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 The Tuvalu Declaration a waste of time and money

16.08.19.  Well, Scott Morrison’s gift of $500 million plus of our money did not buy him an honorary chieftainship of Tuvalu after all. The relentless bullshit espoused by the foolish Tuvalu  Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga who thought he was on a good thing crying about his island sinking under a rising sea. It appears his audience of prospective suckers hadn’t told him the jig was up—Tuvalu’s land mass is increasing—meaning the sea levels are lowering or the island is raising—the latter is right. ScoMo is expected to return the crown of office shortly.
The hopes of the smaller Pacific nations to get full endorsement of their declaration for strong action on climate change have been dashed. Regional leaders, including Australia and New Zealand, have held 12-hour long talks, eventually reaching an agreement on a statement on climate change and a communique.

Source: ABC

No endorsements come out of Tuvalu Declaration, falling short of Pacific leaders’ hopes

But the communique comes with a qualification that means the leaders do not support all of the declaration from the smaller nations.
Earlier in the week, the Smaller Island States (SIS) group agreed to the Tuvalu Declaration, which acknowledges a climate change crisis, encourages countries to revise the emissions reductions targets and calls for a rapid phase out coal use.
They had hoped the leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum, which includes Australia and New Zealand, would endorse the Tuvalu Declaration.
But Australia expressed reservations about several sections, and New Zealand at least one, so the final communique endorses the Smaller Island States “with qualifications.”
That means no country has fully committed to endorsing the Tuvalu Declaration.
Speaking after the marathon leaders meeting, Mr Morrison said he wanted the SIS group to be able to express its views “freely” but that its statement was not binding on the rest of the forum.
“The Pacific Island Forum has its leaders meeting and it agrees to the things that it agrees. And then the Small Island States have their own forum that sit within that,” he said.
“And it’s not incumbent on the leaders forum to have to run a ruler over that.”
That has disappointed the PIF chair, Tuvalu’s Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga, who said as he left the meeting: “we tried our best.”
“It was a negotiated outcome, I think it still contains some references to the (UN) Secretary-General’s message to accelerate actions against climate change and it’s a way forward,” he said.
Mr Sopoaga has invested significant time and energy in making climate change the central focus of this meeting.
The outcome falls short of what he and some other Pacific leaders had hoped.
“I think we can say we should’ve done more work for our people.”

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  • Aktosplatz 16/08/2019, 8:41 am

    So we paid a $500 million Get out of Jail Card. It would be interesting to detail what that money is spent on and by whom.

    Noticed too, Morrison distanced himself from Alan Jones’ ‘Sock in Mouth’ shot at Jacinda Ardern.

    We shall be calling him ‘Distance’ Morrison soon. First of all, Andrew Hastie, then Alan Jones, and probably Jim Molan and Tony Abbott.

    I wonder if ‘Distance’ will last the distance!

    • ibbit 16/08/2019, 8:54 am

      I hope “Distance” Morrison is just one more aberration in Australian politics. He does not deserve to be more, at least I have seen little that impresses he is other than Turnbull by another name.

      • DT 16/08/2019, 9:05 am

        Maybe he was, but it seems to be forgotten that PM Morrison distanced himself from former PM Mansion after the government commissions he held resulted in him abusing the privilege in New York and Indonesia.

        Morrison said that he would never get another opportunity to try and embarrass the government.

        Most of the Mansion Black Hand Faction have left Parliament, unfortunately some remain in power in Liberal Party HQ NSW.

        PM Morrisons stumbling block now are State Premiers, the states are responsible for services such as water and energy supply including exploration and extraction of minerals and energy. However the Federal Government has cut back immigration numbers from over 200,000 to 160,000 pa and are holding an inquiry into immigration.

        Hopefully PM Morrison understands what PM Howard observed years ago, that the first year of a new term is for getting things done, the second for consolidation and then the third is for election campaigning.

    • DT 16/08/2019, 8:59 am

      A Prime Minister does not have the licence to speak freely that a journalist has.

      And as Japanese and other Asians would explain, regardless of the provocation remaining calm and in control is the winning approach.

      • Aktosplatz 16/08/2019, 9:24 am

        Exactly DT – Morrison just paid $500 million to stay silent. All he has done here is kick the Climate Change Scam Can down the road.

    • Cliff 16/08/2019, 9:57 am

      That 500 mill will make it possible for the Pacific Islanders to buy a few of those Maseratis that are gathering moss in some warehouse in Port Moresby.

      …aren’t they? (Or have they already been shipped out to their new ‘wontok’ owners?)

  • Graham Richards 16/08/2019, 8:59 am

    So now he’s allowing a couple of Pacific Islander “Nations” to push him around. I’ve said it before, Pacific Island sea levels rise in direct proportion to the amount of taxpayers money they think they can EXTORT.
    I would also certainly link it to the amount of backbone confronting them & its resistance to blackmail!

    • DT 16/08/2019, 9:07 am

      I believe it’s more about the politics involving China than Climate Change.

      And noting that what was given to the Pacific Islands is not new money, it comes from the 2019/20 Budget for Foreign Aid.

      • Graham Richards 16/08/2019, 1:36 pm

        Have you got that bit about “not new money” in writing with accounting access for future reference.

  • Tamworth 16/08/2019, 9:14 am

    The fact that our prime minister committed to the “climate emergency” scam is bad and bad enough. That spinelessness will come back to haunt him – he has now agreed that there is an emergency.
    But there is worse – even assuming that there IS an “emergency” why should Australia and New Zealand, the two lowest in emissions be held responsible when India and China, the two greatest in emissions will be paying nothing?
    But there is even worse – you don’t get out of an on-going emergency by a one-off payment! The old English problem is proverb is, “Once you have paid the Danegeld, you will never get rid of the Dane.”

  • Aktosplatz 16/08/2019, 9:48 am

    I remember, many years ago, I think it was 2005 or thereabouts, Andrew Bolt fingered this Global Warming issue in the blog he used to run.

    He said that if Australian Politicians didn’t stare down and resist the Global Warming issue, we would have it around our necks like a millstone. How right he was!

    There is no way around this. One day (here) somebody is going to have to stand up and say ‘Enough!’ I was hoping that t would be Morrison but clearly he won’t. Abbott did, as PM when he said the science of climate change was ‘crap’. He was never forgiven by the LINOs in his own Party for that and they got rid of him.

    But all they have done today, is kick the can down the road. One day someone will have to make this place so-called carbon neutral by completely destroying the economy.

    Maybe they could start by blowing up all of the coal fired power and suffering innumeral blackouts.

    Someone will have to do it one day if they don’t speak up now.

  • Lorraine 16/08/2019, 9:49 am

    bribery is alive and well, the Islands Heads expect us to pay , while still taking China money, as we pay we must stop using coal. China no restrictions . Begging was attempted but the bowl was full.

  • JK. 16/08/2019, 10:09 am

    Cunning little devils those Islanders, and Scomo fell for it with our money.

  • Fedup 16/08/2019, 10:18 am

    Slomo is just as I expected….useless.
    I never understand the Australian voter, the libs & labor are mostly the same so why vote for them?

  • Cliff 16/08/2019, 11:13 am

    I honestly believe that, some time in the future, (if we have a *** future, thanks to the leftie crazies), society will look back on this Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Emergency/The Sky is Falling/Pick a New Name to Suit and to Terrify the Great Unwashed rubbish as a re-play of the Dutch Tulip Mania stock market disaster. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulip_mania

    I mean, surely God there is at least one political ‘leader’ out there apart from Donald Trump who is just a LITTLE bit uncomfortable as he watches all his contemporaries hanging enraptured on every word uttered by an autistic 16 year old Swedish girl as if he was the *** Second Coming.

    And why is it that Australia always seems to be the one who has to fork out the $$$$$ in any such ’emergency’? And why is it that our ‘leaders’ always -and I mean ALWAYS – seem unable to say ‘no’ to such demands? I still cannot understand why WE paid for the search for the Malaysian airliner many months after it ceased to be a search and rescue while the Malaysians sat back and watched, their hands going nowhere near their pockets.

    • TommyGun 17/08/2019, 5:32 am

      Well said, Cliff!
      Especially the last paragraph.

  • Peter Sandery 16/08/2019, 11:24 am

    The real problem that rapidly increasing populations on small coral atolls is evident to anyone who has spent any time living on them and that is the lack of potable water. There is only a finite amount of fresh water held in the lenses of these small islands and the balance between the fresh and salt water can be easily upset as I once had practical experience of many years ago when I had faith in my senior officers and was dropped off on a group of seven low-lying islands to do a two day job, was forgotten and remained for 5+ weeks before I returned after an 18 hour trip,to my station by way of a couple of local Kula canoes. During my sojourn I got into all kinds of trouble for “fouling” the water supply by drinking water, thereby allowing the salt water to contaminate the fresh, instead of drinking coconuts.

    • Aktosplatz 16/08/2019, 11:38 am

      I have no objection to aid being given for something as vital as water. No cash though, just engineering constructions and then training. That’s aid given properly.

      • Graham Richards 16/08/2019, 1:39 pm

        Akto, with your attitude to aid$$$$ you’ll never be invited to these forums. You’ll ask too many probing questions & then be labelled a racist, climate change denier!

  • Aktosplatz 16/08/2019, 2:29 pm

    I have to mention that I just heard a snippet on 4BC News . Scott Morrison telling the Pacific forum about how low Australia’s emissions are low compared to some ‘very large ones up North’ ( probably referring to China). He added as well, ‘Carbon emissions have no nationality’, I hope Dim Wit Ardern heard that.

    I must say I was impressed with that even though I have bagged him a bit here lately. But credit, where credit is due.

  • Ex ADF 16/08/2019, 6:21 pm

    Supposedly the PM of Tonga had tears in his eyes at one stage of this BS! He was obviously thinking about the possibility of Australia ceasing funding, but he will be overjoyed when he can stuff his pockets with Chinese yuan!!!

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