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 The Greta Thunberg mania continues

05.12.19. Ostensibly sane people, probably the ones who embody a healthy dollop of common sense are left shaking their heads as factions of the ‘new world’ can’t wait to pile on board what is the flavour of the week. The #MeeTo changes its cause by the day. The Farm-raiding vegans. The climate emergency morons and the list goes on. Such a huge amount of time and energy expended can be sifted down to a single denominator—unemployed people with too much time on their hands! And, in no way potential leaders of the nation but moronic bludgers freeloading on the system! Greta Thunberg’s extraordinary following is an example. Andrew Bolt can see the ruse:
Child messiah Greta Thunberg has finally sailed back to Europe, and the media is again falling for the fakery. Take the ABC, awed that Thunberg sailed back from the United States rather than catch one of the jets she blames for helping to create this “climate catastrophe” where already “people are dying”. It burbled: “She says she travelled by catamaran instead of plane to ‘send a message it is possible’ to live a sustainable lifestyle.”
Source: Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
Andrew Bolt: Greta Thunberg sails in from the fringes of reality 

Er, wait. Doesn’t the ABC check anything in its mad promotion of the climate scare?
For a start, sailing between the US and Europe is hardly a sustainable “lifestyle” choice for the more than 70 million people who each year fly between the two continents.
But even the British skipper of the catamaran says Thunberg just proved the opposite of what the ABC so cheerily reported – not that this was a sustainable way to travel, but that it wasn’t.
Child messiah Greta Thunberg has finally sailed back to Europe and the media is once again falling for the fakery.
As Nikki Henderson said in a Facebook post: “This trip was … to make the point that there isn’t a sustainable way to travel yet, and there needs to be.”
Henderson freely admitted she’d flown to the US to take the helm of Thunberg’s yacht and bring her to Spain for yet another United Nations’ conference on global warming.
What’s more, their yacht had “a diesel engine as a back-up”.
Thunberg would have caused fewer emissions had she simply caught a plane.
The ABC should have been alert to this Potemkin trip. There’d been plenty of reports that when Thunberg sailed to the US in the first place, two crew flew over from Europe to bring back her boat.
The sheer impossibility of living as this absolutist 16-year-old preaches should temper the media’s enthusiasm for treating the sermons of the Swedish sage as a holy blueprint for life.
In fact, they should ask who’s taken over the coaching of this child, now on a permanent school strike.
In her latest broadside, Thunberg strikes a new and deeply ideological tone that sounds like it’s straight from America’s most radical campus.
“The climate crisis is not just about the environment,” she declares.
“Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fuelled it. We need to dismantle them all.”
Really? That sounds as if Thunberg has emerged not just from the sea, but its furthest fringe.

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  • Aktosplatz 05/12/2019, 6:41 am

    Greta Thunberg has only been elevated to prominence because the MSM have been ramming it down our throats. They have abused her with this publicity and her childish ego has done the rest.

    At the appropriate time she will be dropped from publicity and will end up as a lonely, mentally ill woman relying on Welfare.

    • DT 05/12/2019, 7:43 am

      Soros and Associates have financial interests in many media companies.

      • Pepperpete 05/12/2019, 7:56 am

        Many target the young, in particular teens. Their plan to change the world involves brainwashing our children and grandchildren.

      • Cliff 05/12/2019, 9:24 am

        If the children in my extended family are anything to go by, it seems to be wildly successful, PP. Most of the young one have swallowed the KoolAid completely, bottle and all.

  • Pepperpete 05/12/2019, 7:53 am

    Tell the lie long enough….

  • Penguinite 05/12/2019, 8:09 am

    Marxism personified! For additional viewing watch:
    We must regain our children before Greta Garbo et al can infect their minds.

  • PeterW 05/12/2019, 9:57 am

    See where our kids have dropped in education standards even further despite many millions of $s thrown into the system.
    And the brainwashers on the left cannot see their agendas from the union is responsible for the brain drain
    Time to realise the only taxpayers funds that will fix this is a mass retrenchment of morons from the classrooms.
    Too much time discussing the gnat brained sock puppet Greta Turdberger.

    • DT 05/12/2019, 11:34 am

      Opposition Leader Abbott and Team agreed to support Labor’s Gonski education grants to the state governments but also said they would, if elected to government, work with the state governments to return to teaching the basics again, and after that no guarantee that Gonski would continue.

      The NSW Premier recently announced back to basics will be returned to NSE schools soon.

      There is or was a problem in reintroducing those subjects, most younger teachers were never taught them and had to be trained.

  • Jack Richards 05/12/2019, 10:26 am

    How I despise that idiot and all those pulling her strings. The only colonial expansion I see today is that by China making huge and unrepayable loans to 3rd world countries so that, when they default, the Chinese move in and take over their resources – and the ongoing colonisation of western countries by Muslims and Africans. The greatest level of racism is found in Africa and South and East Asia. The “patriarchy” is a term for anything owned or run by white men and is broad enough to include liberal democracy and personal freedom.

    Everything that moron says is just a regurgitation of what her cage-keepers have fed her – and it’s all straight from the works of Marx dating from 1848 and 1867. But they call themselves “progressive” while espousing economic and social theories that date back to the industrial revolution 170 years ago!

    The aim of all the “progressives” is to install a totalitarian regime modelled on that of Lenin/Stalin and Mao – and all their imitators across the 3rd world in the last 70 years.

    I’m glad I won’t be around to see these Marxist puritans gain global power. It will be a bigger nightmare than even George Orwell could foresee where, as is happening, a banal comment in a private home will get you years in the concentration and labour camps.

    The world is headed for a new dark age that will be almost impossible to reverse – after all, they’ll have all the guns.

    • PeterW 05/12/2019, 11:16 am

      Well said Jack.
      My ar$e…

    • DT 05/12/2019, 11:37 am

      I am with you Jack but I do have some confidence in the return of centre-right conservative strengths by MPs and former MPs like Abbott, Molan, Hastie and many others who feel like we do about the situation.

      Also President Trump and supporters.

  • pattoh 05/12/2019, 11:27 am

    I wonder if anybody explained to her just how much energy[ CO2] & metal & hydrocarbons goes into constructing the average sailing ship.

    If you reverse the maths & calculate the Joules per person per km of travel the average yacht would probably be on par with a helicopter let alone a commercial jet. [ or a bloody wind turbine for that matter]

    She will need serious psycological help later in life if she really believes her act & reality lands.

    Poor thing…………..

    • Aktosplatz 05/12/2019, 2:56 pm

      She wouldn’t understand any of that, Pattoh, as her school education has been severely compromised. And she doesn’t know it.

      This is a bad case of Child Abuse by her guardians.

  • JRT 05/12/2019, 3:54 pm

    I have a question for St Greta (and her UN handlers). What is her understanding of perpetually burning coal seam fires and her (their) advice on how to extinguish them. They are worldwide and some have been burning for thousands of years. The one in NSW, Burning Mountain, reportedly has been burning for 6,000 years.

    • Moree 05/12/2019, 8:26 pm

      Played cricket there many times, in Wingen itself, I mean
      Brother married the daughter of the store owner.
      CWA did the catering – all home cooked food, still remember how good it was.
      Not really much to see, just bare rock with a bit of ash. Worth seeing, just to say you saw it.

      • JRT 05/12/2019, 11:57 pm

        Thank you, Moree, You have just made my argument BIG time. There are many such fires in India, China, USA and elsewhere causing no harm. Where does climate change (emergency) come into the discussion? That is the fact that these people avoid because it does not suit their narrative. These fires are a NATURAL phenomenon yet bushfires are caused by climate change. Just saying.

  • Mark 06/12/2019, 11:32 am

    Swimming would be sustainable. Maybe Greta could show us how this can be done between New York and London.

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