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Poor Australia: a leaderless nation

Poor Australia: a leaderless nation

The good ship Australia without a rudder!

While Malcolm Turnbull occupies himself with Lucy’s sage-like advice because her man is always playing SSM and other important stuff like the total destruction of the Liberal Party, the real power is in the hands of leftwing idiots equally engaged with sending the nation down the dunny. If you don’t believe that, you will aster reading this disgusting account. Then ask yourself, what would a real leader like Donald Trump would do?

A refugee ordered to be deported after having sex with a 12-year-old girl — and leaving her pregnant — remained in Australia for more than seven years by lodging a series of appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Federal Court.

Source: News Corp

Child-sex offender’s seven-year reprieve

The Liberian refugee, Thomas Scott Gbojueh, was sentenced to 27 months’ jail in mid-2009 after pleading guilty to twice having sex with the girl, which resulted in her having an abortion. The first offence took place less than four months after he arrived in Australia in 2006 from West Africa.

Gbojueh was deported to his home country last week by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton after several unsuccessful attempts to remove him dating back to February 2011 when Julia Gillard was still prime minister.

Mr Dutton escalated his attack on the AAT yesterday warning it was badly out of step with community expectations and that he would pursue changes to ensure Australia had “better consistency out of the judicial system”.

“We have seen countless examples … where we’ve had criminals who have had their visas cancelled only to be reinstated by the AAT. I think we need to have a reflection of community standards,” Mr Dutton told The Australian. “I want to make sure that if we cancel the visa of somebody who has committed a serious criminal offence, that their visa remains cancelled and they’re deported … in a timely manner”.

The Australian can reveal, that since Mr Dutton strengthened the character requirements of section 501 of the Migration Act in December 2014, there have been 3687 visa cancellations including 263 for child-sex offences.

Gbojueh first came to Australia in November 2006 as the holder of a refugee visa and was, in November 2008, convicted of rape as well as having sex with a person under the age of 14.

He was initially sentenced to a 6½ -year jail term but, on appeal in June 2009, he was acquitted of rape. Gbojueh was then sentenced to 27 months’ imprisonment for having sex with someone under the age 14.

In February 2011, then immigration minister Chris Bowen cancelled his visa, resulting in Gbojueh’s detention. However, the decision was set aside two months later by the AAT, which reinstated the visa despite admitting Gbojueh had failed the character test.

In its decision, the tribunal judged Gbojueh had a “well-founded fear of persecution” since he and his family were members of the Kranh ethnic group and were associated with the regime of former Kranh dictator Samuel Doe.

It rejected the Immigration Department argument that political change in Liberia meant Gbojueh’s fears were no longer warranted.

Mr Bowen then cancelled the visa a second time in July 2011, resulting in Gbojueh again being placed in detention.

However, after seeking judicial review, the Federal Court ruled against the minister and Gbojueh’s visa was reinstated.

In January 2014, then immigration minister Scott Morrison cancelled the visa for a third time. This resulted in Gbojueh seeking judicial review of the decision, with the Federal Court ruling in favour of the minister.

The issue remained stalled in the courts until 2015 when the Full Federal Court again found in favour of the minister’s decision to cancel the visa. Gbojueh applied for a protection visa in May 2016. This was refused in August 2016 and, in April 2017, the AAT upheld the refusal decision.

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  • Pensioner Pete 12/07/2018, 5:59 am

    So, the AAT by action, considers the safety of our children to be of no importance when compared with a ‘refugee’ facing deportation for heinous crimes against our children. Clearly, the time has come to close down this useless mob of wankers, and indelibly mark their individual files ‘never to be employed by the public service/government agency ever again under any circumstances’.

  • Popular Front 12/07/2018, 6:12 am

    WHO exactly gave these AAT arseheads this kind of authority in the first place? They can overrule a minister of the crown? By the very definition of their name – Administrative Appeals Tribunal – that should define the limits of their authority. Smash them back into line TODAY.

    • luk1955 12/07/2018, 7:25 am

      That’s right PF. Anyone receiving a summons from one of these false courts needs to ask how they meet the qualifications of a court listed in the Australian Constitution. A court that doesn’t do that is engaging in fraudulent activity, which is a crime. This AAT along with all infringements courts funded by the states, needs to be made extinct to protect all of us. Only a judicial officer can make judicial decisions, certainly not the police or any so called AAT officers.

    • Joe Blogs 12/07/2018, 9:24 am

      The C’weath A-G, vide the AAT Act 1975, Pop.

  • luk1955 12/07/2018, 8:14 am

    I am assuming that since the words “white male anglo saxon” are not listed in the article, that the perp is a moozie or a converted moozie, from Liberia, a savage jungle country. So the sole reason he couldn’t be deported is because he is a precious moozie loved by the labor party to remove our freedoms by introducing paedophilia, like the grooming gangs in Rotherham, as fodder for the elite.

  • ibbit 12/07/2018, 9:01 am

    It seems bizarre that an unelected body like the AAT has the power of veto over an immigration minister. The best answer for this unpatriotic, uncaring, amoral mob on the taxpayer’s teat is to abolish them, the sooner the better.

  • Maryanne 12/07/2018, 9:28 am

    Why do African refugees come to Australia anyway? Who pays their way? Once they’re here who advises them about the AAT and all their rights? There are lots of neighbouring African countries that have no conflict. Why don’t they seek refuge there? Like muslims, Africans just don’t fit in with Australian culture.

    • Pensioner Pete 12/07/2018, 9:36 am

      M: We pay. And pay and pay and pay and pay. I tend to get somewhat cranky about it all.

    • Joe Blogs 12/07/2018, 10:20 am

      Centrelink, Maryanne.

    • Neville 12/07/2018, 9:36 pm

      Advice? Various immigration-loving groups masquerading as ‘caring’ people, but in reality all just a collective of Stalin’s ‘useful idiots’.

  • Biking Voter 12/07/2018, 10:30 am

    AAT, AHRC, ABC ….. c’mon people that’s gotta be others that need getting rid of and we’re only still at the “A’s”

    • Joe Blogs 12/07/2018, 1:52 pm

      Alphabet soup.

      Someone 30-odd years ago tried to reduce the number of QUANGOs in Vic (maybe Oz-wide). Now there’re even more of them. Be interesting to see which party was in govt when each QUANGO was formed – but I reckon any of us could take a wild guess at which party supported the majority of them and be pretty well on the money.

    • Peter 12/07/2018, 5:12 pm

      Yep, all the way from Biker gangs to Unions.

  • Peter 12/07/2018, 5:09 pm

    I know the rot set in much earlier, probably around the time of the disastrous Whitlam but, it seems to me that since the Howard government there has been a lot more ‘nation destruction’ going on than ‘nation building’ by governments on both sides. Time we looked at serious regime change in my opinion.

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