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 QLD: is this the PalaceDuck’s swansong?

31.07.19.  The voters of Victoria and Queensland might be waking up to the harsh reality that Labor couldn’t run a bloody chook raffle. Dangerous Dan in Victoriastan is knocking off his voters in fine style. Earlier this week Andrews’ Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said his modelling of COVID-19 suggested, “today should be the peak” in terms of case numbers.” This poor bastard Sutton and his equally silly Deputy Health Officer, Annalise van Demon, the ratbag that said James Cook was worse than COVID-19, should be shown the door now that Victoria’s virus case load has broken an all time record with more than 723. Newspoll today has the Queensland Premier Annastacia PalaceDuck on her downhill run as business operators count their huge losses.
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has failed to translate sky-high approval of her handling of COVID-19 into election-­winning support for the Labor government, with Newspoll putting­ the Liberal National Party on track for a narrow victory on October 31. The LNP has lifted its primary vote by four points on the 2017 poll result to head off Labor 51-49 per cent after preferences.

Source: Jamie Walker, News Corp

Popular Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk but poll party postponed

This is despite Ms Palaszczuk securing the approval of 81 per cent of voters for the job she has done to date to contain corona­virus in Queensland.
The challenge for the LNP to win the nine extra seats required for majority government remains daunting, pointing to the likelihood of a hung parliament.
On Newspoll’s numbers, only six Labor seats would fall to the conservatives, leaving them to stitch together a minority administration with Katter’s Australian Party, independents and possibly One Nation.
A rising Greens vote, up two points from the 2017 election to 12 per cent, suggests Ms Palasz­czuk would look to the left if Labor fell short of the required 47 seats to govern in its own right.
The Australian’s exclusive Newspoll will ease the immediate pressure on embattled Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington amid interna­l LNP rumblings about her cut-through, though she remains deeply in Ms Palaszczuk’s shadow in terms of popularity.
Sixty-four per cent of voters are satisfied with the performance of the two-term Premier, against 34 per cent for Ms Frecklington. Unlike Ms Palaszczuk, the LNP leader has a net negative approval rating, with 42 per cent unhappy with her.
On the key determinant of better­ premier, Ms Palaszczuk’s 57 per cent showing is more than twice that of Ms Frecklington, who is trailing badly on 26 per cent. Seventeen per cent of voters remain undecided.
The Newspoll is published as Ms Palaszczuk, who weathered criticism from some businesses and the opposition over her caution­ in reopening the borders earlier this month, said she “was unapologetic” about the latest restriction­s on interstate travellers to Queensland.
On Wednesday, she extended restrictions on Victorians to those from the “hotspot” of Greater Sydney, forcing travellers into 14-day, self-funded hotel quarantine.
It was announced ahead of the detection of the first community-transmitted COVID case in Queensland since May, linked to two young women — who also tested positive — who returned to the state on July 21, allegedly lying about a visit to Victoria.
While Ms Palaszczuk conced­ed the lockdown to Sydneysiders would have an immediate impact on tourism, she said it was a necessary precaution.
“I’m sorry if there are some cancellations, but Queenslanders can support Queenslanders ­during this time,’’ Ms Palaszczuk said.
“I’m not making any apologies for making sure that Greater ­Sydney is now a COVID hotspot.”

Despite the poor personal ­results for Ms Frecklington, the LNP will be relieved that it is in the frontrunning position fewer than 100 days out from one of the most momentous polling days in Queensland political history.
To the winner goes a four-year set term, up from the existing three-year cycle, bringing the Sunshine State into line with other state jurisdictions.
If Ms Palaszczuk is returned she will equal the record of her hero, the late 1990s reformer Wayne Goss, with three election victories.
Should Ms Frecklington come up trumps, she will be only the second state conservative leader in 34 years to prevail at a general election, behind one-term premier Campbell Newman, who was cut down by Ms Palaszczuk in 2015.
COVID-19 remains the wildcard. A June 7 YouGov poll for Brisbane’s Sunday Mail had Labor four points adrift of the LNP two-party-preferred, 48 per cent to 52, and Ms Palaszczuk’s successful management of the pandemic to date was expected to induce a strong bounce for her party.
While the government has made up ground in Newspoll, the LNP will be reassured to have stayed in front, albeit narrowly. Labor will be particularly concerned by the drop in its primary vote to 34 per cent, down from 35.4 per cent at the 2017 election.
Satisfaction with Ms Palasz­czuk’s handling of coronavirus was up five points since June, to 81 per cent, underlining how crucial this is to Labor’s prospects when support for the government lags behind her personal numbers.
But the Newspoll of 1000 Queensland voters was taken this week ahead of the revelation of the quarantine breach by three young Brisbane women who flew to Melbourne and returned with two of them infected, forcing schools and restaurants they had attended to close, as well as lockdowns of nursing homes on the city’s southside.
Scott Morrison’s pandemic per­formance continues to be reward­ed, with 80 per cent of Queensland voters saying the Prime Minister had done well, down slightly from 84 per cent last month. Seventeen per cent dis­approve of his effort.
The Greens’ base vote of 12 per cent statewide puts them in a positio­n to challenge Labor for seats in central Brisbane where Greens support is concentrated.
One Nation’s primary vote has slipped from the 13.7 per cent returne­d in 2017 to 11 per cent.
The collective 7.2 per cent registered to “others’’ in the Newspoll includes Katter’s Australian Party, which holds three seats and is strongest in the state’s north, and Clive Palmer’s richly-funded but underperforming Australia United Party.

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  • seadogger 31/07/2020, 5:58 am

    The Duck has been plucked and rightly so. Now it is roasting time and tasting time …mmmm not so sweet …here Fido you can have it. Amen to the useless lot . Their one non achievement was to knock down a dam .

    • DT 31/07/2020, 6:32 am

      Add to a long list failure to support a new HELE coal fired power station venture proposal for NQ for which the Federal Government has committed to underwriting the finance.

  • DT 31/07/2020, 6:27 am

    The more the COVID-19 political theatre acts are shown the more obvious it becomes that some Premiers have we the people behind electioneering by a considerable distance.

    And they who attempt to blame the PM and Federal Government are true deceivers who pretend that State powers and influence relating to pandemic handling and related matters are not far greater than Federal.

    The National Leaders Cabinet is a Federal initiative aimed at securing State cooperation and coordination, solidarity. Recognising the limitations of the Commonwealth in dealing with the Federation of State Governments.

    And resulting from the Premiers playing political games is failure to contain the impact on people and businesses, the economy.

  • Pensioner Pete 31/07/2020, 8:06 am

    The poll which really counts in Queensland is the one held on election day, 31 October this year. Clearly, this Newspoll was held in larger population areas, as Puzzleduck and her mob are right on the nose in the rural and regional sectors of Queensland. On the other hand, the LNP are seen to be and actually are, useless having no impact upon this Labor led rabble.

    Of course, polls ain’t polls as has been proven over and over in the recent past.

    The way things look out here in the forgotten lands west of the Great Dividing Range, are there will be a need for the party which gains the larger numbers of seats, to form an alliance with One Nation and perhaps, the Katter Party to form government, how sweet this will be.

    • Disgruntled 31/07/2020, 12:19 pm

      One can only hope eh?
      re the virus: I get the feeling that with most premiers it was more good luck than management especially here in Qld.

      To be effective the LNP should reinstate Jason Costigan and give him a top or near top job; at least he is passionate for the regional areas and very vocal and outspoken. Deb really dirtied her nest with what she done to him and she continues to be quite silly in what she does. I do think that Qld’s LNP could really do with a different leader!

  • jaded 31/07/2020, 8:15 am

    Why are the LNP giving their preferences to Greens in East Brisbane???
    I don’t believe that an LNP govt will build any coal fired power station in Queensland. Why some people in LNP wanted Frecklington replaced. Frecklington has no intentions of doing anything about the Bradfield scheme either. One news feed called her a visionary. Where is she.
    While governments of both persuasions support climate change small business is being routed, especially if you own a tourist business or farm anywhere near the Barrier Reef.

    • Graham Richards 31/07/2020, 8:39 am

      LNP will not win this electioneer any other Qld election in the next 25 years!! They are totally retarded, not a policy in sight & always playing catch up.
      ALP announce the building of a new bridge over the Brisbane river at Jindalee & week later a LNP leaflet arrives in residents letter boxes saying exactly the same thing. Why are the LNP always 6 / 12 months behind??
      They let off a lot of steam, fight amongst themselves are always invisible until 6 months before elections. Are they really seriously wanting to win. Their attitude seems to be “we’re happy in opposition”, we still get paid well with no responsibility & very little work!!

  • Thunder 31/07/2020, 9:38 am

    Let’s all look at the CRIMINALITY of the ALP and UNION in Qld.

    We ALL KNOW that Qld Elections are run as a FRAUD !!

    Counting votes under old houses after the LNP are winning……

    Then come the Postal Votes…..filled out as needed to elect the ALP !!

    And frigging GREEN Lunatics…

  • Bob 31/07/2020, 9:38 am

    What amazes me the lack of Economic sense of our lefty political leaders and not understanding the Human instinct of survival whatever it takes , in the animal world the strongest survive and Humans are not dissimilar hence the people want to work and be able to provide for themselves and family , instead they opt for closing down the economy , businesses and destroying livelihoods with very serious consequences as such , as people see no way out poverty increases and suicide rates up , is this what they want ? For their own political survival? I have an answer for these people who’s life is in no way affected with loss of income and warrant themselves pay increases !!

    Open the borders , but advise people to look after themselves in a sensible way, I am not an expert but people in nursing homes are vulnerable to whatever disease as are people who have other health issues and that is not going to change , protecting them in shutting down the economy is not going to work , ultimately the strongest will survive as simple as that

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