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 Scumbags that incubate in the ABC womb of bile!

16.10.20.  Thanks for the heads-up by MM commenter BBob. This nasty happening flew under the radar of most educated parties. The absolute vileness of this article is emblematic of the calibre of amoeba sloshing about in the dank dungeons within the ABC all of which, and sundry it seems, are infected. When and what will it take for the government to act on a tax-fed institution that promulgates such psychotic hatred for its $1bn?
An ABC journalist, in an email inadvertently copied across the newsroom, has suggested the coronavirus should be awarded a Nobel prize “if it killed (George) Pell”. Lincoln Rothall, a cameraman with the public broadcaster, made the statement in response to an internal news alert noting Pope Francis had met Cardinal Pell. “I would have voted Covid for the Noble (sic) Prize if it killed Pell,” Rothall wrote at 10.13pm on Monday.

Source: Lilly Vitorovich, News Corp

ABC outrage: ‘give Covid a Nobel prize if it kills Pell’

That was in response to an email from the ABC’s London-based supervising producer, which read: “The Pope has met with Cardinal George Pell at the Vatican this morning.”
An ABC spokeswoman said the email was “unacceptable and a breach of the ABC’s code of conduct”. “The employee has apologised. The issue has been dealt with under the appropriate procedures,” she said.
Cardinal Pell, who returned to Australia in mid-2017 to face child sex abuse charges in Victoria, met the Pope this week in Rome. He was convicted and jailed for 13 months but cleared by the High Court in April.
Cardinal Pell’s visit to Rome came as allegations surfaced that his Vatican rival, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, transferred $1.1m to Australia.
Italian newspapers have tied this payment to the failed case against Cardinal Pell.
The ABC has published multiple investigations about Cardinal Pell, while the broadcaster’s high-profile investigative reporter Louise Milligan has separately authored a book.

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  • Theydon Wood 16/10/2020, 7:07 am

    Wishing ill and death on folk they don’t necessarily agree with is standard leftard practice, so no great surprise to me. Knowing the propensity of that type of broadcaster towards protecting kiddy fiddlers perhaps the hatred was because Pell was found to not being one?

    • Pensioner Pete 16/10/2020, 9:12 am

      TW: I would have thought this utterance would be classified as ‘hate speech’, and the appropriate action taken. Then again, this is the ABC, not known for fair dealing.

      • Ian A 16/10/2020, 5:08 pm

        True, PP, it would be classified as hate speech if directed at a left wing aboriginal (probably not if directed at a conservative aboriginal like Josephine Cashman though). Double standards yet again from the woke set.

  • Penguinite 16/10/2020, 7:56 am

    “The issue has been dealt with under the appropriate procedures,”. And they were? The secrecy is all part of the problem. We should be the judge of “appropriate”. I think the author of this missive should be made to send George Pell an apologetic note! Actions and consequences are whats missing from Our ABC!

    • Lorraine 16/10/2020, 8:03 am

      why would George Pell care what the idiot ABC person wrote about him, and it was not only the ABC that gorged themselves on George Pell when in Australian under arrest for so called child abuse…….The media pack was there every day in Victoria…..The media pack are missing in action in addressing a real criminal in Daniel Andrews…..but he is of the left, doing leftie things that they never report on, it’s as though 800 deaths do not matter …

      • DT 16/10/2020, 11:43 am

        ABC Charter, ABC Act of Parliament, ABC established to provide bipartisan broadcasting to Australians at a time when private sector services were poor.

        Yet today partisan behaviour is acceptable and expansion in competition with the private sector is permitted, government/taxpayer funded, including the social media venture backed by Rudd and Gillard Labor Governments.

        So untouchable that ABC staffers can vote for their own pay rise?

  • Sir Peter 16/10/2020, 1:15 pm

    What more can I say. I refer you back to my post “It’s Time Auntie Retired (or was put down)”


    These mongrels just get worse with every passing day. Soon EVEN Scomo will eventually wake up.
    My concern is that they will follow the usual Liberal mantra of ‘privatise, privatise’ and leave the Bolshevic Collective intact but privately owned where even the minute oversight we now have will be removed. It must be DESTROYED !!!

    • Ian A 16/10/2020, 5:16 pm

      If they want to bleat on with woke nonsense at their own expense, or rather the expense of a retail customer base, I say let them. Right now, free speech advocacy is a virtue of conservative politics. For example, Trump’s excoriation yesterday of Twitter and Facebook for censoring the New York Post’s Biden revelations. We don’t want to be in the business of deplatforming — that’s what the wokists do. We don’t want to muddy ourselves in that game — let them hang themselves with that. Let’s stick with free speech advocacy, but in the case of the ABC, push for decoupling from tax revenue.

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