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 Porter’s costs mount over historic romp!

21.07.21.  A legal challenge that saw Christian Porter’s lawyer removed from his defamation case against the ABC could cost him and his former barrister up to half-a-million-dollars. The former attorney-general took action against the ABC over a story about an unnamed cabinet minister accused of an alleged historical sexual assault. Mr Porter later revealed himself to be the subject of the allegations but denied any wrongdoing. The case was eventually settled although there was no payout and the ABC’s story has remained online with an editor’s note. The editor’s note stated that the ABC did not intend to suggest Mr Porter had committed the alleged offence. “However, both parties accept that some readers misinterpreted the article as an accusation of guilt against Mr Porter,” the note said.
“That reading, which was not intended by the ABC, is regretted.”

Source: ABC

Christian Porter and his former lawyer face up to $500,000 in costs over conflict of interest legal challenge

Today, lawyers for Mr Porter and his former barrister Sue Chrysanthou were back in the Federal Court to dispute costs in the second case, where it was revealed the pair could be forced to fork out half-a-million dollars.
Costly legal challenge to Mr Porter’s lawyer
Ms Chrysanthou was restrained from acting for Mr Porter during his defamation case after a claim by Jo Dyer — a friend of the alleged sexual assault victim in the original case.
Ms Dyer told the Federal Court Ms Chrysanthou had a conflict of interest because she had given her advice about related issues, before taking on Mr Porter’s matter.
Justice Thomas Thawley agreed and Ms Chrysanthou was removed from the case.
She and Mr Porter have been ordered to pay costs to Ms Dyer.
But there has been a dispute over exactly how much, after Ms Dyer’s lawyers sought orders for a lump sum.
Anne Horvarth, acting for Ms Chrysanthou, told the court today she wanted to see time sheets, to determine if the amount being sought was fair.
“We do not know who did what, when,” she said.
Ms Dyer’s lawyers have agreed to supply the materials.
Justice Thawley also told the parties he was too busy for the rest of the year and referred the rest of the case to the court registrar.
Ms Dyer’s lawyer Michael Hodge agreed with the other lawyers about saving court time and costs.
“There’s no reason to further drag this out,” he told the court.
But he added that it had not been possible until this week, because it was unclear if Ms Chrysanthou wanted to appeal, or delay the costs determination.
Lawyer ‘refused to accept’ risk of misuse of information, judge says
Ms Chrysanthou had earlier argued she should not have to pay costs given she had taken a neutral stand.
But Justice Thawley found that was not the case.
“Ms Chrysanthou had at all times refused to accept either that … there was a relevant risk of misuse of confidential information or … [that] it was in the interests of the administration of justice that she cease acting for Mr Porter,” he told the court.
He noted she had been wrong on both counts, whereas Ms Dyer was wholly successful.
He said the ordinary rules that costs follow the event applied to her.
Mr Porter had sought to pay only 70 per cent of the costs, saying a late affidavit had extended the hearing from three to four days.
But Justice Thawley rejected that, finding it was not late and added important information to the case.
A registrar will now decide how much and in what form the costs should be paid.

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  • Disgruntled 21/07/2021, 6:32 am

    arriving at or with justice is sure “funny” and real expensive

  • davey street 21/07/2021, 8:27 am

    No one at the ABC will pay anything to Porter’s camp apart from the taxpayer. This public service department called the ABC is costing taxpayers over 1 BILLION every year and has been out of control for decades. It flouts it’s constitutional rules daily. It also has the lowest turnover of personnel of any other of the pushing 1000 federal goverment entities. News and current affairs has almost no resignations at all year on year so there is never any new blood with different ideas to the corporate white male hating, minority obsessed zeitgeist. It’s cheap news coverage by endless banging on via Channel 2 TV and ABC radio news about Covid for eighteen months means it has not spent anything like it’s news budget and God alone knows what happens to the unspent funds. No one in their right mind looking for information about what’s gone on in the world would bother with them. One day some government will have the balls to just sell it all off and put the money into hospitals, schools and other matters which Australians care about. I have never understood why government and therefore the taxpayer, is involved in the media the first place given it’s one gigantic information free zone.

  • Honeybadger 21/07/2021, 8:41 am

    Ms Chrysanthou does not appear to be a smart lawyer if she did not countenance the possibility of a conflict of interest over Dyer.
    Did she raise it with Porter before he engaged her?
    It is being appealed so we shall see, but an ongoing nightmare for Porter whatever happens.
    Little Louise continues on her merry way ruining lives, love to see some karma there

    • Lorraine 21/07/2021, 10:12 am

      yes Honeybadger Karma is well over due on the ABC & Louise……she is a scumbag..

  • Ian_A 21/07/2021, 10:12 am

    I’m sure Louise Milligan, who paid not a legal penny for her obvious slander is chortling at this, and there are high-fives all round at the ABC as they congratulate themselves on cancelling Porter both professionally and now financially.

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