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 Sri Lanka: Christians fight back

15.05.19.  Returning fire could be a term used by many to explain the terror attack on the NZ Mosque—although abhorrent and totally un-Christian in its application. Nevertheless, Christians in Sri Lanka still reeling from their taste of Muslim ‘Love and Peace and Pieces’ during Easter are retaliating against Muslim shops and Mosques causing a national curfew in hope of quelling such violence in just another example of where radical Islam raises its head there is uglymayhem!
Sri Lanka has imposed a night-time curfew across the country amid an upsurge in anti-Muslim violence. Mosques and Muslim-owned shops have been targeted and local police say one man has been killed. In several towns, police fired into the air and used tear gas to disperse hundreds of rioters.

Source: Reuters

Sri Lanka imposes curfew amid anti-Muslim violence

Tensions have been high since Islamist militants attacked churches and hotels on Easter Sunday, killing more than 250 people.
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has appealed for calm saying the current unrest was hampering the investigation into last month’s attacks in the early hours of Monday.
The seven-hour curfew will take place from 21:00 local time (15:30 GMT).
In the north-western town of Kiniyama, windows and doors to a mosque were smashed and copies of the Koran thrown on the floor.
The attack was triggered by a group of people demanding a search of the building after soldiers inspected a lake nearby looking for weapons, Reuters news agency reports.
In the Catholic-majority town of Chilaw, Muslim-owned shops and mosques were attacked after a dispute that started on Facebook, police said.
A 38-year-old Muslim businessman identified as the author of the post that sparked the violence was arrested.
A man died from stab wounds after a mob attacked his business in Puttalam District, also in Sri Lanka’s north-west.
Officials have blocked some social media platforms and messaging apps, including Facebook and Whatsapp, in an attempt to curb the violence.
“I appeal to all citizens to remain calm and not be swayed by false information. Security forces are working tirelessly to apprehend terrorists and ensure the security of the country,” the prime minister said on Twitter, which has not been blocked.
Incidents were also reported in the town of Hettipola, where at least three shops were reportedly torched.
Muslims make up nearly 10% of Sri Lanka’s 22 million people, who are predominantly Sinhalese Buddhists.
Police have blamed two local Islamist groups for the Easter Sunday bombings. The Islamic State group has said it was involved but has given no details.
A state of emergency was declared after the attack.

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  • luk1955 15/05/2019, 6:41 am

    As Bhuddists and Catholics can reside together without violence, it is paramount that they cooperate and fight the moozies. Unfortunately at 10% moozie level, that will be necessary for both religions to tackle the common enemy. Cleansing the cancer and barbarity of islam is the only solution.

  • Pensioner Pete 15/05/2019, 7:10 am

    I am still waiting for Horse Face, ScoMo and Shorton to wail and flail over the 300+ Christian murders in Sri Lanka.

    Surely, they would not be hypocrites?

  • Lorraine 15/05/2019, 8:36 am

    the white Christian male that has made huge advances in our world, is no longer needed. NWO demand no borders and Christians are in the way. Islam is forcing its self on all, aided by many Western Governments, including our own. the old saying Whinge and win sure is working for the muslims. (I refuse to put a capital M)

    • Neville 16/05/2019, 1:23 am

      Likewise, Lorraine, I refuse to call them “muslims”, as it relates to their use of “islam”, meaning ‘submission’.
      They are indeed ‘followers of mohammed’, therefore they are “mohammedans”;
      ‘followers of Christ’ are “christians”
      ‘followers of Buddha’ are “buddhists”
      ‘followers of …
      and so on.

  • Penguinite 15/05/2019, 8:37 am

    Sad as it seems these reprisals should not have been unexpected! This is the mentality of that part of the world. An eye for an eye! Islam was founded on it. It exists in Australia, of course, but here retribution crimes are not readily identified by Police, for obvious reasons.

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