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Queensland: in the hands of profligates

Queensland: in the clutches of profligates

Premier Palaceduck and her Treasurer Jackie Trad are now reminding people just how bad government under Labor can get. Labor governments do it every time—stack the public service with non essential workers—meaning Labor voters. Never before has Australia had such a bunch of incompetents at the helm. They do not govern for progress because they din’t know how. They do work tirelessly for re-election only. The Editor just travelled sealed roads through Queensland and wondered why so few trucks were seen. The roads are breaking their trucks. They spend more to clutter main routes. I will do the same in future. Now enjoy this $1 billion vote grabber.

Queenslanders will be slugged ­almost $1 billion more for public service wages over the next year as the state locks in record spending on health and education, jeopardising the state’s already battered credit rating.

Source: News Corp

Queensland budget: Jackie Trad hands taxpayers $1bn jobs bill

In her first budget, Queensland Treasurer Jackie Trad revealed taxpayers paid $3.3bn to service the state’s debts this year and she pledged to drive borrowings even higher, despite a $3.7bn coal royalties windfall, forecasting debt to hit $83bn in four years.

The public payroll will grow by more than 3800 full-time positions next year, despite Ms Trad revealing more than 40 per cent of public service jobs created by the Palaszczuk government had not been frontline positions.

Although Labor had hoped to regain the state’s AAA credit rating, lost by the Bligh government in 2009, ratings agency Moody’s warned that the gap ­between projected spending and declining revenues would challenge the state’s credit profile. Moody’s said projected ­average revenue of 1.7 per cent was “largely underpinned” by an expected burst in the budget’s final year, when the Turnbull government has promised to deliver new infrastructure spending.

Ms Trad, who presented no clear plan to tackle the debt, insisted it was needed to build essential infrastructure such as roads, a second Brisbane River railway crossing and a new rugby league stadium for Townsville.

“We make no apologies for borrowing to invest in infrastructure. It’s the right thing for jobs today but it’s also critical for our economic productivity in the future,” she said, blaming the Turnbull government for not bringing forward its promised spending.

Ms Trad said the debt would be paid down with future budget surpluses, but Treasury projected surpluses totalling only $1.1bn over the next four years.

“We need to ensure that we are conservative in our forecasts, but ambitious in our strategy, and that’s what we intend to do,” she said, insisting she was exercising fiscal discipline and had turned down numerous ministers’ spending proposals.

Strong demand for Queensland coal spurred an impressive 3.7 per cent boost to revenue this year — compared with 6.3 per cent growth in spending and 7.4 per cent growth in state employee ­expenses. However, revenues are expected to fall by 0.9 per cent next year, when Ms Trad intends to roll out the biggest public works scheme since Anna Bligh’s Labor government rebuilt state infrastructure following the 2011 floods.

The budget included four significant new taxes targeting gamblers, owners of expensive property, luxury car buyers and foreign investors — all of which were flagged at the last election — plus a levy on garbage dumped in Queensland.

Moody’s warned that the projected annual revenue growth of 1.7 per cent was “expected to fall below the average expenditure growth of 2.1 per cent”. “This would lead to growth in debt over the forecast period, challenging the state’s credit profile,” it said, maintaining a “stable outlook” ahead of further analysis.

Ms Trad said: “The ratings agencies aren’t very concerned about whether we borrow for productive infrastructure. They are interested in our recurrent expenses so we have that conversation with them.”

Liberal National leader Deb Frecklington said the debt “black hole” had swallowed Queensland’s coal royalties windfall.

“The record debt means funds that could be going to our schools, hospitals or frontline services will instead be sucked into feeding Labor’s binge on debt,” she said. “This is a budget of broken dreams and broken promises for the next generation.”

Federal Resources Minister Matt Canavan accused Ms Trad of snubbing coal in her budget speech despite relying on mining royalties to deliver record spending. “The Labor Party is once again demonstrating that it knows how to spend money but not earn money. To maintain public services, we need a strong economy and a strong mining sector,” he said.

About two-thirds of total infrastructure spending next year will be allocated outside Brisbane, including $534.3m to continue the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project and $176m towards Rockhampton’s Rookwood Weir scheme.

The government recommitted to fully fund the $5.4bn Cross-River Rail scheme, although Bill Shorten has pledged $2.2bn should he win power in Canberra. Health spending is projected to rise four times the rate of population growth to $17.3bn this year, plus $985m in capital investment in health facilities. Ms Trad also announced $330m over five years to conserve the Great Barrier Reef.

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  • Pensioner Pete 13/06/2018, 5:36 am

    It seems to me, we in Queensland are doomed. It does not matter if Labor/Green or the LNP hold the reins, we are still bolting for the cliff economic collapse at full gallop. When one takes a gander at the budget numbers, it is realised, those of us who live west of the Great Dividing Range are indeed the ‘forgotten’ ones, no infrastructure of any magnitude is planned for us at all, also, the jump in public servant numbers is not reflected outside the SE corner of the state, our town continues to see a continuing fall in public servants and of course, the loss of access to government facility locally. Not only are we to cope with what is now the seventh year of extreme drought, we must also continue to cope with a neglectful government of any political bent.

  • Popular Front 13/06/2018, 7:40 am

    A new rugby league stadium for Townsville? FFS WHY? Using taxpayer’s hardearned on a vanity project? If the NQ Cowboys want a new stadium they can pay for it themselves either by ticket sales (ha ha) or a loan to the club by a money lender. That proposal reeks of corruption, bungs and backhanders so Queenslanders, say NO!

    • Zoltan 13/06/2018, 3:30 pm

      Too late, it’s finally coming out of the ground.
      I agree with the sentiments PF. (candidly I see no reason to give public money to “the arts, media or sport”. Let them stand on their own feet… My business has to)

  • luk1955 13/06/2018, 7:44 am

    I remember back in the early 90s when Qld was debt free and the only state government to be that way, while Victoria was $60 billion in debt. And that despite having labor governments that ran Qld from time to time. Now look at Qld, and all the other states, and tell me the international bank cartel are not dragging down our living standards by upping debt with no results to show for the debt. Must have been the flouride appearing in Qld water supplies over the years that has really dumbed down the electorate. Same as happening in all the states.

    • Aktosplatz 13/06/2018, 8:13 am

      Queensland Debt free? Was that on Sir Joh’s watch?

    • Pensioner Pete 13/06/2018, 8:14 am

      “Teflon” Pete Beattie saw the end to financial strength for Queensland, it started when he followed the ramblings of Flim Flam Flannery thus building desalination plants we don’t use, sewage effluent treatment plants and pipelines to Toowoomba for ‘purified’ sewage for human consumption which is not consumed due to the public refusal to follow Teflon’s lead on this one. Thus, the mould was set for the decimation of fiscal strength in Queensland which was followed on by the “Blight” Anna Bligh and continued by Puzzleduck to this day. Thus, we in Queensland, can rightly say we are well on the way to financial doom.

  • Clarion Call 13/06/2018, 8:25 am

    The Lebanese Laughing Stock, otherwise known as Jackie Trad, would not know her head from her Rs as far as economics is concerned. The Labor mob only know how to spend other people’s money. Managing a budget is a totally foreign concept to these queer arses. So, the Unions generally take over this task on their behalf. To all those village idiots who voted this crowd in again….thanks for nothing!

    • Joe Blogs 13/06/2018, 10:06 am

      It’s Trad, Dad.

    • Phil 13/06/2018, 11:24 am

      I disagree.
      Labor don’t only know how to spend OPM, they are also experts at borrowing funds to “balance their budgets” while lumbering the responsibility of paying them back on future generations of Queenslanders.
      Give credit where it is due CC.

  • Albert 13/06/2018, 10:18 am

    Remember the old one about the sign at the NSW/Queensland border during daylight saving time? It was rumoured to say, “You are now entering Queensland. Put you watch back one hour and your mind back thirty years”. Very prophetic.

  • Phil 13/06/2018, 10:32 am

    Borrowing for infrastructure? What a crock.
    Qld paid $3.3Bn this year to service existing debt. That means in excess of $13Bn to service debt over the next 4 years. $13Bn? What a coincidence. Labor is using one line of credit to pay the dues on a previous line of credit. The most basic of traps to avoid when borrowing money.

    How can these imbeciles be allowed to continue ruining our state?

    • DT 13/06/2018, 1:40 pm

      Yes, but what about the hidden off government state budget debts?

      Borrowing by government owned private companies that do not need to report publicly, monies taken by the state government as extra dividends applied to state budgets to make bottom lines appear stronger than they are.

      When NSW Labor sold electricity businesses for $6.1 billion to $9.1 billion below the estimated valuation of assets range from the $5.9 billion sale all that was left was $800 million after the hidden debts had been retired.

      Queensland is in a similar position, state owned private companies.

  • JG 13/06/2018, 11:03 am

    Public servants and how many are doing a meaningful job that adds to the the states ecconomy. About 20%??? who knows but certainly adds more ALP/Green votes. The bulk of Qld are being ripped off and paying for all these none public service jobs.
    Wait till Bull Shiten gets into the big chair, he will make Rubb and Gillard spending spree look like pennies while handing control of the country totally to the unions power mungers (not the rank and file). Unions like CFMEU, AWU.MWU,ETU etc. Just like Qld has.
    Greece look good.

    • Phil 13/06/2018, 11:40 am

      Greece looks good? Give it a few years and Somalia will look good.
      Have you noticed the number of articles popping up about Australian professionals packing their bags and their laptops to head off and trek around Asia for a while? Cheap food, accommodation and an adventure to boot. My experience with traveling around Asia is of friendly people only too willing to accept Australian money rolling into their country.

      Remember the Super tax that Britain brought in during the 60s/70s? I think it was about 90p in the pound so those rich bastards could pay for the needs of the great unwashed.
      Problem was the rich upanchord and moved to France where they could commute to Britain if needed. Britain was left with a population of middle and lower class tax payers to fund an army of social security recipients. That’s when you need a Thatcher. Oh yes God, deliver her now.
      PS, there’s a woman who didn’t need affirmative action or distorted promotional prospects to get ahead. She was the real deal. No hope for Jacki though.

  • JG 13/06/2018, 11:08 am

    ALP grab all they can from coal exports but shut down our power stations and cover the country in mirrors and windmills. Appears you burn coal over there has little impact, but no way we can. Once more they do not care how much electricity costs or how many businesses disappear.
    OMG dumb dumb dumb

    • Phil 13/06/2018, 11:41 am

      How long before the greenies decide to retrograde our new subs with coal fired propulsion?

      • Pensioner Pete 13/06/2018, 2:45 pm

        I ‘heard’ on good authority, the Greens ultimate plan for powering the new subs is via solar panels. 😉

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 13/06/2018, 12:23 pm

    We Queenslanders are buggered no matter which way we go. Higher taxes, rego, insurance, water, rates, fuel, electricity, and bloody droughts to top things off. They said that Joh was a crook and yet the State boomed along, these bastards call themselves honest and the State is going backwards. I would prefer Joh any day.

  • DT 13/06/2018, 12:29 pm

    Jackie Trad doesn’t have a clue

    Queensland Treasurer Jackie Trad knows as much about economics as I know about astrophysics.

    The Australian

  • Graham 13/06/2018, 12:32 pm

    I can’t believe anyone would fall for this puerile load of rubbish from a so called treasurer.
    All these new public servants may be clapping their hands now about how well they are doing but it’s only a matter of time before Labor will dip into their superannuation piggy bank to bail the state out.

    • Pensioner Pete 13/06/2018, 2:47 pm

      Graham: Previous Treasurer Curtis Pitt actually did dip into the Qsuper to the tune of $4.7 Billion with a plan to extract another $4.4 Billion. The theft went virtually unchallenged by the unions and the MSM.

  • angry 13/06/2018, 1:19 pm

    Premier Campbell Newman culled a great deal of dead wood from the public service.
    Money was being borrowed every week just to pay for these outrageous numbers of extraneous employees.

    Then, the useless alp was reelected by the sheeple and the public service numbers swelled to unaffordable levels again !


    • DT 13/06/2018, 1:36 pm

      “Can Do” Newman was too hard on Queenslanders, he had to go.


      • Pensioner Pete 13/06/2018, 7:04 pm

        The problem was, Can Do, DIDN’T DO and was called out for his bullshit. His demise was assured when he announced he would be flogging off assets owned by the people should he be re-elected. The result of the election clearly showed how the people DO NOT WANT their assets flogged off for short term financial gain.

  • Cliff 13/06/2018, 1:49 pm

    Saw the Qld Treasurer on TV last night spruiking her budget. I can’t say the lady filled me with confidence. I felt she brought a whole new – and very ethereal – dimension to the term ‘lightweight’.

    • angry 13/06/2018, 2:07 pm


  • clarion call 13/06/2018, 2:46 pm

    An artifically unintelligent, quasi-humanoid Treasurer of the Queensland Labor machine’s production line of Union dropkicks and dopes. We’ll all wake up one day and find that this really never happened. Just a very bad dream. Or am I dreamin’?

  • Magilla Gorilla 13/06/2018, 10:34 pm

    Just remember , the only reason we have a labor government right now is the Katter Party put them there . Just remember that at the next election .

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