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Sexit? Spexit?

Sexit? Spexit?

It is a dismal prospect leading to Christmas to contemplate the on-going destruction of the Liberal Party, but the destruction was not a solo effort. The destruction was predictable when so many Party members abandoned conservatism and embraced identity politics – Abbott bad, Turnbull good.

What a man did or did not do was immaterial against identity, or personality. What a man does is of no consequence said Sherlock Holmes, what he can persuade others he did is what counts.
In other words, the Federal Parliamentary Party was ready for the likes of Turnbull. It was full of mini-Turnbulls.

How else can he still cause things to happen; it was only he who got the shaft, when logically the back-stabbers should have been tossed.

This is an odd segue into a good news for Christmas story, but good news looks better set against the bad news.

For the first time in decades a conservative party, Vox, won seats in a large Spanish region.

They gained 12 parliamentary seats in Andalusia, the most populous of the Spanish regions, and shocked Spain’s left.

For a lot of Spaniards the result for Vox’s leader Santiago Abascal, came as a surprise, but probably not for the leader himself. We are “in step with what millions of Spaniards think,” Abascal said.

Necessarily they are far-right to the lying press but how far-right are they? Abascal’s answer to that will not please the Washington Post or the English Times, “We stand for the same law-and-order and social conservative causes as Trump,” Abascal said.

Like most conservative populist parties Vox focuses on reducing migration and Islamisation as it vows to “make Spain great again”.

Make Spain great again
would be a great slogan. It was in 1492 that Andalusia finally kicked the Muslims out of Spain after the fall of Granada. But it had taken seven centuries of war to do it, starting in the north.

Oddly, the Greeks kicked the Muslims back to their sandpits when they started in the north too under the Ypsilanti brothers.

Significantly, the slogan for Vox is Andalusia for Spain. Y’see Spain is made up of many self-governing regions and Vox was to unite them all in one Spain. It is a bit like the old Reconquista when the Spanish north reconquered all Spain. Vox wants to reconquer.

The local socialist dominated press quivered and stated, “Vox is here to stay in Spain and we will hear more of them. The political shockwaves from Sunday night will be felt all around the country right through 2019 to the local, regional and European elections in May. Spain now has its own alt-right or national populist party, and moves into five-party politics territory.”

It really is not much but it means that the socialist government is out, and the more conservatives are in, Vox has roughly ten percent of the seats.

One other thing – apart from taking inspiration from Trump is that there are strong feelings about the EU and the question of sovereignty is constantly being raised by Vox and echoed around the country. It means that the EU parliament next year may have a few Farages sitting there.

“Sexit” may not be on the agenda, but it is an intriguing name for a possible movement.

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  • DT 07/12/2018, 5:26 am
    • Pensioner Pete 07/12/2018, 7:42 am

      DT: Early days, however, the revolution has begun and gives me hope the tide will also turn in Australia, and turn it will.

  • bushwanker 07/12/2018, 8:18 am

    This is good news, the light at the end of the long tunnel gets brighter.
    The other bit of good news from yesterday is, Bernard Gaynor wins one of his legal fights against the litigious NSW poof.

  • Lorraine 07/12/2018, 8:40 am

    They say we are 10 years behind the rest of the world, the little back wood country Australia, we have to have a socialist Government in and cause havoc before we are able to rise above the shit, and vote conservative. PITY

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