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 QLD: Peter Ridd tackles the inept Palaszczuk regime

12.08.19.  Peter Ridd, the scientist who was unlawfully sacked from the James Cook University in Townsville last year will not be muzzled. Professor Ridd who knows more than most people, especially the Queensland Labor government, about The Great Barrier Reef and its associated problems exposes a totally inept Palaszczuk regime that will cause great harm to the state should her reef protection legislation come to pass this month. Remember her Adani mess! Peter Ridd writes:
Labor failed to win any seats north of Queensland’s southeast corner at the federal election. This highlighted the divide between those in the fairyland inner suburbs of Australia’s cities and those of us who live in reality-land, where much of the country’s income is generated from mining and agriculture.Source: Peter Ridd for News Corp

Reef science may be beyond the latte crowd

The backtracking by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on the Adani coalmine indicates Labor realises it is in serious trouble with the forthcoming state elections. But it is facing another Adani-like debacle with its Great Barrier Reef protection legislation that will go before parliament this month.
This legislation will drastically affect sugar cane, cattle and every major agricultural industry along the Queensland coast. Fertiliser and pesticide application will be restricted, massive fines will be applied for transgressions and a huge bureaucratic burden will be imposed on farmers. For them it will be like having a government official continuously sitting in the tractor next to them.
It will strangle the sugar industry that is already struggling — the Mossman sugar mill north of Cairns is facing collapse and recently needed tens of millions of dollars of government cash to continue. When the mill collapses, the farms go with it.
The motivation of the new reef legislation is laudable: to save the reef. But, as with Adani, much of the science behind this legislation is poorly quality assured and unreliable. In north Queensland we could never understand why the Adani mine was targeted as a reef killer when it is no different from the thousands of coalmines around the world.
The carbon dioxide produced by burning coal goes around the world irrespective of where it is mined or where it is burned. Opposition to Adani, to us regionals, looked like a way for a city dweller to feel good by pretending to do something about the reef.
Some of the “science” on which the new reef legislation is based looks very dubious.
For example, mud from farms is supposed to be killing the reef yet data shows that there is almost no mud whatsoever on the outer reef where 99 per cent of the corals live. It is all pristine white coral sand.
Pesticides from farms are generally not detectable on the outer reef even with the most sensitive scientific equipment.
To get over the inconvenient problem that the main reef, which is often more than 100km from shore, is obviously totally unaffected by farming, scientists focus on the “inner reef”. These are the tiny fringing reefs close to land that have less than 1 per cent of the coral. Unlike the offshore reefs, they are occasionally affected by river water in floods. But even here, work by sedimentologists across 25 years finds that mud from farms represents an exposure about 100 times less than from natural mechanisms. The natural mechanism is resuspension of mud by waves stirring the seabed, especially in strong southeasterly winds and cyclones.
A similar argument applies for the nutrient pollution by farm fertiliser. About 100 times more nutrients cycle through the system naturally. And pesticides are at worst in extremely low concentrations on these near-shore reefs. The water quality of the reef is actually excellent and determined by the vast quantities of sparkling pure water that flows into and out of the reef from the Pacific Ocean.
Because the “science” has not been checked, tested or replicated properly, it is hard to tell what is solid and what is not. We may well be focusing on the wrong issues that face the reef and wasting resources to protect it while damaging every major industry in the north.
Many of us outside the inner suburbs know that much of what we hear about the reef may not be true — just like Adani. The viabil­ity of many small towns along the coast is in jeopardy. We need far more rigorous checking of the science before we implement new legislation that will add huge costs to some of our major industries for probably little or no environmental benefit.
This is not denial; it is common sense.
We need a team of genuinely independent scientists to audit the science. There are many excellent scientists who can do this audit and who are outside the scientific “bubble” that is responsible for advising the government.
Let’s hold off for the moment on new rules that will strangle industry.
It also may stop the state government from making another Adani-sized mistake.
Peter Ridd is an independent scientist who was unlawfully dismissed from James Cook University in Townsville.

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  • Pensioner Pete 12/08/2019, 5:42 am

    Of all the farmers I know, not one of them waste any pesticide or fertilizer because of the cost. Both are applied on the farm, frugally. to ensure the farm gets the benefit and no where else. The bottom line for the farmer is keeping the farm in best condition as it is their future, and to keep the ever escalating costs of farming at the most economic for survival.

    The evidence provided above by Peter Ridd, confirms these farming practices are successful. This legislation is simply another attack upon the agricultural and mining sector to satisfy the inner city cafe latte sipper Greens in an effort by Labor to hold seats in Queensland. Well, Labor, I have good news for Queenslanders, Labor will be soundly flogged at the coming October 2020 Queensland State elections, hopefully down to a number which will comfortably fit into a telephone box.

    • Popular Front 12/08/2019, 6:26 am

      I certainly hope you’re right PPete about the upcoming Qld elections. Labor definitely deserve to get the arse but this time following a change to a conservative government Queenslanders must be PATIENT, as the Labor rabble’s incompetent mess is cleaned up. Campbell Newman wasn’t given a fair go and was defeated after only one term before he could undo all the damage done to lovely Qld by Beattie, Bligh and all those other leftist morons.

      • luk1955 12/08/2019, 7:17 am

        Newman did a great job until he started like all politicians of taking liberties from the general public like the scamera programs that rake in lucrative amounts of your hard earned dollars by removing your right to due process. Had he not substantially increased the number of scameras he would have gotten reelected. And what follows these scamera programs in every locale they are present is dirty unethical practices and politics that undermine liberty and fair and limited government and results in government and private industry colluding in criminal activities.

      • Pensioner Pete 12/08/2019, 7:40 am

        luk: Newman was not the messiah in any sense. The reason he lost the Queensland State election after such a resounding victory the previous elections, was him being honest enough to notify as part of his policy, to sell off electricity assets. This was the same proposal (sale of electricity assets) that caused the demise of Labor’s Anna Blight (Bligh) who went on to be boss cocky of the banking cartel.

      • Aktosplatz 12/08/2019, 11:53 am

        Campbell Newman also slashed the number of public servants in the Government Sector. He was right to do so, Labor ( Beatty, then Bligh) kept their unemployment figures down by recruiting public servants we didn’t need. Campbell called it out and sent many of them packing ( including Bligh’s husband) unfortunately PuzzleChook has employed them all again, most with nothing to do.

  • Thunder 12/08/2019, 6:32 am

    Queensland is controlled by the ALP/Unions and they will play crooked for as long as they can………supported by the Extremist Courier Mail.

    How can we win when they destroy Ballots wholesale and do counts under Union Mafia houses on the weekends………

    You could Jail the entire ALP members for Life, plus 100 years.

    As for the Weird Jackie Trad…………HF !!

  • Thunder 12/08/2019, 6:49 am

    Think about it. Victoria, South Australia and Queensland are really run by THE ALP/Union MAFIA……….and WA coming along that track too.

    As long as we have TURD Two in Canberra we are stuffed ………..

  • DT 12/08/2019, 8:25 am

    The Queensland Tourism industry should be campaigning to promote the GBR and to refute the claims that the reefs are dying.

  • JK. 12/08/2019, 9:06 am

    With all these medical marvels we keep getting told we’ll have always 5 years down the track, surely some one must be working on resurrecting Bejelke-Peterson,

  • ibbit 12/08/2019, 9:11 am

    ” The viabil­ity of many small towns along the coast is in jeopardy. We need far more rigorous checking of the science before we implement new legislation that will add huge costs to some of our major industries for probably little or no environmental benefit.”
    This reads like what befell agriculture, small towns, farmers and people’s lives along the Murray/Darling. Who can forget the sight of fruit trees dug up and left to die because their industry was no longer viable. Or who can ignore the plight of small towns with more closed businesses than trading ones.
    I know part of the problem there was the importing of citrus and other fruits from overseas, labor problems, closing down or sale of canneries and a host of other issues. But government sat by and let all this happen without a peep, in fact were complicit in most of it.
    A new day another sorry story of government stupidity. The Qld government gives a sugar refinery money to remain viable and then is intending to impose restrictions on farming, which will probably cause the refinery to close anyway. Where’s the sense in this?
    They seem to think tourism alone can save the bacon of the North, but that is rubbish when they are denigrating the health of the reef with just about every breath and fact suggest that tourism is falling of because of the endless politicisation of reef health.
    There are many, many city dwellers who are ex-farm and who are aghast at the stupidity of government where rural matters are concerned.
    I can’t help but fee,even if the reef was audited by independent scientist, no one in government would have the nous to be able to understand it, it would go against their ideology or some other big-headed, no-event politician would think they knew better.
    We have a chance to get rid of Pluckaduck and Trad in a few months, but we also have a major impediment in that the Frecklington led Opposition is an even bigger non-event than the government.
    Australia is being slowly strangled to death by mainly incompetent and mostly self-serving politicians.

  • Deano 12/08/2019, 11:08 am

    If the reef is dying it should be pretty easy to prove. It looks like the dead parrot sketch in reverse.

    • Gregoryno6 12/08/2019, 7:41 pm

      The Reef has been dying almost as long as I’ve been living! Fifty years ago it was on the verge of being devoured by the Crown Of Thorns Starfish.

      • Deano 12/08/2019, 9:31 pm

        Yes – I remember the predictions that the Crown of Thorns Starfish would destroy it by 1980!

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