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 The “Voice” juggernaut ramps up using Freeman

26.02.20. It had to happen! The Aboriginal industry has co-opted Cathy Freeman to join the cause for Constitutional interference—ie forcing the will of a 3% minority down the throats of a 97% majority. “Recognition” is the catchword for a multitude of pushes. Cathy Freeman’s public persona has always been gracious, therefore, hanging off the tail of Minister marsupial’s Kanga-Cape in a street disturbance is not Cathy’s thing, but fixing what is not broken is benign—change the national anthem. The whinging cries for change, this one from the Recognition in Anthem Project, are just too numerous and to change anything will open the floodgates of derision from both camps. The great Olympian Cathy Freeman is being used! Most Australian’s are now fully cognitive of the insatiable “Recognition” scam and will vote NO!
One of the most respected indigenous voices in the land, Sydney Olympics gold medallist Cathy Freeman, has broken her silence on the national anthem debate, joining a growing list of high-profile sporting figures who ­believe Advance Australia Fair is disrespectful and needs to be changed. Freeman expressed support for the Recognition in Anthem Project, founded by former Victorian Supreme Court judge Peter Vickery QC, which launched its proposal last year for an updated version of Advance Australia Fair. 

Source: Will Swanton, News Corp

Cathy Freeman backs move to alter national anthem’s lyrics

In the first verse, “We are young and free” became “we are one and free” when it was performed at Ormiston Gorge, west of Alice Springs, in September.
RAP had already won support from Bob Hawke, the late prime minister who signed off on ­replacing God Save the Queen with Advance Australia Fair in 1984, but came to believe in his final years that another switch was required.
In a written statement, Freeman told The Australian: “I agree with Peter Vickery (the founder of RAP) that the national anthem doesn’t acknowledge indigenous existence in Australia.”
Freeman, 47, was the first ­Aboriginal Commonwealth Games gold medallist as a 16-year-old in 1990. Her triumph at the Sydney Games forever ­etched her into the national story. She carried both Australian and Aboriginal flags for her victory lap, the latter being a breach of International Olympic Committee rules.
She’s been a somewhat ­reclusive figure, but has been a passionate worker for indigenous children through her Cathy Freeman Foundation, which delivers education programs for more than 1600 children on Palm ­Island off north Queensland, on Bathurst Island in the Northern Territory, Woorabinda in central Queensland, and Galiwinku on Elcho Island in Arnhem Land.
Told of Freeman’s support, Mr Vickery said: “That means a great deal to us. To have a person of that stature both acknowledging and publicly supporting us, and the need for a change, is no small thing. We also received a lot of support from Bob Hawke, who was our patron elect, and who the lyrics are dedicated to. In his last years, he recognised the deficiencies in the anthem.
“The minimalist change to the opening verse, just changing that one word, I believe puts us on the right path.”
Mr Vickery changed only one word in the opening verse. He rewrote the second and third verses to inject recognition of indigenous heritage, multiculturalism and trademark Australian values such as mateship.
For example: “For 60,000 years and more, first peoples of this land … Unite our cultures from afar, in peace with those first here … From red-rock heart to sun-filled shore, our country free and fair … Beneath the Southern Cross we sing, Advance Australia Fair.”
Hawke said before his death last year: “While I am not in a position to be an advocate for any particular new lyrics, or act as a judge between different possible versions, the words put forward by the Recognition in Anthem Project … in my opinion capture the spirit of our great country.”
On Monday, the South Sydney NRL club — famous for its indigenous roots in Redfern and outspoken Aboriginal players such as Cody Walker, Greg Inglis and now Latrell Mitchell — appointed the non-indigenous Adam Reynolds as captain.
Asked about the push among NRL players for the anthem to be replaced, Reynolds said: “I see where they’re coming from. I don’t see changing it as a big deal at all. We want to bring the nation together in as many ways as we can.
“I think the time is right for a change. We owe a lot to the indigenous people. They’re the true traditional owners of this land.”

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  • Pensioner Pete 26/02/2020, 6:58 am

    When Cathy Freeman was running I was cheering her on. Then, when she did the victory lap with the Aboriginal flag, she lost my support, forever.

    • Lorraine 26/02/2020, 7:22 am

      mine also, have never been a fan since….and my vote is still NO

      • Honeybadger 26/02/2020, 7:38 am

        Sick of all things aborigine being constantly in the ‘news’ including Freeman who is not a respected voice, but a female who was known for her athletic ability, that’s it. Whinge whinge whinge as they carry off the loot. Another mob I am truly over.

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 26/02/2020, 8:48 am

      Why is her view any better than ours because she can run fast? Many of us don’t like that Aboriginal flag but it’s recognised so that’s it.

      • Pensioner Pete 26/02/2020, 9:04 am

        Bots, the only flag I will ever recognise is the Australian flag, the one my grandfather and father fought under.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 26/02/2020, 10:59 am

        We had a corporate jet registered VH-OZI and a large Aussie flag painted on the tail.

  • John 26/02/2020, 7:52 am

    It’s always been a puzzle to me that the Left, and only the Left consider that the views of an actor, sportsman, pop star or personality are to be regarded as holy writ. I dont know Cathy F but I’m sure she is a wonderful person but frankly her views are no different to Mrs Smith down the street with her two dogs or the bloke contemplating his life in a pub with only a beer for company. Witness the “It’s Time” adv for Gough Whitlam. Row on row of second rate mediocrities who killed off Australia.

  • Albert 26/02/2020, 10:04 am

    The Aboriginal flag is all part of the fraud that is the Aboriginal Industry. I believe that the flag was created to support the claim that they were a “nation”. The claim to being a “nation” couldn’t be further from the truth and that flag, to me, is just part of the great lie.
    Cathy Freeman won a foot race. So what? I would have to ask what nation building act has she performed since that race?

  • Disgruntled 26/02/2020, 11:25 am

    This morning there was a fairly good explanation of the anthem discussion on the Jones show on 2GB and I do think that the minor changes suggested could suit us whities as well as some of the others. And does really need some sensible consideration. And would help somewhat in soothing the issues without really giving up anything at all. Almost sounds as a win doesn’t it?

    As the readers here would know I totally abhor extremely the screaming “abo industry”. I have not heard Freeman carrying on as a lot of the others are wont to do and after the race she did in fact carry our flag as well as what as a youngster would have considered her flag. I don’t think Freeman is a part of the arsehole screaming group of “pretend aboriginals” and to tear her down is not really fair to all of us.

    I can see a difference between the anthem and all the other crap they are trying to foist on us and would like to see a transcript of the current and suggested anthem.

    • Peter W 26/02/2020, 5:31 pm

      Agree Dis.

  • Tony H 26/02/2020, 10:19 pm

    Alan Jones on 2 GB was saying that he did not have a problem with it all this morning. I was thinking “ Not you too Alan” is there no one not touched by that scum bag Soros and his grubby millions?

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