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 The latest on Coronavirus

27.02.20. Note: Criminals are disguising themselves as WHO to steal money or sensitive information. If you are contacted by a person or organisation that appears to be from WHO, verify their authenticity before responding.
The number of new coronavirus cases being officially reported outside China has exceeded those reported by Beijing for the first time since the outbreak began, the World Health Organisation has said. There were 427 new cases reported by 37 countries on Tuesday (local time), compared with 411 by China, according to WHO. WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the sudden increases of cases in Italy, Iran and the South Korea were “deeply concerning”. 

Source: Wires

Coronavirus is now spreading faster outside of China for the first time

Infections linked to Iran had been confirmed in Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait and Oman, while cases tied to Italy had been found in Algeria, Austria, Croatia, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, Mr Tedros said.
South America on Wednesday (local time) also recorded its first case after Brazil’s Government confirmed a 61-year-old Brazilian who returned from Italy this month tested positive.
This means the virus has now spread to every continent except Antarctica.

About 81,000 people around the globe have been sickened by the coronavirus, while more than 2,700 people have died since the outbreak began in December.
“The increase in cases outside China has prompted some media and politicians to push for a pandemic to be declared,” he said.
“We should not be too eager to declare a pandemic without a careful and clear-minded analysis of the facts.”
On January 30, the WHO already declared a public health emergency of international concern, “our highest level of alarm”, he said in remarks to Geneva-based diplomats.
“Using the word pandemic carelessly has no tangible benefit, but it does have significant risk in terms of amplifying unnecessary and unjustified fear and stigma, and paralysing systems,” he added.
“It may also signal that we can no longer contain the virus, which is not true.
“We are in a fight that can be won if we do the right things.”
Mr Tedros said a WHO mission would travel to Iran at the weekend to provide support. It had originally meant to travel there on Tuesday.
Nineteen people have died and 139 people have been infected by coronavirus in Iran.
“We don’t expect a miracle in the short term,” Iran health ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour said.
Meanwhile, Italy recorded 52 new infections on Wednesday — bringing its total to 374 — and Greece became the newest country to see a case of the virus.
South Korea announced 284 new cases, largely in Daegu, bringing its total to 1,261.
China, still the epicentre of the crisis even as new outposts caught the world’s attention, reported 406 new cases and 52 more deaths. The country has a total of 78,604 cases of the virus and 2,715 fatalities.

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  • Finn 27/02/2020, 6:17 am

    I may have missed something but has there been a suggestion that this is an escaped biological warfare agent?

    Second question is economic. China was forced to knuckle down when President Trump pulled out the big stick and spoke with a loud voice. The knuckling down did not involve An extremely significant portion of its workforce being unable to work.

    Only prosperity can pay for a world-class military machine.

    With respect to the ordinary brave and resourceful Chinese people, and the massive distraction of value on world markets, does this look like they will be plunged back into poverty?

    Frankly, I hope not. Does anybody have a view?

    • Neville 27/02/2020, 11:09 pm

      1. yes, it has been so suggested (since Wuhan has China’s only level-4 lab concerned with creating biological weapons, and it’s known that the researchers have been working with variations of corona viruses.). And China has stated it is not. Of course, we can believe the Tienanmen Totalitarians, can’t we.
      2. ‘economic’: China’s debt bubble is in the trillions – plenty of details well and truly published in the public domain. Whichever way this pandemic goes, China is in for an arse-kicking, in many ways. I pity the Chinese common people; and contemptuously despise the Communist Party of China. http://cpc.people.com.cn/english/

  • Pensioner Pete 27/02/2020, 7:19 am

    I was reading a week ago, an article claiming the blueprint for the corona-virus was stolen (via hacking I assume), from a bio-warfare lab in Canada, three years ago to surface in a Chinese bio-weapon laboratory in Wuhan, whereupon two lab workers recently became careless and contracted the virus to die soon after.

    The whistle was blown by a lab doctor, who was promptly frogmarched into detention where he was held for a number of days, released, only to die soon after from the virus.

    One can only remain suspicious the whole story will never be told, nor will the number of actual deaths in China resulting from this virus ever be known.

    There is also a line of thought, this situation was actually ‘engineered’ to destroy the Chinese economy because they were becoming a threat to the plans of the so called New World Order.

    • DT 27/02/2020, 10:34 am

      If true I wonder what NWO is doing to try and stop the post Brexit revival of the Commonwealth of Nations member countries forming closer economic relations and defence agreements, with USA and Japan committing as well?

      And will they hold the EU together post Brexit?

      • Pensioner Pete 27/02/2020, 10:54 am

        DT: I don’t know what the NWO are doing about post Brexit revival, but I reckon, whatever it is, it will not be in the interests of those who exist in the Commonwealth.

        In respect of if the EU will hold together, I believe there will be more nations leaving the EU, however, the core will remain intact until it eventually disappears up it’s own clacker.

  • Peter W 27/02/2020, 11:30 am

    Still amazed as to how it has escaped Indonesia.

  • Bwana Neusi 27/02/2020, 4:23 pm

    Interesting that Iran’s fatality rate from the virus is 13% whilst China’s rate is reputed to be 3%. Either fudged figures, or one their retired general’s optimism for an ethnic targeting virus has some truth to it.

    • Neville 27/02/2020, 11:10 pm

      Noticed that too, BN.

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