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 Steggall in Warringah: congrats on your village idiot!

12.07.19. It must be coincidence that Dr Kerryn Phelps ex-MP for Wentworth and the now MP Zali Steggall for Warringah are both useless  repesentatives of the people—well, they are to people with any sense at least. Phelps, in her short political career endowed the tax payer with a burden of millions and a loophole for undesirables into Australia and thus Centrelink their ultimate goal. And Steggall, well, … she doesn’t seem to know what she wants or who she wants to be. Australian voters must find a way to “snout proof” their elections. This utter stupidity from Steggall eclipses Phelps’ mess except Phelps cost us plenty and Steggall has made us laugh as you will when you read this article about a person that can actually legislate laws. Thje first order of business should be no more dopes in Parliament!
Zali Steggall was sworn in as an independent MP only last week, but already she has decreed a plan to “push for a plastic-free Parliament House”. “I believe all single-use plastics should be phased out by 2025,” she told her 4000-plus Facebook followers.

Source: Alice Workman, Strewth Editor, News Corp

Zali Steggall’s waste dump

“Thanks to everyone in Warringah who is reducing their plastic use this #plasticfreeJuly.” This was news to the Department of Parliamentary Services, which runs the building and has its own sustainability program in place. According to the DPS, all takeaway plates and cutlery are 100 per cent plant-based biodegradable, and it has switched from plastic drinking straws to paper. Sugarcane pulp bowls and lids are used for buffet, salad and soup takeaways, and there are no plastic bags. RecycleMe coffee cups are used and keep cups are sold, with a discount for people who BYO cup. Plastic water cups have been replaced with melamine reusable cups and a water fountain has been installed in the schools area. Then there’s the food surplus the DPS donates to OzHarvest, the waste diverted from landfill to a local worm farm, and the facilities in place to recycle printer cartridges, paper, cardboard, lamps, used oil, grease, batteries, mobile phones, landscape waste and metal. When Strewth asked Steggall what her specific parliament plastic problem was, if she had met or spoken to anyone before announcing her plan and if she could explain where the date 2025 came from, she replied: “I believe all single-use plastics should be phased out by 2025 and I am working towards that goal.” Takeaway shops on the Manly Corso, be warned!

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  • Aktosplatz 12/07/2019, 8:18 am

    Well I suppose she had to justify her election and that’s all she could come up with.
    Trouble is, this plastic problem has been identified and steps are being carried out everywhere to reduce and recycle, and it all happened before GetUp and Steggall decided to campaign against Tony Abbott.

    She’s like the dog chasing the car, which has now stopped, and has no idea what to do now.

  • Penguinite 12/07/2019, 8:52 am

    Stegall needs to view this vid;
    People like her forget too easily how far we have come since cave dwelling days!

  • Biking Voter 12/07/2019, 9:05 am

    I completely agree with what she said.
    “I believe all single-use plastics should be phased out by 2025″.

    You are perfectly entitled to believe that, but just don’t push your Greeny socialist crap onto the rest of us.

    Get on with running the country like you were elected to do and not use Parliament to push your own personal agendas.

  • DT 12/07/2019, 9:17 am

    She promised that she would talk to the government everyday about her climate emergency plans.

    Has she been true to her word?

    • Geoff Unicomb 12/07/2019, 12:22 pm

      Where are the wind turbines? Has instillation started yet? Looks like the fool is ‘dragging the chain’.

  • Lorraine 12/07/2019, 9:55 am

    what a lite weight she is. not needed in Government and no friends, she has 4000 twitter freaks, no doubt most are the old Get Up crew.

  • DT 12/07/2019, 10:28 am

    The people of Warringah are so (not) lucky to now be represented by an air head focused on man made global warming caused by CO2 hoax.

    When he was PM the former Liberal MP commented that he will not stand for socialism masquerading as environmentalism.

    And now the “independent MP” ???

    • Geoff Unicomb 12/07/2019, 12:25 pm

      Wouldn’t it be justice if she ‘spat the dummy’ and resigned, because she couldn’t handle the perceived ‘harassment’. Then, the stupid voters of Warringah may realise their big mistake, in electing a nobody lightweight.

  • Jarrah 12/07/2019, 2:16 pm

    If it looks like a dope, skis like a dope, its a dope. Warringah, suck it up, you deserve everything this stupid women throws at you, we don’t.

  • Thunder 13/07/2019, 6:15 am

    The sooner we go to FREE voting and First Past the Post in Elections the quicker we would see the DEMISE of the Greens and ALP.Union Crims.

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