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 The sacrificial lamb: it’s Easter in Angus Taylor’s office?

05.12.19. At last comes a break in the Angus Taylor saga regarding the Sydney Council travel expenses that Mr Taylor got horribly wrong. The chance to skewer his quarry was just too good for Angus to pass up and that obviously clouded his mind into not recalling the old adage: “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t!” And it wasn’t! Even a cursory glance by a schoolboy would have spelt rubbish as it did with the Labor Party who referred it to the police, which is ongoing.
Perhaps this is unfair but Taylor took too long to come up with a reason why it wasn’t his fault. It also took too long to find a sacrificial Lamb to offer up to a hungry media. So, they are going to slaughter staffer Josh Manuatu on Taylor’s office floor, send a pint of his blood to the Labor Party and stitch poor old Josh Manuatu back together and put him back to work—and we’re supposed to believe that?
Angus Taylor staffer Josh Manuatu has been identified as the person who distributed false information about the City of Sydney’s travel claims that triggered a police investigation.Source: Greg Brown and Alice Workman, News Corp

Angus Taylor staffer Josh Manuatu named as document leaker

The Australian has confirmed Mr Manuatu, the former federal president of the Young Liberals, obtained the false figures that were distributed to The Daily Telegraph.
He will remain in the office of the Energy Minister.
Mr Manuatu is the former chief of staff to Eric Abetz and spinner for ex-Hume MP Alby Schultz was drafted into Mr Taylor’s office to help the minister after the election.
Mr Taylor’s office referred The Australian to the minister’s previous statement: “I reject absolutely the suggestion that I, or any members of my staff, altered the document in question.”

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  • DT 05/12/2019, 8:15 am

    I read a story that was not widely publicised, that the purpose of the Sydney City Council travel expenses media exercise by Angus Taylor’s office staffer was about the climate emergency hoax, SCC have declared it along with other councils that did.

    SCC air travel expenses are not all or mostly paid by the SCC, most flights were based on donated airline tickets and therefore not accounted for in SCC records.

    Obviously the stunt that went wrong was meant to focus on the hypocrisy of airline travel in a claimed to be climate emergency.

    The SCC has a strong Greens focus .

  • Penguinite 05/12/2019, 8:22 am

    Still think the Turnbul’s were involved. Malcolm and son, at least, hate Taylor with a vengeance. They are all friends with Moore. Lucy was a Councillor. It was well within the remit of Lucy, who masterminded “Utegate” with the help of a poor schmuck from The Treasury named Grech, to convince a Taylor staffer to use the corrupted figures. Payback is a Turnbull trait! It’s in the genes!

    • DT 05/12/2019, 11:42 am

      At that time I was told that based on a computer system with many personal computers using a mainframe base like in Parliament House it is possible to send an email that disappears after it has been opened and closed.

      I noted that Mr.Mansion used his own PC, as did Clinton and Obama in the USofA.

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