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 They shoot mad dogs, don’t they?

15.08.19.  Why should anybody be concerned or even consider what Sky News reporter, Laura Jayes is now forced to defend. Mert Ney, the alleged Islamic maniac that went berserk with a knife, killing one, injuring another in a public place as he spread the virtues of ‘love an peace’ and had to be subdued by brave citizens, exhorted loudly to his god, “Allahu akbar!” Only idiots and Islamic supporters on Twitter would venture that the reporter Ms Jayes was Islamophobic!
In fact, to properly protect innocent citizens going about their business and thus deserve to go home that day to their families, the government should bite the bullet and pass a law that anyone that shouts “Allahu Akbar” under such circumstance can expect to be shot dead like a mad dog would be. Although, isn’t that exactly what Mert Ney was said to be begging—the lure of all those virgins is undeniable, perhaps—insanity nevertheless?
Sky News political journalist Laura Jayes has hit back at online critics, who attacked her reporting that the young man who allegedly stabbed people in Sydney shouted “Allahu akbar!” 

Source: News Corp

Sky reporter Laura Jayes defends herself over Islamophobia claims

Jayes told The Australian that she “100 per cent” stands by her reporting on Twitter of the attack as it unfolded yesterday in Sydney’s CBD, and that she was just doing her job as a journalist.
Following her reporting, some users on Twitter accused Jayes of Islamophobia.
“I do not take a backward step at all,” said Jayes, who has been a journalist for 13 years.
She was informed of the attack by two of her sisters, one of whom was a direct witness to the actions and screams of “Allahu akbar!” by alleged perpetrator Mert Ney, while the other saw the subsequent panic unfold from the window­ of an office block.
“The thing that comes first is informing­ the public, not political correctness in hindsight,” Jayes said.
Chris Willis, executive editor at Sky News, stood by Jayes’s reporting. “She did her job, she was reportin­g facts, she got it right and she was reporting a developing story,” he said. “Incidentally, she also was the first one to report something was happening because­ she had her sister affected by this, who was actually telling her about it so she got it right.”
Ashley Sutherland, a student at the University of Melbourne, criticised­ Jayes on Twitter of Islamophobia, and Hanan Dover said it was typical of Sky News and “stupid­ journalism”.
Saman Shad said Jayes’s reporting was “unhelpful”, to which Jayes said, “the whole incident was ‘unhelpful’, especially for the poor woman who was stabbed”.
Jayes said disgruntled people­ on Twitter “were more worried about political correctness” than her actually informing the public.
“He said what he said, I didn’t make the link, I didn’t make the jump to Islamic terrorism or Islamic­ extremism or anything like that,” she said.
“They made that link. It was their own personal bias, not mine. It says more about them than it does me.
“I think people are getting lost in their own morals when it comes to live reporting of an unfolding situation like that.”
Willis, who has worked as a journalist for 45 years, doesn’t think much of Twitter. “My attit­ude to Twitter is you have a look at the emojis, and you pick the one with the biggest yawn and that is basically how Twitter outrage should be treated.”
Despite copping criticism on Twitter, Jayes said she had ­received support from the Muslim Reform Movement in the US and journalists, including Nine Entertainment reporters Phil Coorey at The Australian Financial Review and Bevan Shields at The Sydney Morning Herald.
Asra Q. Nomani, co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement and a former Georgetown University professor, thanked Jayes for all her reporting. “We’re watching the case in the US. In @TheMuslimReform we don’t take offence or seek to censor for PC reasons the sharing (of) details that may speak to motivation, like “Allahu Akbar,” she said in a tweet.
Jayes said all media outlets, includin­g The SMH and News Corp Australia’s The Australian, reported on Wednesday that Ney shouted “Allahu akbar!”.
“It’s actually irresponsible not to. It’s part of the story, it’s not the story but it’s part of a story,” she said.
“The public isn’t stupid, they can discern what is terror and what is not. We weren’t suggesting that, and at no stage did we.”

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  • Pensioner Pete 15/08/2019, 6:25 am

    As a blogger on Michael Smith news commented yesterday, he may have been yelling “Alan’s Snack Bar”.

    We have our government to thank for these ongoing attacks, and make no mistake, they will be ongoing.

    A government which continues to allow into our country, those who refuse to assimilate, refuse to join with other Australians in celebrating our freedoms, those who would see us live under Sharia law is not a government of the people, it is a government satisfying other interests with the UN at the top of the list.

    Every time I must go to an airport, I am reminded of our loss of freedoms as I, like others, are treated like criminals as we are scanned, searched, checked for residue and generally humiliated. My friend who has a hip replacement really cops the full force of this intrusion.

    Then of course our loss of privacy with legislation designed to intrude into our lives, our conversations and our online business without our consent.

    For the so called benefits of multiculturalism, we have lost so very, very much in our freedoms and way of life, and frankly, multiculturalism in practice in nothing like what our weak politicians have told us it will be in enriching our society, in fact the opposite is happening, our society is much, much worse than it should have been if the government had only allowed people, willing to fully assimilate and comply with Australian laws and customs.

    • luk1955 15/08/2019, 6:50 am

      12 years ago I was accompanying a friend back to the US because he wanted to die there. He had an advanced brain tumor. He was in a wheelchair unable to talk. We were accompanied by a person with an ambulance service to make sure he was attended to medically on the flight. We were treated like dirt and terrorists. 3 times we had to empty all our bags, esp the medical bags. and all the “security” people were pakis. From getting into Sydney airport 4 hours before the flight left, the airline had to delay the plane for 20 minutes, all because of the excess security performed on us. So this security has nothing to do with stopping terrorism, because the security people are the same bastards causing the problems. And all this security is performed on us, not on moozies who cause the problem. That’s why I keep saying our government is deliberately importing terrorists in order to remove our civil liberties. And why we peaceful people keep getting treated like scum. At least PP agrees with me.

      • Disgruntled 15/08/2019, 9:21 am

        luk, I’m sure that P P is definately not the only agreer, in fact I would think that everyone who reads this site would. All this crap needs to end but I fear that with our useless leaders it will not. Morrison and his sycophants have turned out to be a dismal disaster. Don’t start me on Albo!
        Australias voters need to wake up. Before it’s too late.

      • JD 15/08/2019, 10:54 am

        Three years ago, I arrived at Tullamarine airport after midnight from a Muslim country as a Caucasian male sexagenarian, no criminal convictions, no security alert, Australian born, travelling on an Australian passport, never had citizenship of another country, both parents and 4 grandparents born in Australia.

        My luggage was gone through with the proverbial fine toothcomb and I was interrogated while another 3 staff watched for around an hour. I was eventually allowed into Australia with the parting words “It’s nothing against you, it’s just where you came from”. “Sure, the same place those young Muslim males you waved through without checking” was my retort.

      • Tony H 15/08/2019, 11:56 pm

        Try being a returned serviceman returning from OS on deployment! Some of the security is really giving me the shits! Whilst I accept the necessity I am fast becoming sceptical. I always seem to be singled out for the explosives test, I have every part of my carry in examined while those dressed as those who caused all the problems waltz on through like a person in special privileges! Frustrating is not the word.

    • Thunder 16/08/2019, 6:21 am

      And when you travel OVERSEAS you are harrassed by the Islamics while the Terrorists in BLACK GARBAGE BAGS walk through Security WITHOUT BEING STOPPED !!

  • Cliff 15/08/2019, 6:58 am

    Multiculturalism, the child of the totally unlamented Labor politician Al Grasby, the Labor Party’s Christopher Pyne.

    Anyone who knew Grasby would understand by that what an incredibly low opinion I have of Christopher Pyne.

    • Lorraine 15/08/2019, 9:20 am

      none lower than my thoughts re Pyne. How do these low life’s keep getting elected. Take the Greens .not a decent Human in any one of them, and people have voted them in. As for Laura Jayes reporting In my opinion she is left of centre most of the time, that she would tell the public the murderer was singing to his God . Lone Wolf terrorist or what ever he murdered a woman , described by the police as a sex worker (no knowledge ) they demeaned that person and gave a free pass to the killer, by allowing the mental problems to drown all other actions that the killer did. This was very wrong against the murdered victim.

      • Peter Sandery 15/08/2019, 9:43 am

        They are elected, L, by people who quite clearly do not understand that part of the responsibility of having the privilege to live under a representative democracy do not honour their duty to that concept by taking a bit of time to research the backgrounds of who they will vote for as their representatives

  • Aktosplatz 15/08/2019, 1:44 pm

    “Allahu akbar!” should be treated the same as “Heil Hitler”.

    • Thunder 16/08/2019, 6:25 am

      You really mean ” HAIL STALIN ” or ” HAIL LENIN “…….they are the driving force behind all the Lunatics in the World today.

      Perhaps even ” HAIL MAO ” the Murderer of over 100 MILLION and more!

  • Tony H 16/08/2019, 12:02 am

    Good in Laura Jayes for sticking to her guns! So to speak! About time. The lefty snow flakes have their nickers in a Knott because the reporting does not suit their agenda! It tarnished their immigration agenda! I am surprised that the heroes of the day have not been branded as White Supremacists and that a total ban in plastic milk crates has been enforced!

    • Bushkid 16/08/2019, 7:43 am

      Give it time. Sadly, it’s probably only a matter of time.

  • Knight Templar 16/08/2019, 4:12 pm

    A few weeks ago a vote was held in the Australian Senate on whether or not to present a plebiscite to the Australian people on the subject of immigration.

    The plebiscite bill was defeated by 54 votes to 2.

    The only 2 Senators to support the bill were both independent of the 2 main parties.
    Link xyz.net.au

    Indicates once again politicians are completely out of touch with what the people want.. Sheer willful arrogance and disrespect for the voters.

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