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 QLD Border shut—how will it be policed?

25.03.20. Queensland’s premier PalaceDuck has many brain-farts, most of which really stink, none more so than Adani. Closing borders in times of a virus pandemic is not only wise but essential—if practical. Effective borders have demarcation features such as rivers, oceans, impassable mountain ranges and so on, but the Queensland/NSW border around the coastal region has suburban streets, dozens of them. Tens of thousands of people wander to-and-fro on their daily track like ants around a road kill. In a matter of weeks the grey army would migrate north to warmer climes to winter. Tourism Queensland in 2018 said visitors were a pillar of Queensland’s economy with an industry that employs almost 220,000 people and generates more than $25 billion for the state. Oh dear! Did the PalceDuck’s brain-fart consider that, especially as there is no wall or hard border to keep people in or out?
A permit system is hurriedly being planned to allow people exempted from Wednesday’s lockdown of Queensland to regularly cross the border if needed.
Queensland police confirmed on Tuesday that RBT-like checkpoints will be set-up along the Queensland border from midnight to enforce the lockdown being introduced in a bid to stem the spread of the coronavirus.
Source: Michael McKenna and Craig Johnstone, News Corp 

Coronavirus: Permits, checkpoints for Queensland border crossings

Tens of thousands of people cross the border every day in their daily commute to work, particularly between the Gold Coast and northern NSW, and the lockdown is set to severely disrupt already desperate businesses.
The state government has yet to establish how it will identify people who need to regularly cross the border, but State Disaster Coordinator Steve Gollschewski said authorities were working on a permit system that needed to be finalised by midnight Tuesday.
People exempted from the restrictions will include those delivering freight, emergency workers, those travelling to and from work or needing to attend court, and seeking medical treatment.
The lockdown, announced via twitter by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on Monday, includes penalties and fines of up to $13,345 if there are found to be deliberate breaches.
Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski said compassion would be shown but police had the power to fine and restrict access.
“If people choose to do the wrong thing, police always have the powers at their disposal to deal with poor behaviour,’’ he told reporters.
“Don’t come to Queensland unless you have an essential purpose.
“We accept that there is going to be some significant impact upon persons who ordinarily crossing our border daily.
“However essential services, lawful businesses and trade will not be impacted.
“Essentially, if people are going to do their work, they need to go to a doctor, they need to do something that is about keeping them alive, resupplying, we will work through that with them.
“But if they wish to go for a visit, go to a cafe, it’s probably not going to happen.
“We will provide information to these people who regularly cross the border for work purposes and give them advice on how we are going to manage that so we can make that as seamless as possible.”
Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski said he hoped to have a permit system set-up that would involve people applying online for exemptions to cross the border. It could ultimately involve a sticker placed on a car or truck.
“We are working on that at the moment,’’ he said when asked if a permit system was under consideration.
“I am trying to find something really simple to be able to identify those cars that are able to come through, so that people can get through very quickly.”
Ms Palaszczuk told reporters she doesn’t want anyone who doesn’t need to come interstate to travel to Queensland.
“The Chief Medical Officer has advised me there are serious health issues of people coming from other states to Queensland,’’ she said.
Ms Palaszczuk said people should stay in their homes and suburbs.
“People should stay in their own states and in their own suburbs,” she said.
“That applies to Queensland as well.
“People in the south-east should not travel to other parts of the state.
“Do not go on holidays. Do not travel unless absolutely necessary.”
The Queensland/New South Wales border last closed at the end of World War One to contain the Spanish flu.

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  • Pensioner Pete 25/03/2020, 6:47 am

    I wish the Puzzleduck/Triad government well with border closures, however the southern and western borders of Queensland are impossible to fully police effectively. The areas in the mountains around Stanthorpe are riddled with gravel roads through the forests, criss-crossing the border with NSW and of course, further west is littered with crossings as is the western border, however, along the western border a 4WD is the vehicle of necessary choice.

    To be truly effective, I trust the Qld government are utilising all the small police stations in proximity to these roads and tracks, to ensure the closure works at least to some degree of effectiveness.

    It will be best for all concerned, if the grey nomad invasion is stayed this season, the risks they face and bring, are just not worth losing life over.

    Hospitals out this way are very under resourced and under equipped at the best of times, whilst medical supplies are scarce, particularly at this time of media induced panic.

    My advice to travelers, in particular the grey nomads is this, be safe and stay home. The sights you wish to enjoy, will still be here next year when this Chinese Wuhan Virus situation has died down.

    • luk1955 25/03/2020, 6:58 am

      Unfortunately PP this is what the powers want. Total lockdown of the population followed by cashless economy, forced vaccinations complete with forced microchipping of the whole planet so we can be tracked at all times. The end of free traveling. Just slaving away your life to make the billionaires even richer. Look for the end of ownership of private property to follow soon.

  • Penguinite 25/03/2020, 7:56 am

    If you think Queensland has a border protection problem cast a thought for WA!

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 25/03/2020, 8:38 am

    The Premier smells votes in this because it is an election year.

    • Pensioner Pete 25/03/2020, 10:08 am

      Bots: You sure have called that correctly. Nothing like a crisis (even a manufactured crisis) to ensure voters keep the sitting government in power, people historically will not change a government during a crisis except in very rare cases.

      Hopefully, by 31 October this year, Queenslanders will realise they have been had in a major way and demonstrate this realisation at the polling booths.

      I know I will be sticking to plan A, being, ALP/Greens/LNP in last positions on the ballot paper whilst I place One Nation, Fishers Shooters and Farmers, and Katter Party in the top three positions.

      • Botswana O'Hooligan 25/03/2020, 3:59 pm

        Singing the same song PP, held a ladder steady this morning for a bloke putting up LNP placards for local elections this coming Saturday. Brissie CC will remain LNP easily. Now if only we could trust the State LNP.

  • masalai 25/03/2020, 8:53 am

    I hear the rate of infection of covid-19 in Australia has jumped to 0.0001% – yep, that’s right. god knows what it is in Queensland!

    • Pensioner Pete 25/03/2020, 10:11 am

      Yep, much like the CO2 scam.

      In any event, influenza killed hundreds if not thousands last year and the year prior, despite vaccination.

      However, let us not let facts get in the way of a good media beat-up. I reckon the journo’s have been watching far too many Hollywood armageddon movies and reckoned they should put into practice what was learnt from those Hollywood idiots.

  • Aktosplatz 25/03/2020, 12:54 pm

    More totally unnecessary red tape and regulation

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