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 Ray Hadley: Nine’s push to the Left not on!

14.08.19.  In this media shakeup brewing conservatives stand to lose as the creeping Left seek to expand, or more like starve out conservative views, via a looming acquisition. Macquarie CEO Adam Lang seems to believe that the two high earners, Jones and Hadley should be shoved out to make way for younger and more left-wing voices.
One of Nine’s most powerful radio hosts has told his bosses he will remain “more Daily Telegraph than The Sydney Morning Herald’’ in a defiant stance after the media group moved to buy out the talkback network. Macquarie Radio host Ray Hadley says Nine Entertainment would not risk “ruining our business” by forcing hosts to use content and talent from its new parent company following the full takeover of the radio network.

Source: Leo Shanahan, News Corp

Ray Hadley won’t be moving to the Left

The radio network’s staff are now expecting further integration in news and advertising with Nine as a result of the takeover.
Nine Entertainment Co made its long-expected offer to buy the rest of Macquarie Media yesterday in a $275 million bid for the remaining 45.5 per cent of the radio network it doesn’t own.
Ad boss John Singleton is set to pocket around $81m from his 32.4 per cent stake in Macquarie, which owns stations 2GB, 3AW, 4BC and 6PR, and is home to star hosts Alan Jones and Hadley.
The Australian understands there has also been a push under Macquarie CEO Adam Lang for the stable of stations to move away from conservative political commentators to younger and more left-wing voices.
The No 1 rating Sydney station, 2GB, has lately been wracked by internal feuds following a failed attempt to remove Jones and replace him with Hadley on the breakfast show, setting off a chain of events that led to the angry resignation of long-serving host Chris Smith.
The station also recently reported poor results, booking an 18.7 per cent drop in annual underlying profit, hurt by legal costs following a record-breaking defamation case brought against Jones.
Insiders at Macquarie Media had been concerned it would be forced to rely on Nine newspapers, which include The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, for news and content to allow Nine to extract better value out of the deal.
Macquarie also recently announced numerous Nine personalities will join Steve Price’s new afternoon show, including Karl Stefanovic, Deb Knight and sports commentators Erin Molan and Phil Gould.
Hadley, who hosts 2GB in Sydney and Brisbane’s 4BC, told The Australian he “could not see ­anything changing” in the format and content on his Macquarie show, which has classically relied on News Corp (publisher of The Australian) newspapers and journalists more than Nine.
“Even when Fairfax were the major shareholder I would say my show is more like The Daily Telegraph than the SMH and it will always be that way.”
He said he “couldn’t imagine why Nine would mess with a winning formula” and would not risk “ruining the business”.
“I write a column for The Daily Telegraph, I have a very good relationship with people at News Corp,” Hadley said.
“This morning there was a great story on your front page (The Australian) about Ian Hindmarsh the farmer. We spoke about that and as a result I will speak to him this week.
“Nine are not acquiring us because they want to ruin our business. They want to make it a success and I’m sure Alan (Jones) is of the same intent.”
Jones — who is a minority shareholder in Macquarie — has declined to comment on the offer.
Both Jones and Hadley have contracts with News Corp.
Jones has a contract with Seven and Sky news and Hadley a separate deal with Nine for NRL commentary.
Newsrooms for the two companies are also likely to merge, with the possibility reporters with experience in both radio and television are able to file news stories for both.
Staff are concerned about further redundancies.

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  • Lorraine 14/08/2019, 5:31 am

    the left lost the election, and now they wish us to only hear their version of the news and current affairs for the day. No body is watching ABC and the radio is losing ground as well. I suspect, The left have just done the abortion bill into Government what a motley crew. There are many myself included who will not listen to the new young left, they are with out knowledge or compassion

  • luk1955 14/08/2019, 6:32 am

    Singleton was the bloke that successfully argued in court that he and his vehicle were capable of running 160 km on our 110 speed limited roads, and won that battle. Pity we commoners can’t argue that and get off without a fine or conviction.

  • Cliff 14/08/2019, 7:13 am

    I appreciate it’s a different company, but was I the only one to do a double take when I saw that Sky News was using CNN’s Ben Wederman (sp?) as their ‘go to’ voice in Hong Kong? I was expecting to be told by Ben at any moment that all Hong Kong’s travails were Donald Trump’s doing.

  • DT 14/08/2019, 8:01 am

    Billionaire investor George Soros is understood to have bought $6 million to $8 million of shares in Nine Entertainment ahead of the company’s $1.9 billion IPO on Friday.

    Nine will hit the public market on Friday with a value of $1.9 billion, after pricing at the bottom of the indicative price range in the hope of boosting demand in the secondary market.

    George Soros’ Soros Fund Management is rumoured to have invested in Channel Nine.
    George Soros’ Soros Fund Management is rumoured to have invested in Channel Nine.CREDIT:AP
    The commercial free-to-air television, ticketing and digital business will list at $2.05 – the indicative share price range was $2.05 to $2.35 – with the book-build believed to be covered just under three times over.

    • Captain Outrageous 14/08/2019, 6:50 pm

      Correct. ‘Left’ does not mean Labour or Greens anymore in Australian politics. George Soros is now a big player in our media. Channel 9, MacQuarie and the rock station Tripple M. Soros doing what he does best getting the foot in and poisoning the mind of our young.

  • Jarrah 14/08/2019, 8:18 am

    I have changed my listening habits in recent times. Once Alan Jones has finished his show I now turn off 2GB for the rest of the day whereas before I used to have it on most of the day. It seems to be that the left wing Lang cannot see his nose despite his face, he seems to be very good at making radio stations go backwards, look at 2UE. 2GB as a force in radio is finished, the left have a habit of destruction.

  • Aktosplatz 14/08/2019, 8:40 am

    I’m sorry Chris Smith has gone, I liked him. His Coal Mine Broadcast was brilliant.

    Steve Price and Alan Jones seem to be on the ball, politically, but AJ interrupts too much when he is interviewing. (My favourite interviewer is Peta Credlin on Sky, she always waits for a full answer).

    Ray Hadley is OK too, but most of his content focuses on personal, local, or family issues, most of which goes over my head as I don’t know the individuals or families concerned.

    I understand that – it is a Community Radio after all.

  • Deano 14/08/2019, 4:46 pm

    In Perth, 6PR has dropped several conservative hosts or guest commentators in recent years. The few ones left seem to have been reined in. The change is quite noticiable since their owners have changed.

  • Jean mccartney 15/01/2020, 7:03 pm

    Now that the likes of George Soros has his finger in the Nine /2GB pie. He will expect his pound of flesh. Expect commentary
    on the station to be left of centre, bland with no one having a hard opinion on any issue that matters.
    I only listen to Alan Jones now. The only one who does his homework and conducts hard interviews when warranted.
    Also,George Moore will be sorely missed. Letting him go is unforgiveable. Cynically though, Management don’t care, because they know that there isn’t any competition out there on the airwaves for people who are unhappy.
    You will live to regret these changes 2gb. Hopefully.

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