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 The ABC: busy selling out Australia abroad!

11.01.20. April fools day has become an everyday caper as the demented Greta Thunberg lemmings race desperately for the precipice edge and cry ‘glory to me’ as they plummet to the rocky bottom of mass lunacy. Many of those poor fools have some form of education. That in itself begs the question of effective education supposedly taught in our institutions—group-think is evident. It is well to be capable of reading the words of Shakespeare and Thackeray but to understand the complexities of such words and indeed the intended plot clearly requires more wit than they possess. ABC’s presenter Louise Yaxley fits that group of zombies which further questions the national value of their ABC under the auspices of an equally inept senior management. A day of reckoning is essential if Australia is to progress and the ABC is just one of the impediments to be put right! Video Source: Sky News.

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  • Peter W 11/01/2020, 9:47 am

    Such juvenile placards – seriously! That is kindergarten stuff. Developing brain cells in action.

    • Big Al 11/01/2020, 4:14 pm

      “Develop[ed] brain cells in action”; sorry PW, it needed editing as I don’t think those twits’ brains could go any further, as exhibited by their current moronic state – the guy in the middle, second row front the front line, seems to be looking at his silicon extension as the stuff under his shaved head has clearly not developed, I would think.

  • Xword 11/01/2020, 1:10 pm

    “Maybe if was called Father Nature you’d give a … shit, I’ve run out of space … “

  • DT 11/01/2020, 3:47 pm

    Many are the student unionist activists.

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