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 The 97% Hoax

11.01.20. Politicians, movie stars, Greens, Social Justice Warriors, and the mentally unstable like journalists and academics rally around one one single article of faith – that 97% of the world’s scientists believe in global warming, climate change, climate catastrophe, honesty in the Bureau of Meterology and CSIRO, and that the Great Barrier Reef is doomed. Most of these dupes have less education than Greta Thunberg or profited less by more. And, get their opinions from the same guy who sold Jack the magic beans.
Please note that the word “politicians” above means “professional politicians” – men and women who have politics as a career, principally because they are unfitted for honest work.
As regards the 97% hoax… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewJ6TI8ccAw&t=636s
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  • DT 11/01/2020, 4:08 am

    Terrible situation.

  • DT 11/01/2020, 4:29 am

    Climate emergency: the upper atmosphere is cooling as the decline in solar activity continues, the last Maunder Minimum resulted in a Little Ice Age that ended only a few hundred years ago.


  • Big Al 11/01/2020, 5:39 am

    Ian Plimer nailed all this years ago, and his book ‘Climate change delusion and the great electricity rip-off’ nails it to a tee.

    The whole political class – Libs, Labs and Greens – are all chasing the minds of the ‘97% morons’ that now populate our country, to the detriment – economic and tranquility – of our once great country. I just wish to see sanity to return before I shove off to the wild blue yonder.

    • JG 11/01/2020, 8:04 am

      I will not be around if common sense returns as I see the loony socialist Left/Green spitting out their garbage for years to come helped by idiotic media and dumb and dumber pollies only interested in their own pockets and power.
      The penny will only drop when Australia becomes a third world country controlled by China or the like.
      Tooooooooooooooooo Late then

  • JS 11/01/2020, 7:17 am

    The Final Explanation of Chemtrails (As accelerator of bushfires)
    By Anna Von Reitz
    I have edited for posting to this site…

    And, so it is no surprise that the chemtrails are largely a slurry of noxious compounds and chemical elements collected from coal ash, aluminium manufacturing, oil refining, and metal smelting— all being sprayed on us and the Earth we depend on as our home and food source.

    You are now prepared to hear the single common denominator linking all those noxious compounds and chemical elements found in chemtrail residues: they are all flammable:

    Strontium — emits flammable gases on contact with water;
    Barium — a flammable solid that produces hydrogen gas;
    Aluminum dust — reacts with water, acids and alkalis, gives off hydrogen gas;
    Magnesium — highly flammable especially when powdered;
    Aluminum Oxide — dust forms explosive mixtures in the air;
    Thorium — pyrophoric, ignites spontaneously;
    Lithium — flammable and potentially explosive when exposed to air and water.

    These are the makings of a form of chemical fire known as a “metals fire” which only gets worse when you dump water on it. And these are the industrial waste products they have been spraying all over creation for the past decade.

    Observe what is happening in Australia and what happened in Alaska this past summer. Fires. Absolutely massive fires destroying everything in their path.

    And please observe that this all fits right in with the religious nutcase’s narrative: the Earth will be destroyed by fire (2 Peter 3:10) and a third of mankind destroyed by fire, smoke, and sulfur (Rev. 9:18).

    I digress. I just wanted to point out how these vermin pursue a quasi-Biblical narrative, and propose to use Biblical prophecy fulfillment as an excuse to hide their own vile actions and avoid accountability.

    So now you finally know the agenda pursued by the Chemtrails.


    See this article and over 2200 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

  • Lorraine 11/01/2020, 8:01 am

    either way we are doomed, I thank my stars I had the best of years, and sadly with the current insanity of many morons the demise will happen in the next few years.

  • Disgruntled 11/01/2020, 8:44 am

    Slightly, but only just slightly off topic. Looks like no more development on the horizon for Queensland regional areas because of the lice laced current gobmint {how dare they}
    A cut and paste,

    {{ More UN-driven communist madness from Palaszczuk/Trad, wantonly blocking any prospect of the Bradfield scheme to harvest flooding rains and direct water to drought-stricken areas.

    Drastic changes to the Lake Eyre Basin Management Plan, proposed by the Queensland Labor Government under new “Pristine Rivers” legislation, could crucify future development in north and western Queensland, Katter’s Australian Party MPs have warned.

    Environment Minister Leanne Enoch announced a review into the basin’s management plan just before Christmas, saying the “proposed framework will increase protections for streams and floodplains in the Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin”.

    KAP State Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter said the secret proposal, the details of which have so far only been shared with invited stakeholders, could lock up almost of third of Queensland and make much of the state’s prime mining and agricultural land untouchable.

    He said the misguided move, aimed at shoring up Labor’s green credentials in Brisbane ahead of the 2020 State Election, would also rip away all economic opportunities open to a vast portion or rural and remote Queensland.

    “The Labor Government has time and time again smashed regional, rural and remote Queensland with legislation that suits them in Brisbane but rips opportunity and autonomy away from us,” Mr Katter said.

    “So far this term they have given us the reef regulations and the tree-clearing laws, all because of the need to keep feeding the green monster in Brisbane.

    “Now this ‘Pristine Rivers’ proposal is their third attack, and it’s being launched ahead of the election campaign.

    “All the KAP can say on behalf of these northern and western areas is that we are sick of being the sacrificial lambs to win Green votes in Brisbane. }}

    Just goes to show how Labor respect and support regional Qld.
    NOT, definitely not. How anybody living and working west of the Bruce Highway can give these clowns a vote is beyond me!!!!!

    And just recently our beloved??? leader of the opposition gave Palaszczuk a huge leg up in the popularity stakes, blimey how could one female be that stupid!! It is well past time for a new leader, well past time!! Qld LNP are going to struggle what with Pauline Hanson and Robbie Katter performing as they are now.

    • Pensioner Pete 11/01/2020, 9:29 am

      We, who reside west of the Great Dividing Range, have our splintery lumps of 4 x 2 hardwood at the ready come Queensland elections in October. I expect those in regional centres up the coast outside the SE corner are equally as ready.

      I cannot see, at this stage, Labor coming within a bulls roar of holding onto government after the October elections, the LNP will take a bit of a deserved flogging whilst Pauline Hanson’s One Nation continues to go from strength to strength. Hopefully, One Nation and other independents can take the ‘reins of power’ to turn around the coming economic disaster for Queensland due to the Puzzleduck/Triad policies.

  • Maryanne 11/01/2020, 8:44 am

    Why don’t the morons calling for 100% renewable energy take themselves off the grid? Why don’t they give up all their comforts and toys such as mobile phones which cannot be manufactured without mining? Because they’re bloody hypocrites. At least the hippies of my youth acted on their convictions by leaving the cities and scratching a living as best they could. Eventually they realised that utopias are unattainable.

  • Aktosplatz 11/01/2020, 10:11 am

    True Scientific Method never involves any sort of consensus. Scientific Method stipulates the pecking order:-Hypotheses, theories, ‘in vitro’ (laboratory) tests, then proven by ‘in vivo’ actual results, the latin ‘in vivo’ =’in the living’.
    That’s how it’s always been done.

    Computer modelling is ‘in vitro’ and those theoretical results have to be proved in reality (‘in vivo’) before accepted as fact. And these alleged 97% are all quoting computer modelling.

    Thus 97% of ‘in vitro’ results are still all unproven, that whole statement is meaningless.

  • Finn 12/01/2020, 6:53 pm

    And 97% is simply a dead set barefaced lie. Even Prof Cook did not come to that

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