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 The ABC cries: completely removed from reality

30.06.20. The ABC’s bleating about job losses and funding cuts has ended the culture of immunity, if only in a very small way. Now, for the first time ever, some will face the possibility of walking the streets for a job, getting paid much less for Leftist, Woke qualifications that don’t serve the wider population. The days when the ABC cries poor and the taxpayer coughs up are over. The pandemic has barely affected those privy to the citizens purse. It’s the private sector that’s taking slug in the guts, the lifters in a competitive arena in which the majority of Australian workers toil who are now on their knees, broken, tired and very frightened of an uncertain future. But the insular culture of the ABC is oblivious to the real world and one day their cocooned lives will be stood on its head, thus ending an unaffordable cabal of arrogant mediocrity.
There were more sad departures from The Australian last week, and the week before. You will not have read much about redundancies and job losses at News Corp this year, save for some infantile gloating from “ideological” enemies on social media.

Source: Chris Kenny, News Corp

Cue the violins: ABC needs to put its trivial troubles into perspective

Why? It is not major news and the focus of those still working is to knuckle down and try to do more with less. Commercial realities cannot be denied, we can only adapt and innovate to deal with them. The confluence of structural, cyclical and pandemic challenges in this year of COVID-19 have presented widespread pain across the industry.
From Buzzfeed to Bauer magazines, from Channel 10 to the Seven Network, and from the Gawler Bunyip to the Sunraysia Daily, the
In a cruel irony, demand for content has never been higher — with so much happening here and abroad, the thirst for information is insatiable. But monetising eyeballs in the digital age is even harder in a recession.
Against this backdrop it is galling to see taxpayer-funded executives and journalists at our public broadcasters use their taxpayer-funded platforms to complain about modest savings — a funding freeze they have had two years to plan for and which amounts to a two per cent cut in real terms. Cue the violins.
Last Wednesday the ABC news website ran the potential loss of 250 ABC jobs as the main story of the day, even though this is from a workforce of more than 4000 and will likely be achieved through voluntary redundancies over three years. The following day Qantas axed 6000 jobs.
The conceit of ABC journalists is hard to stomach at a time like this. Annabel Crabb tweeted about how Australians would have been misled if they had to rely on commercial radio for coronavirus news rather than the ABC; yet it was the ABC and Norman Swan that led the charge on erroneous and catastrophist pandemic predictions that ­fuelled hysteria.
Likewise Crabb, Leigh Sales and others have enlisted bushfire coverage to justify funding demands. But useful news coverage by the ABC has been constantly interspersed with misleading climate change angles as the public broadcaster has used the summer tragedy to advance an ideological cause.
The ABC is funded to provide a national network to cover news such as the bushfires. Yet they use the fact that they provide that service as a justification to demand more funding — it is a circular and self-obsessed logic.
When you hear some politicians claim the ABC doesn’t care about regional Australia, remember the facts: no media organisation does more to cover the whole country than the ABC. Don’t take my word – here’s the late National Party leader & champion for regional
In a stunning demonstration of the organisation’s disconnect from the mainstream it serves, the ABC has failed to place its own minor budget pressures within the context of a nation (and a world) confronted by pandemic-induced recession. Its own lack of financial constraint is difficult to fathom. Head of ABC news Gaven Morris is paid more than $600,000 and the managing director’s salary tops $1m. Waste and indulgence is everywhere.
Former ABC stalwart Barrie Cassidy — who has tweeted about “ideologically driven funding cuts” — was brought back from retirement for an interview series that was apparently beyond the wit of any of the 4230 people still drawing an annual salary. Likewise, when then part-time presenter Kerry O’Brien wanted to interview Paul Keating it somehow could not be produced within the resources of a communications behemoth with a billion-dollar budget; instead the ABC paid O’Brien’s production company.
The public broadcaster is replete with lifers and people whose spouses, partners and children are employed in the same organisation — and they wonder why diversity is a problem. And still, as we know, a plurality of ideas eludes them.
“The relentless funding cuts are now biting into bone,” wrote The Drum host Julia Baird on Facebook last week. “This will impact our ability to hold the powerful accountable and carve space for voices not heard, stories not told. We are all gutted.” The piety and self-interest are staggering from people who must know what is going on in the real world.
Maybe in some instances they could do more with less. Perhaps a staff of 10 and a salary of close to $250,000 for a host is too high a price to pay for 15 minutes a week of Media Watch, especially when Paul Barry has turned it into a deceptive and ideological rant. The 7.30 team produces only four programs a week.
David Speers has gone from hosting at least 10 hours of high-quality television a week at SkyNews (plus debates and special projects) to a one-hour, weekly Insiders program. He could host 7.30, Q&A and Insiders every week and still not be as busy as he was at SkyNews.
The ABC has given a higher priority to quantity of platforms rather than quality of content. Resources are not their problem but rather their resourcefulness.
We know bureaucracies are self-perpetuating and unremittingly introspective, but the ABC should not be inflicting their angst on audiences. After a week of journalists arguing their own interests, Insiders really lived up to its name on Sunday with three of the four commentators on the ABC payroll, and the Communications Minister Paul Fletcher being grilled about ABC funding.
ABC radio host Patricia Karvelas finished the program with a final bit of special pleading in which she seemed to suggest that trimming ABC funding would damage the nation. “Journalism matters and accountability matters,” Karvelas said. True enough. But why then should the ABC never be accountable?

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  • Lorraine 30/06/2020, 8:19 am

    The protected species at the ABC , it’s the Zoo that no one wishes to visit. Squawking galahs a plenty at the feeding trough.

    • Big Al 30/06/2020, 10:11 am

      A lovely turn of phrase; so apt, too.

  • JG 30/06/2020, 9:05 am

    Shut the ABC down the poor protected species. Of course ALP and Greens will cry tears of blood to support their media arm the ABC.

  • wal1957 30/06/2020, 10:24 am

    We all know that the Libs haven’t got the cojones to really tackle their ABC.

    BUT…. they now have to look at how to fix the fiscal mess that they have created as a result of their handling of the wuhan virus.
    Tax increases, budget cuts, or both?
    I can see the slimy a$$wipes eyeing off the treasure trove being the superannuation funds. The potential $$$ available for these leeches will be too much to ignore.
    However if they have any credibility they are going to have to look at the size of the public service, that obviously includes their ABC. While they have no control over staff numbers, they do control the purse strings.
    Will they, won’t they? My bet is that they would prefer to have the outraged twatterati brigade on their side rather than tackle their ABC. Cowards!

    • Philippe Armstrong 30/06/2020, 1:00 pm

      Wal1957. Liberals do nothing about it because they are spineless lefties just like Labor. Scomo apologised to Australians today for having to go back to work and receiving less than jobkeeper.

      • wal1957 30/06/2020, 3:05 pm

        There was a time that I would, and could argue against the Libs being labelled as lefties. Sadly that is no longer the case.
        I can only agree with you assertion now because that is exactly what the Libs are. Spineless lefties!

  • Philippe Armstrong 30/06/2020, 12:57 pm

    ABC love socialism. They are the elites and everyone else the slaves. All they do is virtue signal. Getting down and dirty or doing some hard yards and doing what works is kryptonite to them. Responsibility is kryptonite to them also. Blame, grievance, race politics, identity politics, race-baiting and spruiking for socialism is what they do best.

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