was just the sort of thing one might have expected from Muppet hecklers Statler and Waldorf.”

Source: Daily Mail

Politicians in Canberra rarely see eye to eye – but it was a different story on Wednesday night as they posed for photos together at the annual Midwinter Ball.

Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull was absent from the event, deciding instead to spend the night sending a snide tweet about Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, while former foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop was also not present.

Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt’s wife Claudia Perkins made a statement with her appearance, shaving a protest message into the side of her head. Ms Perkins shaved an anti-coal message reading ‘COAL KILLS’ into the side of her head, as well as wearing a necklace with the same words.

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  • geoffrey 14/09/2018, 11:00 am

    they’re all air thieves!

  • Bushkid 14/09/2018, 6:45 pm

    That snide ***** would have nothing to wear without coal producing the electricity to manufacture her clothes, let alone that pathetic statement hanging round her neck, nor to produce the electricity to run the clippers that cut that vapid message into her hair.

    Stupid. Utterly pointless and stupid.

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