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 Frydenberg praises Victorians, dumps on Andrews!

28.10.20.  Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has praised Victorians for their work in achieving zero coronavirus cases for consecutive days and then delivered a blistering tirade against the Daniel Andrews government’s hotel quarantine failures. On Tuesday the state recorded zero cases and zero deaths, the same figures it had on Monday. “Victorian people have seen their dedication and their commitment to adhering to the rules, to see the number of daily cases reduced to zero, yesterday and today and it is their victory and no-one else’s victory,” Mr Frydenberg said. “My children are like the children of everyone else from Victoria in this place. Six months lost from schooling. “Six months that they will never ever get back. The children of the Northern Territory lost one week in school. The children of South Australia lost just two weeks of school. “The children of Victoria lost more than six months, Mr Speaker, and those in year 12 will never ever get their opportunity back. “More than 800 Victorians have lost their lives, their families will never get them back, and it all comes back to the failures in hotel quarantine which we still have no answers for.”

Mr Frydenberg then spruiked the Morrison government’s financial assistance to Victorians. “This Prime Minister has stood by Victorians every step of the way. More than $200 million per day going from this government to the people of Victoria. “A 301% increase in those Medicare subsidised mental health visits in Victoria. A 77% increase on people going to make head space in Victoria compared to others. Likewise, kids helpline. “I am from Victoria, and I am for Victoria, Mr Speaker.”

Source: Sky News

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  • Lorraine 28/10/2020, 6:51 am

    Thanks to Josh for calling out Albo and Richard Marles, playing politics again , praising the hated Daniel Andrews. Victoria is on it knees.

  • Disgruntled 28/10/2020, 7:45 am

    It is absolutely incredible to think that anybody with even a quarter of a brain could carry on as Albo and Marles did; just shows they have nothing, nothing at all left in the tank.

    Friedieburger put on a fantastic show; real good to hear and he makes Scomo look somewhat less than acceptable; Good one Josh as it shows you care!

    Another good show was last night on Paul Murray show; Barnaby was on and boy o boy, did he give it to leftie Nick Reese. Poor old Nick was totally over run by Barnaby’s antics and I hope he (Barnaby) gets a lot more time on Sky. It is always entertaining when Bronny and Nick get embroiled in a row but that is never anywhere as entertaining as Barnaby. I nearly peed myself laughing, but it was serious as well.

    This morning Neil Breen (4bc) interviewed the Qld. Dick and the dick made a dick of himself good and proper; but all the “rusted ons” though would swallowed it all as gospel!!

  • Penguinite 28/10/2020, 8:30 am

    Great speech Josh! Shame Shame Shame, on Labor, for attempting to mitigate Danistans lethal cure!

  • Ozman 28/10/2020, 12:30 pm

    Pity about Frydenberg’s stance on climate change.

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