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Sydney wildfires: have the arsonists been snapchatted?

Sydney wildfires: have the arsonists been snapchatted?

Fire investigators are suggesting the raging Sydney wildfires were deliberately lit. A video clip has come to the attention of authorities and we can only hope that bears fruit enough to have the mongrels involved doing hard labour for a very long time. An example has to be set. No more cups of tea and counselling!

A Snapchat video of a group of men standing near a fire and laughing as it spreads throughout the bush is being investigated by New South Wales police. The vision was posted to Snapchat on Tuesday morning and quickly came to the attention of the NSW Rural Fire Service, whose volunteers have been battling a large bushfire.

Source: ABC

Bushfire strike force investigating footage from Snapchat video

The blaze began in Sydney’s south-west on Saturday afternoon and burnt through parts of the Holsworthy army base, before threatening hundreds of homes.
A spokesman for the RFS, Chris Garlick, said there was nothing to suggest at this stage that the vision was of the bushfire that threatened homes in Wattle Grove, Pleasure Point, Voyager Point, Menai, Bangor and Barden Ridge over the weekend.
However, the vision had been passed on to Strike Force Carpi, which is investigating how the bushfire started.
“We can’t confirm that it is the fire out at Holsworthy but it is…in the hands of police and will form part of the investigation on where that fire occurred and who was responsible for lighting that particular fire,” Mr Garlick said.
He said it was dangerous for anyone to be in the vicinity of an uncontained fire in bushland.
“Anyone who is caught lighting fires is irresponsible, there’s no two ways about it,” he said.
“They are placing themselves in danger and eventually the crews who are going out there to fight these fires.”
Bushfire now contained
About 200 firefighters worked on Tuesday at Holsworthy and Barden Ridge backburning and creating containment lines.
By 6:30pm, the Holsworthy bushfire was considered contained, Mr Garlick said.
“Over the next few days our crews have a lot of hard work ahead of them mopping up and extinguishing all the hotspots within the containment lines of this fire,” he said.
“As these days continue, we are expecting milder conditions which will ease that threat, but residents should monitor those conditions and take advice from firefighters on the ground and through our website.”
As a result of backburning operations, some smoke would continue to remain in the Sydney area, potentially even as far as the Blue Mountains.

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  • dweezy2176 18/04/2018, 8:50 am

    One of them is very visible in the vid so if they are guilty of anything, hopefully, someone will dob them in

  • Clarion Call 18/04/2018, 4:04 pm

    Hey, even if they apprehend these criminal misfits they generally drop to their knees and use the ‘mental problems’ or ‘my mother took away my toys’ defence. A friendly (left wing) magistrate/judge nods knowingly and issues a harsh sentence of thirty lashes with a goose feather. When did you last hear about a decent jail time sentence issued for any of these disturbed and dangerous criminals?. All kept under wraps for fear of a public backlash. Ah yes…today’s judicial system…a crim’s friend in waiting.

    • Joe Blogs 18/04/2018, 4:52 pm

      Agree, CC: a public backlash – administered with a cat-o’-nine-tails – would be a fitting component of their punishment.

  • Lorraine 18/04/2018, 7:27 pm

    and the Judge slapped them with a fine ,and a week in detention, now behave yourselves

  • Clarion Call 18/04/2018, 7:59 pm

    Er..Lorraine; which four-star hotel are you referring to as ‘detention’? And the ‘fine’ bit would be the judge asking the fire-bug: “Son, are you fine with my choice of luxury hotel for your pleasure?” That’s how it works, you see. (sarc)

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