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 Shocking! True cost of Labor Climate Policy revealed!

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  • Popular Front 16/06/2019, 7:50 am

    That it does and a good thing too. I’m still smiling over the Labor rabble’s demoralising defeat and the canny Australian public seeing through their bullshit screen.

  • Lorraine 16/06/2019, 8:40 am

    life is worth living again, the feeling of mirth bubbling up all the time in ones chest, knowing 2019 is the best of years and no Shorten on the TV, Albo is there making a true mess of everything he touches much as Turnbull did, it reminds one of the tale when the dog catches the car, what then…..Chaos for The so called Labor Party of unity…….

  • Neville 16/06/2019, 9:54 am

    Skimmed an article by Joe Hildebrand in news_com_au just now. It’s about Elbow Sleazy and quite thought-provoking. URL is about 3.5km long, but visible there on homepage just now [date/time]

    • Gregoryno6 16/06/2019, 12:39 pm

      Thanks for the link, Neville. I sense a bit of love between Joe and Albo, rather like Bolta’s schoolboy crush on Jooolya.

    • Graham 16/06/2019, 2:10 pm

      Neville, it’s an interesting view on Sneezy laying down a marker. However, Rudd was in the same position without any Union backing and look what happened to him. Plus Short Willy is still in there and him and Sneezy are not besties.
      Ultimately the piper calls the tune so I would be interested in seeing how long Sneezy lasts.

  • crankykoala 16/06/2019, 10:13 am

    Country and regional Queensland should be presented with the highest Australian award for saving Australia from Labor. Without their resounding rejection of Labor Shitten and his greenie cronies would be in power.

  • JRT 16/06/2019, 2:11 pm

    The best of all was Alan Jones’s quip- “how do you put the cork back into the champagne bottle? Ask Shorten!!!”

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