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At Morning mail we are not adverse to free speech. We are, however, adverse to be dragged before the many tribunals staffed by galahs like those in the Human Rights Tribunal, or being fined, or made to apologise.
We cannot attempt to cover the field of expressions that can get us into trouble because those idiots keep getting aggrieved at a word they were not aggrieved at before.
Overall, MM’s commenters submit well constructed sentiments that are respectful of others on this site and do display an understanding of the basics of defamation, etc. We thank you in advance. We do, however, invite you to note our concerns as laid out below.
If you say something in your comment that can see us in jail for any number of reasons these days and you can’t be reached we must delete that entire comment. If a commenter continues to place us in jeopardy we shall have to block that commenter. I’m sure you will understand.
Words we can’t allow are few. Use the “F” word, if you must, thusly,”F***”. The “C” word can’t be used, except as, “the “C” word.” Our valued lady readers find it uncomfortable. Abodarky, b**ng and brindle descriptors are words that offend within the meaning of the law. Government is spending more than $160million to separate us by skin colour. The Aboriginal industry is on guard against any detractors and have access to free legal aid .. I think you get the picture. Use “Aboriginal.”
At time of writing MM has thwarted 252,544 malicious login attempts. They are trying to do us harm.
If your comment is off-topic, it’s a good idea to mention that. It saves readers getting confused about your point.
Other than that, let’s get on with the business of doing good. Help us to stay out of court!
Editor Chaucer.