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 The Compromise of 2021

11.11.20. The Liberal Party must learn from its recent experience in Queensland. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has won a third term in office, declaring victory for her party and entering the history books as a Labor legend after being rewarded by voters for her handling of the coronavirus pandemic. But the reality is that she had no real opposition that articulated her faults clearly. Excluding her handling of the Chinese Flu, her performance on everything else should have had her kicked out. Deb Frecklington — who led the LNP to the polls for the first time — vowed to continue as “leader of this great party,” saying they would keep on holding the Palaszczuk Government to account now or in the future. We need to have a Johannes Bjelke-Petersen to take on the left in Queensland and Victoria and a rod of steel to put up the back of our PM jacket. The US is lucky it has some options for dealing with the commo side of politics with Mr Trump as Townhall’s Jason Garshfield explains:2020 is shaping up to be the most hotly contested presidential election since 1876.
In that inauspicious year, as you may recall, Democrat Samuel Tilden won the popular vote, but after a protracted Electoral College battle, Republican Rutherford B. Hayes was declared the winner in exchange for his promise to end Reconstruction and remove federal troops from the South.
The Compromise of 1877 – as it was called – was a historical tragedy which paved the ways for decades of Jim Crow. However, the precedent it set could be used for nobler purposes today. Donald Trump should take a leaf from the Tilden playbook: in no circumstance should he concede the election without receiving some major concessions in exchange.
As of right now, the outcome of the presidential election is still uncertain. If Joe Biden wins, his position will not be strong. A President Biden would likely face a Republican Senate, which would effectively prevent him from passing any major legislation, or appointing any judges or Cabinet nominees, without bipartisan support. If he tried to rule by executive order, he would be subject to the rulings of a 6-3 conservative Supreme Court and a federal judiciary where a quarter of judges are now Trump appointees.
Still, Republican control of the Senate is far from guaranteed, and Democrats retain a chance of claiming a narrow majority. The American people cannot rely on the whims of that body alone to prevent Democrats from implementing the most radical planks of their 2020 platform. They need another line of defense, and Donald Trump can provide one.
Even if Joe Biden is found to be the clear winner of the Electoral College once all legal votes are counted, Trump will still have plenty of room for mischief. While he likely won’t barricade himself in the White House, he can refuse to concede, call Biden a cheater, and spend his last two months in office sabotaging the executive branch in any way he can. After leaving the White House, Trump can use his vast fortune to pepper Biden with legal challenges and continue to hold rallies all over the United States, loudly proclaiming to raucous crowds that Biden is an illegitimate usurper whose authority should not be respected.
Biden could get this treatment… or he could get a gracious concession speech from Trump and a peaceful and orderly transition of power. In no case should Trump give him the latter without eliciting significant concessions from the Democrats.
This means abandoning all of the radical proposals of Bernie Sanders and the Squad. No Green New Deal, no Medicare-for-All, no assault weapons ban, no Court packing, no D.C. statehood, no Puerto Rico statehood unless a blue state is split in two to create a new red state, no nationwide Covid lockdowns, no critical race theory, no removal of due process for college students accused of Title IX violations, no radical picks for Cabinet positions or judicial vacancies. None of it. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris must both publicly commit themselves to governing as the moderates that they have spent the last several months claiming to be.
If this truly was about saving America from the alleged evils of Trump, and not about implementing a plan to fundamentally reshape America into a democratic socialist nation, then here is Democrats’ chance to prove it by agreeing to a Biden presidency in exchange for a centrist policy agenda.
Lest I be accused of defeatism, allow me to emphasize that there is no reason yet to accept Trump as the loser of the election. However, if the prospect for a Trump victory grows bleak in the coming weeks, then this sort of deal will serve as an insurance policy against the worst tendencies of the Democratic Party. While the Compromise of 1877 did great and lasting harm to our nation, a similarly concocted Compromise of 2021 might save it, ensuring that we are governed by a moderate coalition rather than a junta of fringe left-wing activists hell-bent on foisting their radical agenda upon the rest of us.
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  • Ozman 11/11/2020, 6:46 am

    Pathetic commentary:
    However, if the prospect for a Trump victory grows bleak in the coming weeks, then this sort of deal will serve as an insurance policy against the worst tendencies of the Democratic Party.

    Trump has the election in the bag. Ballots submitted after election day are not legitmate and if counted are illegal. When the polls closed and the counting started no more ballots could be registered or submitted. Yet millions found their way into the counting centres the following days that were all for Joe Biden. The election fraud is so rampant that dead voters, illegal voters in other counties, discarded Republican votes were bagged for the rubbish, sharpie pens that did not register in the machines were issued to Republic voters, intimidation and ballot guidance for Biden was overseen in voting booths, Republicans were prevented from validating the counting, machines were programmed to switch votes, more votes were submitted than registered voters, and more.

    Trump has the constitution on his side and if this goes to Congress, Republicans have two more votes than the Democrats which should be 52 to 48 for Trump to be elected President.

  • Graham Richards 11/11/2020, 7:11 am

    I’ll say it again. The LNP party rooms, state & federal are full of deadbeats. They need flushing and replacing with younger people with good clean conservative views, and a strong desire to serve, not pick & choose benefits, not vomit up policies which will serve only o keep them in office.
    Examples :
    French submarines
    Pushing crap uphill (Snowy 2)
    Joining clubs to help destroy our country (Paris Accord)
    Flooding the country with 3rd world cultures

    Need I go on?

  • luk1955 11/11/2020, 8:51 am

    Malcolm Roberts and Rodney Culleton are 2 Aussies who come to mind. Raised issues no one else would touch. Rod is fighting to get his spot back after his fellow senators stabbed him in the back with their non support, and Malcolm gets ignored completely. Especially on the bail in issue for the banks to steal your deposits to cover their derivatives losses. And Aussies do not care.


    • Albert 11/11/2020, 9:22 am

      Unfortunately luk1955 there are few real Aussies left as dopey politicians, including our Clayton’s PM, have filled and are filling the country with the wrong class of blow-ins who are here only for the sugar on the table.

  • Aktosplatz 11/11/2020, 9:45 am

    I thought Freckles had quit as ;NP Leader because ( all of a sudden) her family is more important, so she said.

    According to this report “Deb Frecklington — who led the LNP to the polls for the first time — vowed to continue as “leader of this great party,” saying they would keep on holding the Palaszczuk Government to account now or in the future. ”

    Freckles has done buggar all so far, why would she start now? She won’t of course, but the pay and the perks are good.

    That therefore means Labor will win the next QLD Election if this is the case.

    Can’t we get the LNP deregistered as a Party so we can get rid of them? Splitting the Coalition up would be a good start.

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