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 Sir David Attenborough has orders for Australia

12.07.19.  David Attenborough, holder of 32 honorary degrees, possessor of about $32million in the bank and a Knighthood has told the world and specifically Australia that more must be done about the climate crisis emergency. One might think with all that intelligence and money that he might stop climbing trees and and laying on the ground looking up the bum of the elusive Patagonian  Farting Rat (rodentius flatulantious).
Sir David having just fallen out one of those trees has obviously landed on his head and now suggests that air travel should be made much more expensive. Perhaps he has shares in an airline? Anyway, two British twits in one week is enough—both of them Sirs too! Perhaps his next trip down under will be via foot to bicycle?
David Attenborough says air travel needs to be more expensive to fight climate change, but others say that is ‘mean-spirited elitism’. Sir David Attenborough says climate change action is so urgently required we should make air travel more expensive so fewer people fly – even if government needs to step in to do so. Attenborough also took aim at Australia, accusing our political leadership of being unwilling to tackle the effects of climate change.
Source: 7News
David Attenborough says air travel should be more expensive to fight climate change 

But Australia’s Institute for Public Affairs rejected his push for pricier flights saying it was “mean-spirited” elitism.
And while the Climate Council agreed we should do more to combat climate change, it said we should concentrate on cutting coal to avoid “disruptive transitions” such as making air travel more expensive.
The 93-year-old broadcaster made his incendiary comments as he was giving evidence on climate change to the British parliament’s Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee.
“I think that one way to reduce these things is to count the costs of what it is that air travel costs in real terms – in what it costs the environment,” he said.
“And if you cost that, then you will see the tickets are extraordinarily cheap.”
Problem grows
Some estimates claim aviation accounts for four to nine per cent of the total impact of human activity on the climate, while the industry itself acknowledges at least two per cent.
And it is growing.
Since 2004, the number of people taking to the air for cheap holidays has more than doubled, with 4.6 billion passengers expected to fly this year.
Attenborough told the committee that politicians could change the market dynamic.
“Those in power can influence how many flights people take, and that is economically – you adjust the price to the restrictions you want,” he said.
“I don’t know how you restrict it other than economically.”
Poor grounded
His push came as France announced it would be introducing a tax of up to 18 euros (A$30) per passenger flight from 2020, to help combat climate change.
Asked if it would hurt the less well off who were able to now afford air travel, Attenborough acknowledged the inequality.
“I am afraid that is the case,” he said.
But IPA director of policy Gideon Rozner condemned the suggestion.
‘More evidence of the sneering elitism of the climate change lobby.’
“This is yet more evidence of the sneering elitism of the climate change lobby,” he told 7NEWS.com.au
Rozner said even “people of modest means” could now travel overseas or interstate to see family or friends.
Making air travel more expensive would not stop the wealthy from flying, he said.
“The idea of deliberately depriving many people the benefits of air travel is not only out of touch, it is positively mean spirited.
“This is just another example of the wealthy pushing for action on climate, while working people suffer the financial cost,” he said.
Leaders lacking
Attenborough also accused Australian politicians of being unconvinced of the need to act on climate change.
“There are people who are in power internationally notably in the US but also in Australia, which is extraordinary because Australia is already dealing with the most extreme manifestations of climate change,” he said.
“In both Australia and America, those voices are clearly heard.”
Climate Council chief executive Amanda McKenzie told 7NEWS.com.au air travel is one of the “fastest-growing” contributors to Australia’s carbon emissions.
But she said it was a “vexed issue” because there was no ready alternative to aviation fuel and we should be looking at other sectors of the economy – such as moving away from coal.
‘It is significant he singled out Australia.’
“There are few people who are more experienced than David Attenborough in seeing the effects of climate change around the world and it is significant that he singled out Australia,” she said.
“With something like aviation we don’t have the solution, but if we do keep burning coal we will have to make much more disruptive transitions.”

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  • Muphin 12/07/2019, 5:18 am

    The GREED of this SCAM artist knows NO bounds. How rich do the filthy rich want to be?


  • Bh 12/07/2019, 6:01 am

    Surely, if all the greenies honestly believed in the reality of climate change, they’d stop flying anyway? Or stop working for Qantas etc? Funny that we never hear of such things.

    • Tamworth 12/07/2019, 4:28 pm

      Good point, Bh.

      How DOES he justify the mining for all the minerals that make up an aeroplane, all the factories that smelt the minerals, all the energy used in refining oil?

  • luk1955 12/07/2019, 6:57 am

    Too many years of sniffing animal behavior has gotten to this man’s brain. One day he will be dead. Seems all their money can’t keep death from taking its toll. The hatred he has for mere mortals is legendary.

  • Aktosplatz 12/07/2019, 8:19 am

    Attenborough is a lying creep, and smarmy with it. Can’t stand him.

  • Penguinite 12/07/2019, 9:00 am

    Attenborough needs to stop and smell the roses instead of watching bees strip their stamen. He should stick to making animal porn and horror movies.

    • Lorraine 12/07/2019, 10:01 am

      way back his film crew followed a baby elephant on it last days with no water due to drought. they filmed it until it died, I was yelling give it a bucket of water, I was destressed , I was so mad . I have never ever watched any of his shows since that time and have hated him, since then as well. The SIR is no Sir to me and he has got a use by date on his chin for all to see.

  • DT 12/07/2019, 9:19 am

    Has he apologised for claiming that the death of Walrus that fell over a cliff when his drone cameras appeared overhead was due to climate change?

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 12/07/2019, 10:48 am

    Dickheadness runs in that family and he looks into the camera lens with the intensity of a full blown lunatic. A lot of God botherers do that too, give out with what they think is a sincere look that gives them away every time.

  • Geoff Unicomb 12/07/2019, 12:36 pm

    I once enjoyed his documentaries until he started pushing the climate bandwagon. Also, when he claimed that sea lions were jumping off a cliff, because of CC, then it turned out to be because they were fleeing polar bears, and a bloody camera drone that the silly old bugga’s team were scaring them with. Another lie was filming the birth of a polar bear, in the wild. Well, if you call some zoo as being in the wild, maybe he was correct.
    Lorraine, your comment about the baby elephant has made me so angry, as well. How disgusting.

  • Margaret 12/07/2019, 1:18 pm

    If the Greens and the Elite are so concerned about Climate change, let them lead by example, no cars, no private planes, helicopters, boats and fewer flights. They can all get about by Shanks’s pony.

  • Ivan 12/07/2019, 3:07 pm

    And exactly WHAT effects of anthropogenically caused climate change does the silly old codger think he’s seen?

  • Cliff 12/07/2019, 7:26 pm

    The rumour at the time he won his gong was, (and apparently, it has some basis of fact), that when he was put up for his knighthood, the board that gives the nod to such honours mistook him for Richard Attenborough (the actor) and he got it under the false assumption that it was being awarded to the actor Mr Attenborough.

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