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South Australia fails IQ test

HabibSA wins the 2014 “Dumbo” Award

Things got a bit dirty during the South Australian election campaign when a pamphlet suddenly appeared in the night saying, “Can You Trust HABIB?” It was referring to Liberal candidate Carolyn Habib. When questioned about the undertones of what many would view as subliminal, if not overt racism, Labor campaign spokesman Tom Koutsantonis told 891 ABC Radio, “It doesn’t look like it, doesn’t feel like it, this is not a racist attack.”
Habib, however, had a very different view.
“This is a new low and it’s very offensive,” she said.

ABC Radio’s David Bevan remembered another conversation with an ALP official who offhandedly said, “do you really think people will vote for someone called Habib?” Was he alluding to Habib being a woman or the derivation of her family name, or did he harbour the Labor trademark of hatred for all those of separate ideology?
At present, the SA victor is unknown and may be for several days. But, according to current figures, the Liberals have not realised their predicted sweep, such as in Tasmania and that is ironic.
Tasmanians have for long had aspersions cast upon their; shall we say, “tight knit communities” via rude if not racist jokes, the brunt of them being that Tasmanians are not too bright. Well, they have yesterday proved a far higher IQ than SA voters when they rallied at the polls and decisively booted out the Labor Party and sunk the slipper into the very guts of the Greens. They were not to be conned by Labor spin.
So, all the rude jokes about Tasmanians having two heads may now be a just epithet for those SA voters that bought the propaganda and cast for Labor.
After 16 years of Labor in Tasmania they are in deep strife. However, their bold move for self-preservation could be just what the doctor ordered for an amazing turn of fortune.

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