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 The nightmare at Harbour Mansion

28.11.19. It’s like one of those really bad dream when you wake, sit on the side of the bed trying to figure out if it’s real or another dreadful nightmare.
It was dark and cold, the air heavy with the stench of rotting vegetation in a bubbling swamp. The floating flotsam slowly parts and your blood runs cold as a huge blob of slime in the image of Turnbull wearing an old republic cap pushes for forth. In fear of your life you grab a stick and start beating it and the pieces flying off are in the image Pirate Pete FitzSimons with little red bandanas wrapped around an open, empty cranium—that’s when you wake up in a sweat!
After largely avoiding the issue of Australia becoming a republic during his three years as prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull has refired the debate with a plan for a two-tiered republican vote that would include a plebiscite on whether a president should be elected by voters or the parliament.
Source: Greg Brown, News Corp 

Malcolm Turnbull fires debate with two-step push for republic

Mr Turnbull, who led the Australian Republican Movement’s yes campaign during the ill-fated 1999 referendum that decisively opted to keep the Monarchy, won the backing of the modern-day ARM after floating the plan at a speech on Tuesday night.
But his idea of a plebiscite to decide whether a republican head of state should be directly elected or appointed by parliament puts him at odds with the position of current ARM chair Peter FitzSimons.
During his time as Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull declared that the issue should not be revisited until the end of the Queen’s reign and that there was no appetite for change.
But in January 2018, after criticism from former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating that he lacked the political imagination to gain popular support to advance the republic, Mr Turnbull floated a postal survey or plebiscite to guage support for whether to have a directly elected president before holding a referendum to amend the Constitution.
That intervention sparked divisions in the Coalition with avowed monarchist Tony Abbott telling The Australian at the time that Mr Turnbull was “jumping on the Keating bandwagon’’ by holding out the prospect of a plebiscite.
When contacted on Wednesday about Mr Turnbull’s comments on Tuesday night, FitzSimons said he listened “very carefully” to Mr Turnbull’s proposal and it would be “carefully weighed up”.
“It would be like our damn hide to dismiss his views and I don’t in any way,” FitzSimons said. “We are resetting, moving forward again, and his views are being carefully weighed up.”
The Australian can reveal there was a $100,000 donation commitment lodged with ARM after a republican event in Canberra on Tuesday night, which was attended by Australia’s rugby league coach Mal Meninga, Anthony Albanese and more than a dozen MPs.
Speaking at the event at Old Parliament House, Mr Turnbull said: “we cannot afford to have another referendum where we are fighting on two fronts”.
“What we need to have is a plebiscite, a public vote, which sets out a direct election model and a parliamentary appointment model,” Mr Turnbull said, while adding he did not think the issue should be pursued until the end of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.
“Once that decision has been taken then that is the model … that gets put into amendments that go into the referendum.”
Speaking before Mr Turnbull at the event, FitzSimons said the first public vote should be on the question of whether Australia should become a republic, which was the position Labor took into the May election.
Opposition republic spokesman Matt Thistlethwaite also said Mr Turnbull’s idea should be considered.
Mr Thistlethwaite criticised Mr Turnbull for failing to take action on the issue when he was prime minister.
“Malcolm gave a very powerful and passionate speech, but where was that when he was prime minister?” Mr Thistlethwaite told The Australian.
“He has become Monday’s expert on the republic.”
Mr Turnbull said it was “crazy” having politicians forced to leave parliament because they are dual citizens while the Queen’s first allegiance was to another nation.
“She is not a citizen of Australia,” Mr Turnbull said.
“So how crazy is it that we say that a member of parliament or senator can only be a citizen of Australia because we want to have that undiluted, singular allegiance to this country and this country alone.
“And yet our head of state’s first allegiance, and that of the family, plainly is overwhelmingly of the land of their birth, the United Kingdom.”
Mr Turnbull said Australia was in “no way” an independent nation in 1901 or even when Sir Robert Menzies was prime minister.
“Don’t ever believe that our constitution was the birth certificate of the nation. Australia was not an independent nation in 1901. No way,” he said.
“Australia was a geographical description, it was a self-governing dominion of the British Empire.
“It was not an independent nation. But that is what we have become.
“And so the republican cause is a jealous cause because we say ‘we love this country so much we demand that our head of state is one of us as well’.”

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  • Cliff 28/11/2019, 6:22 am

    Am I the only one who wishes – (there has to be a far stronger word than that) – that both of these ghosts (Turnbull and Rudd) would just go away and never once grace our television screens, radios or newspaper pages ever again?

    • Disgruntled 28/11/2019, 7:36 am

      If only Cliff, if only!! Gee it would be fantastic eh.
      That bloody a@@@hole’s comments really energised Albosleasy and the whole sleasy opposition front bench to waste the whole Q.T. yesterday, NOT even one, not one question of any substance regarding the proper government of Australia. Only Dorothy Dixers from the others and there was not even one from them that effects the concerns of regional Aus. Absolutely pathetic!!!

      I thought Scomo had the excessive waffles yesterday when a few answers could have been short and sharp, but no, he had to carry on like a dill and supply an answer that then invigorated Sleasy to have another go. Scomo, I think needs to change a little bit how he does it!!!! The best answer was when Dutton showed some mirth when he had a shot at the honourable Mark Dufuss for his stupidity in not being able to score even one hit. At least Dutton does a real good job of answering every time, he’s good!!

      All of this stupidity is COSTING the country dearly. Running all this rot is incredibly expensive and unnecessary with time of pollies and ALL of the bureaucratic hangers-on, not to mention the loss to the country not getting resolve to issues

    • Albert 28/11/2019, 8:06 am

      Cliff, you can throw that moron FitzSimons into the mix but the only way to silence them is illegal.

      • Pensioner Pete 28/11/2019, 10:16 am

        Ah, the smell of cordite, nothing quite like it, really.

  • DT 28/11/2019, 7:00 am

    Postal ballot to decide yes or no to same sex marriage, changing the Marriage Act and citizens leave the details to politicians.

    Australia is independent now, during the 1930s the British Parliament passed an act that removed most of the powers of the monarch at home and in all Commonwealth of Nations member countries. During the 1980s the Australian Parliament passed the Australia Act to reinforce the British Act, and that also removed the right of Australians to appeal to the Privy Council in Great Britain, the High Court of Australia is the highest court of appeal.

  • DT 28/11/2019, 7:03 am

    7th July, 1991 – Turnbull is a founding director of the Australian Republican Movement (ARM). The organisation is a gaggle of elitist leftists and Labor Party figures including:

    Thomas Keneally – Leftist author. Gough Whitlam supporter. Member of the Advertising Standards Board that approved a “Lolita-style” jeans advert.
    Neville Wran – Former NSW Labor Premier.
    David Williamson – Leftist playwright. Gillard admirer. Carbon tax supporter.
    Franca Arena – State Labor MP.
    Geraldine Doogue – ABC “journalist”.
    David Hill – Then ABC Managing Director & future Laborcandidate.
    Faith Bandler – Feminist & former Communist Partymember.
    Donald Horne – Leftist journalist, Labor supporter.
    Jenny Kee – Hippie fashion designer who, at 43 years of age, had a relationship with a 22-year-old “toy boy” who subsequently committed suicide. Also posed nude on magazine covers and was a supporter of Gough Whitlam.
    Mark Day – Founding Editor of Australian Playboy & Penthouse.
    Harry Seidler – Son-in-law of former NSW Labor Minister, Clive Evatt (brother of the infamous ‘Doc’ Evatt).
    Franco Belgiorno-Nettis – A businessman who proclaims “Honestly, I don’t think I’m an Australian… I don’t feel Australian.” (Note that Turnbull repeatedly calls republicanism a patriotic movement)
    Ian Chappell – Token sportsman, hater of John Howard and Tony Abbott’s border protection policies.
    Fred Schepisi – Film director and (like Turnbull) a supporter of “artist” Bill Henson, who takes naked photos of children.
    Colin Lanceley – “Artist” and “committed socialist” who only returned to Australia from England due to his revulsion for Margaret Thatcher.
    Blanche D’Apulget – Then Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke’s then mistress (one of them, at least).
    John Menadue – Gough Whitlam’s private secretary and Department of PM&C head. Founding chair of leftist website ‘New Matilda’.
    Bruce Petty – Self-proclaimed socialist7 & cartoonist for The Age.
    The Liberal Party respond by setting up a monarchist task force, and they are attacked by Turnbull. NSW Liberal President and federal Liberal MP Peter King says the ARM is an ALP-inspired organisation “as obvious as night follows day”:

    “It’s Labor’s republic and nobody should be fooled by it.”
    Turnbull would later admit that the prominent Labor-aligned members of the ARM deliberately kept a low profile8 even though one of them, Neville Wran, had been a progenitor:

    “…the Australian Republican Movement was founded following a lunch between [Neville Wran] and Tom Keneally over a bottle of chardonnay. I just wish they had not said that, because we were always accused of being chardonnay-swilling elitists as a consequence.”

    Read all about it @


    • Disgruntled 28/11/2019, 5:21 pm

      DT, thanks for the list! interesting.

  • DT 28/11/2019, 7:12 am

    One of Mansion’s objectives is to change the Australian Constitution, to replace it with one that does not stand in the way of his globalist ambitions for Australia;

    “28th April, 1993 – For the H.V. Evatt Lecture, Prime Minister Paul Keating gives a major pro-republic speech, and admits that the republic is about “revolutionary change”, redefining Australia’s identity and Asian integration.

    The lecture is named for the leftist Labor Party stalwart, H.V. “Doc” Evatt, which was yet another indication of the nature of the republican movement.

    The Keating-Labor Government creates a “Republic Advisory Committee” to produce an options paper, and appoints Malcolm Turnbull as Chairman. The Liberals say it is a partisan attempt to deal with the issue.”

    ………….. NOTE: H.V. “Doc” Evatt was a Labor Attorney General said to have been a communist, and he gave the then recently established United Nations leftist infiltrators the plan to sign treaties with member nations that could be used to get around constitutional laws. Like Agenda 21 now 30 being implemented without asking we the people.

    Beware of the leftist Republican Movement, the lobbying for a republic spans back to the time of Federation when unionist migrants from Great Britain tried to remove Australia from alignment with their homeland. Maybe then they were thinking about a new world order?

  • Aktosplatz 28/11/2019, 8:21 am

    Better call in Ghostbusters

  • lorraine 28/11/2019, 9:24 am

    And the media print the Garbage , RIP Turnbull even when dead he will rise again…..just to piss us off

  • Jarrah 28/11/2019, 4:48 pm

    The ARM meeting to me just sounded like a group wank, especially when you see who attended. They get their modus operandi straight out of the democrats handbook, printed in the USA. Turnbull is so pathetic I am embarrassed for him.

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